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RAD Remedy Condemns Backpage Seizure

Posted by Riley on 04/06/2018

Hi folks,
RAD Remedy condemns today's seizure of Backpage which puts sex workers in our communities at risk. The removal of Backpage is another example of state-sanctioned violence against the sex work community and their families. To do this in the name of anti-trafficking is absurd, as this drives trafficking further underground and makes it more difficult to access the most marginalized members of any group of people – whether they are exploited or not. Shutting down advertising websites like Backpage and punishing those who attempt to make sex work safer serves to push sex workers further into the shadows and cuts sex workers off from vital social services, from each other, and increases vulnerability to violence.

RAD Remedy joins SWOP USA and other advocates in pushing for decriminalization and believes sex workers, like all workers, should be afforded the ability to work safely and freely.

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