15 Body Fat Cut Or Bulk [Know The Correct Answer]

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Having a fit and healthy body is a dream to most people out there. But with different fat levels, it gets quite confusing whether they should bulk or cut.

15% body fat is just another level of fat where most health conscious people get indecisive. They can’t decide if they should gain more fat or lose it.

So, it comes to the question, 15 body fat cut or bulk?

At 15 body fat, males should try to maintain that. Neither cut nor bulk. But for women, 15 body fat is a bit too low. They can face problems like malnutrition in this fat percentage. They can also start feeling weak. So for women at 15 body fat, they should try to bulk.

Seems like something in your interest? Well then we’ll be going into more details regarding this. 

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What Is 15 Body Fat?

15 body fat means that the person contains 15% fat of his total body weight.

15% of body fat remains in the ‘lean and fit’ category. They have a thin layer of fat under their skin. Also, muscle structure and veins are visible.

Factors Varying Body Fat

Weight, BMI, body fat- these factors are changeable in different stages of life. But these factors are not the same for all people. We should consider-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Occupation 

Body fat is also essential. We can not cut it off totally. But we can remain in the good range according to our body regularly.

Should You Cut or Bulk at 15 Body Fat?

To cut or bulk we should consider the age of the person. Also, male and female ranges are different.

If 15% in the case of an adult male then he should maleaintain it.

He should maintain his regular eating habit, exercise. He should not follow any extra exercise to cut or bulk. 

Having this much body fat is good. This means you won’t require high caliber cutting supplements. Your nutrition needs are good to go!

But in the case of a female it is not suitable for her. She should bulk. She should improve her regular diet habit. Essential fats are also needed for her.

15 Body Fat in Male

For males, 8-19 is the ideal range. 15 is a number where muscles can be seen as vascular. If anyone cuts then he will be on track to building a six-pack. 

Arms, legs, and your rectus abdominis muscle will be quite vascular. A thin layer of fat under the skin remains.

15 is an ideal body structure for a male. If you go below, you can get a quite fit body. But if you go above this number bulkiness arises slowly.

15 Body Fat in Female

The normal range for a female is 21 to 32. So, 15 body fat is quite low for a female.

In 15 body fat the abs, arms, and leg muscles are visible. Arms and legs are muscular. No curvature is present in the hips and buttock.

Only a small number of females go below 21. Like the actresses or gym trainers. They stay under a strict diet and exercise. Above 32, obesity gradually develops.

So, we can clearly understand that 15 is not good for you at any age. You should consult a doctor. He or she will provide you with an ideal diet chart according to your body. You should follow that and bulk.

What Is Bulk?

Bulk means weight gaining. There are two types of bulk-

  1. Muscle bulk 
  2. Fat bulk

Muscle bulk enlarges muscle, besides helping not to deposit more fat. It represents the body as vascular and fit. It can increase body mass by eating a healthy diet.

In bulk, people consume more calories. This results in deposition of more fat in various parts of the body. The body also looks quite bulky but obesity develops.

Bulking means having a lot of protein daily. Meat and raw or boiled eggs do the job to ensure the best bodybuilding results. 

8 Steps to Bulk Muscle

If a person is below his ideal range then he should bulk muscle. He could bulk easily by these steps-

  • Intake of lean protein. Lean protein is a portion of food that consists of less fat and more proteins. It is very useful in increasing muscles.
  • Healthy fat can bulk the muscle.
  • Intake of low-calorie surplus
  • Avoid high-calorie surplus as it supports gaining more fat rather than muscle bulk
  • Set a target rate of weight.
  • Bulking is a slow process. So anybody bulking might get impatient. But one should wait to achieve the goal.
  • Muscle bulk exercise.

Body bulk in a healthy way is very necessary. If you consume more calories in bulk, it will cause harm in the future. So eat healthily and get a fit body.

What Is Cut?

Cut means to get rid of fat, and lose weight.

Nowadays people are health-conscious enough. Extra body fat causes many diseases.

To cut this extra fat, you can follow some instructions which are given below.

9 Ways to Cut Body Fat

Healthy persons and above the ideal range should be cut. It can be done by-

Your food habits and exercise are the main factors for weight related things. 

The good news is, there are many ways to burn and cut body fats. Exploring what suits you best, you should take the right nutrients. 

Seven types of food needed for the body- carbohydrate, protein, fat, water, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. If you are able to take these types of food properly, you can gain weight.

  • Counting daily calorie intake- you can count it by calculating the calories of the food of a day together. You can google the calorie value of the food.
  • Taking limited healthy fats is essential for the body. Because not all the fats are harmful to health.
  • Eating less calories-If you intake fewer calories than your body needs it will gradually help to lose weight.
  • Taking enough macronut
  • Having a clear idea of how much you eat
  • Lean proteins and green leafy food can be helpful
  • Keeping yourself active
  • Set a goal to lose weight
  • Fat loss workout

Your body needs more protein, but you are continuously taking in more fat and carbs. Then obesity will develop. Besides, you can face protein deficiency disease.

A healthy or obese person should cut their weight. A large number of people die from a heart attack which is caused by the deposition of fat in the arteries. So you must be careful about your health if you are a healthy person.

Effects of Cutting Or Bulking 15 Body Fat

For male cutting or bulking a little will not affect him so much. He can easily cut if he gains weight. But in the case of a female, if she cuts then she can face a major problem. Severe malnutrition will develop. So she should bulk.

Effects are different in males and females. Let’s know the consequences.

In the Case of Male

By cutting fat a person can get more fit. Fat is removed from the body and muscles are more visible. Besides, the weight also gets decreased.

If bulk, the weight increases. If it is not controlled then it may lead to obesity, changing the structure of that person.

In the Case of Female

Cutting body fat will not be a good idea for females in this range. It will cause malnutrition in her.

If bulk then she will get a fit and healthy body, and gain weight.

How to Maintain 15% Body Fat

To maintain your desired body fat or weight, you should be technical. To stay at 15% body fat you can follow it step by step-

Maintaining it is quite easy. But there is a bad side when you are in your goal, you continuously neglect your diet chart and exercise.

  • Calculate your daily intake of calories.
  • Calculate your daily calorie burn
  • Consume more fruits, vegetables, and dietary fiber.
  • Intake of plenty of protein and balanced macronutrients ratio
  • Drink around 2 liters daily. It is a must.
  • Workout regularly.

You should maintain your desired goal. Otherwise, when you become bulkier or leaner it will bother you again. So it is better to maintain it.


How do I cut without losing muscle?

You can cut without losing muscle by having a balanced diet. Also you have to do regular exercise. Cardio exercise will be the most beneficial workout for you. Also, you have to count your daily calorie according to your weight and BMI.

Will I lose muscle if I cut?

You will lose muscle if you cut. If you intake low calories for a long time then your muscles will also be cut. It will also cut the fat, but as you are taking low calories it will affect your muscle.

How long should a cut last?

A cut should be a maximum of 4 months and a minimum of 2 months. If anyone does more than 4 months then it can be harmful to your health. Besides, if it is not at least 2 months then you will not be able to reach your goal.


That’s it for today on 15 body fat cut or bulk, folks. We tried to explain everything as clearly as we could. Keep it in mind that the well being of your body should always be your top priority. Regardless of how you look.

If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment section.

Till then, stay healthy!

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