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46 Words: Understanding the Importance of the Department of Justice’s Response to HB2 Jen Laws on 05/11/2016

As you likely know, we at RAD are all about encouraging folks to be informed. That concern extends to political hullabaloo like North Carolina’s HB2 law. This guest post is a long but important read from Jen Laws, a thinky friend of RAD, about why the speech that Loretta Lynch gave this week and the Department of Justice’s response to HB2 was so important and how it will impact us as a community. It is game changing, y’all, and it will impact everything from our ability to use the restroom to the quality of the medical care we will be able to receive.

The Importance of Reviews Cate on 04/22/2016

With RAD, we feel that you shouldn't have to attend a support group or seek out other venues to find an affirming and competent provider. Reviews are the key to that concept.

We want to share with you our thinking and how you can help RAD in this mission.

Announcing Our First Zine: Self Exams and Check Ups Cate on 04/15/2016

RAD Remedy and radical illustrator Isabella Rotman bring you a guide about self-examinations you can do at home, along with important checkups, who needs what, and when!

See for the final product!

How Your Identities Can Help Others Eliot on 03/20/2016

RAD Remedy challenges the notion of a universally-affirming or knowledgeable provider. We’ve seen lots of instances where a provider is great for one group of people but the worst for another. We think you should know that kind of information ahead of time. On RAD, you can.

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