Does BCAA Powder Expire?

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and their potential benefits for muscle building and recovery. But if you’re using BCAA powder as part of your supplement routine, you might be wondering: does BCAA powder expire? The short answer is yes, BCAA powder does expire. Like all supplements … Read more

Can I Take Apple Cider Vinegar And Creatine Together?

You probably have been told to take both apple cider vinegar and creatine. As a part of your muscle gain and workout journey. They are popular among all types of athletes and bodybuilders. And you’ve probably seen them in many of their daily routines. But, being a critical thinker, you might ask yourself this question. … Read more

What Do Bodybuilders Put in Their Gallon Water [Explained!]

Colored water in gallon containers is a common sight at the gym. You must be curious as to what it is. That’s what you thought: people just add BCAA powder and sip on it all day.  You wonder if this is a really stupid question. You went looking for details but came up empty. So, … Read more

Ab Cuts Vs Hydroxycut: Which One is Better?

Losing weight is always a challenging task. A little help can go a long way. That’s where different diet supplements come into play. Speaking about supplements, Hydroxycut and ab cuts are 2 of the most renowned ones.  But who will win the battle between ab cuts vs hydroxycut. Even though both of the products result … Read more

Creatine In Green Tea: Should You Take Them Together?

Creatine and green tea are both highly beneficial to your health.  However, there’s a controversy that you shouldn’t mix them. Some studies show creatine and green tea mixed harm your health.  So, the question is, should you put creatine in green tea? Yes, you can put creatine in green tea. However, there are some factors … Read more

6-Bromo Vs Arimistane [A Comprehensive Comparison]

If you’re having problems with estrogen levels in your body, you might be thinking of taking supplements.  6-Bromo and Arimistane are two of the most popular choices out there. Both have their benefits and side effects. It’s very easy to get confused and indecisive between these two.  And you might want a head-to-head comparison; 6-Bromo … Read more

Leverage Squat Vs Hack Squat [Details Comparison]

It can be very confusing after joining a gym you want to work on your legs. But you don’t know which squat would be best for you and what are the differences.  So, leverage squat vs hack squat what are the differences?  The leverage squat changes the angle of your regular squat. With it, you … Read more
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Cellmass Vs Creatine [Details Comparison]

It can be very confusing. When you are about to add a new product to your workout diet. But you don’t know the pros and cons.  So, cellmass vs creatine which one to choose?  Well, choosing between cellmass and creatine can be really hard. Some would recommend cellmass and some would recommend creatine. But if … Read more

Does Toothpaste Affect Blood Sugar [Details Explained]

When you don’t have breakfast. but your blood sugar levels rise anyway, it can be very confusing. You must be wondering if toothpaste affects blood sugar.  So, does toothpaste affect blood sugar? Well, there is no simple answer to that question. Toothpaste doesn’t initially affect blood sugar. But still, it causes gum injury that can … Read more

28.5 vs 29 mm Barbell: Which One Suits You The Best?

Barbell is a long metal bar with disc loads on its two ends. Usually, barbells are used for strength training and powerlifting by professionals. Although they don’t seem much complex but choosing the best barbell for yourself depends on various variables.  But let me give you the good news. If you are reading this article, … Read more

Rough HG vs Echo: Choose The Best One

A great decision is necessary for workouts like deadlifting and CrossFit. The Rogue HG Plate and Rogue Echo Plate are popular choices among weightlifters for these reasons. Weight lifters can get decent bounce potential, weight tolerance, etc. with any of these two options.  Rough HG vs Echo is compared with a few considerations in mind. … Read more
High Lats vs Low Lats

High Lats vs Low Lats: Which Exercise Is Better?

It’s possible that you are just starting on your road to becoming a better bodybuilder. If the answer is yes then you may be wondering which exercises you should do.  Lats exercises help you do many workouts with ease. So, you could be debating between high lats vs low lats exercises.   High lats exercises are … Read more

Narrow Clavicles Vs Wide: Does It Matter?

Our upper body appearance mostly depends on the shoulder structure. Which is either we have a narrow clavicle or a wider one. But the confusion of most people is what’s the difference between these two.  So, narrow clavicles vs wide, which one is better?  Every body type is perfect as long as you are healthy. … Read more

Are Sidekicks Bad for You? Things You Need To Know! 

Not all exercises are good for you. According to fitness experts, some exercises harm you. Sidekicks are thought to be one of them.   But are sidekicks bad for you? No, sidekicks are very beneficial for you, especially for your hips and the lower body. It works on all the crucial muscle groups on your lower … Read more
GlucoTrust Reviews

GlucoTrust Reviews: Can It Really Deal With Your Blood Sugars Issues Without Risking Your Health?

Blood sugar levels should at all times remain at optimal levels. This is because when they are too high or low, they will affect other functions of your body. However, the GlucoTrust supplement promises to sort out this specific issue. But does it really work?  In this article, we’ll dive deep and dissect the supplement. … Read more

2 Cheat Days in a Row: What Happens Next?

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Too much of something good is bad.” Cheat days are initially good for you.  But what happens when you take 2 cheat days in a row?  Back to back cheat days won’t kill you. It won’t even hurt you physically in the long run. So, relax. No point … Read more

Is 180 Pounds Overweight for a 13 Year Old? [Explained]

With The increasing amount of weight issues in children and teenagers, many parents are worried about the amount of weight their child is carrying.  When a 13-year-old teenager weighs 180 pounds, they may not necessarily be considered overweight. However, it also depends on some important factors. So, you’re asking, is 180 pounds overweight for a … Read more

Aloe Vera Juice After Gallbladder Surgery? [Answered]

Aloe vera is a valuable natural source of vitamins and minerals. We all adore aloe vera juice for all of its health advantages. You might be able to drink aloe vera juice after your gallbladder surgery. But don’t even think about it until you hear what we have to say. So, you’re wondering, can you … Read more

Can Oreos Cause Acid Reflux? [Explained]

Oreo biscuit is one of the most popular biscuits throughout. Because of its taste and unique recipe, it is recognized as a good snack. But some people faced heartburn and acidity after eating Oreos. So here’s a common query.  So, can Oreos cause acid reflux? Yes, Oreos can cause acid reflux. There are some ingredients … Read more

When Can I Eat Cereal After Gastric Sleeve? [Explained]

Gastric Sleeve is a very efficient way for reducing weight. It makes your stomach size 70-80% smaller. So, your consumption of food becomes less.  But to what extent will your consumption go? You might have millions of questions regarding what you can eat after gastric sleeve.  Let’s start with breakfast right? Bored having oatmeal as … Read more