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RAD Remedy on the events in Charlottesville, VA and White Supremacy

Posted by Riley on 08/15/2017

As you likely know, this weekend's events in Virginia and elsewhere shook many in the country to their core. We at RAD Remedy wholeheartedly resist and reject White supremacy, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and anti-semitism. I wish I could say that hatred and racism have no place here, but the reality is that this country was built on the backs of enslaved people. We have never known a reality in which Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have not been subjugated. Maybe we'll get there one day, but today is not that day. Today we must live with the reality that for every Tiki Torch-waving racist there are many more folks who engage in polite, even socially acceptable forms of racism. And that's fucking uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable (as it should be) for White people to understand that even the best of us has been molded by the jacked up society and systems we grew up in. It's uncomfortable (to say the least, I would imagine) for folks of color to feel as if they're in a sea of polite and downright terrifying racists.

I don't have witty words of wisdom or soothing balm to fix where we're at, but we do have RAD. If comfortable, please make use of RAD's optional identities settings to make it possible for us all to see how race and ethnicity impact the care you receive. Know that when RAD leads trainings coast to coast we are stressing the need for respect and good care for all and that providers are responsible for the atmosphere in their waiting rooms (so if another client is hassling you, the provider must take your concern seriously.)  You have rights, and RAD exists to help you understand them and navigate the system.

In addition to rejecting all of the previously stated bigotry, we at RAD center and value the voices, contributions, and awesomeness of people of color whenever, wherever, and however we can. We enthusiastically welcome volunteers and team members no matter their race, faith, or background. We believe that small things can make a big difference, so we purposefully chose to center a nonbinary, curvy, Black doctor as the voice of authority and knowledge in all of our zines (Dr. RAD). We know that this world doesn't value or center folks with these identities, so we decided to create the world we wanted. Anytime you challenge a racist joke, stop someone from bullying a person wearing a hijab, or take to the streets against racism, you help a more just world into being. If you need some support around this weekend's events, take advantage of RAD's database of mental health providers and find someone great who will listen.

Take good care of each other today and in the days ahead. 
Be well,

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