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On December 17

Posted by Riley on 12/17/2016

Dear ones,
Today RAD Remedy joins with Sex Workers Outreach Project and hundreds of other sex worker led organizations in recognizing December 17, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. In addition to pausing to remember those lost this year (pictured below), we commit ourselves to solidarity with sex workers worldwide.  

A reminder to all SWs - whether you're on cam, on a stroll, or something else entirely, we've got your back. You can use RAD's identities system to indicate your sex worker status and make clear how a provider treated you. We get that privacy can be a concern, so please feel free to use a display name that's different from your legal name or working name if that feels more comfortable. What matters most is that you get the care or services you need without a lot of hassle or jerks along the way. 

Like the late great labor organizer Mother Jones, we take time today to mourn the dead, but rest assured, we can and will fight like hell for the living.
Be well,
Executive Director, RAD Remedy


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