6-Bromo Vs Arimistane [A Comprehensive Comparison]

If you’re having problems with estrogen levels in your body, you might be thinking of taking supplements. 

6-Bromo and Arimistane are two of the most popular choices out there. Both have their benefits and side effects.

It’s very easy to get confused and indecisive between these two. 

And you might want a head-to-head comparison; 6-Bromo Vs Arimistane

6-Bromo reduces only the estrogen levels in the body. In contrast, Arimistane reduces both estrogen and cortisol. Also, 6-Bromo requires the consumer to be above 18. On the other hand, you’ve to be 21 to take arimistane. Arimistane can help to reduce fat, whereas 6-Bromo helps in muscle gain.

For you to decide for yourself, you need a comprehensive comparison between these two. We did precisely that in this article.

Stick along to learn in detail.

A Quick Comparison: 6-Bromo vs Arimistane 

So, there are obviously some differences and similarities between these two. We need to consider some factors while comparing them. 

Below is a table where I have stated all the factors briefly. Hopefully, this will help you to get a grasp on them quickly. 

Factors 6-BromoArimistane 
Primary Function Increases testosterone level, decreases estrogen levelDecreases cortisol and estrogen levels, increases testosterone levels
Ingredient6-Bromo Androstane-3,17 Dione 50mgAndrosta-3,5-diene-7, 17-dione
ConsumersAbove 18 years oldAbove 21 years old
BenefitsGreater strength, muscle mass and othersReducing fat storage, increases vascularity and others
Side EffectsKidney and liver problemsRapid heartbeat, dizziness and vomiting
Dosage1 capsule, 3 times a dayNot more than 2 tablets a day
ReliabilityNot reliableReliable
Price25-40 USD35-50 USD

Now that you’ve gone through the table and got a basic idea, let’s jump into the details. 

An In-Depth Comparison: 6-Bromo Vs Arimistane

In this section, I’ll try to discuss all the factors in detail. This will help to clear all your doubts. Both of these have good and bad sides. Let’s try to figure out which is better than the other. 

Primary Function 

So, both drugs are similar in terms of function and usage. The basic idea is they will lower your estrogen level. Not only that, but they will also increase testosterone levels. 

6-Bromo, when taken correctly, will reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This reduction in conversion helps to lessen the production of estrogen. That means your body will not have as much estrogen as it used to have. 

Arimistane works similarly. It binds to the aromatase enzyme. This mechanism prevents estrogen rebound. Consequently, your body will now have less estrogen. In addition to that, it is a suicide aromatase inhibitor. That means a consumer can get the benefits long after the cycle is over. 

However, Arimistane performs an additional task that 6-Bromo cannot. 

Arimistane also lowers the level of cortisol.  Cortisol is also a harmful substance in your body. When it gets too much in your body, it can cause rapid weight growth. It also can weaken the muscle and increases the risk of diabetes and other health problems. 

Arimistane helps to reduce cortisol and therefore saves you from potential threats. 

Other than decreasing estrogen levels, both drugs help to increase testosterone levels. Increased testosterone leads to more energy and sex drive. 

Verdict on Primary Function: If you want that extra benefit of cortisol reduction, you should go for arimistane. 


The primary chemical ingredient in 6-Bromo is Androstane-3,17 Dione 50mg. 

Arimistane contains Androsta 3,5-dien, 17-dione. This is one of the strongest enzymes for estrogen reduction. There are other more potent anti-estrogens out there, but all of them are illegal. 

Verdict on Ingredient: Arimistane contains a more potent ingredient than that of a 6-Bromo. So, Arimistane has a head-on than 6-Bromo. 


Not everyone can take these drugs. There are strict guidelines for both of these you should strictly maintain. 

No one below 18 years old should take 6-Bromo.

The guideline is a bit harsher for Arimistane. The permissible age is 21. Any consumer below 21 may face severe side effects from taking arimistane.  

Moreover, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman shouldn’t take arimistane. It also has to be kept out of reach of children. Furthermore, If you have any other medical condition, you should first consult a doctor first. 

Taking arimistane with other specific medical conditions may worsen your situation.

Verdict on Consumers: 6-Bromo gets an edge here as younger people can take it. If you don’t want to wait until you’re 21, 6-Bromo is the ideal choice.  


Both 6-Bromo and Arimistane have many benefits. The table below will help you to take a short overview of what they offer. 

Reduces fat storageIncreases water in the bodyAn efficient aromatase inhibitorIncreases testosterone levelsDecreases estrogen levelsPrevents testosterone conversion to estrogenHelps prevent gynecomastiaBoosts testosteroneStrengthens muscleBuilds muscle massIncreases lean muscleIncreases libidoSuitable to use during prohormone and steroids cycVery potent aromatase inhibitorPuts the body in an anabolic stateLowers estrogen levelsLowers cortisol levelsIncreases testosterone levelsMassive Improvement in libidoGood support during SAA and prohormone cycleHelps to achieve sculpted shapeAccelerate body fat-burning processPrevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogenPrevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogenHardens muscle and builds muscle massRaises anabolic hormone levelsEliminate excess water from the bodyIncreases vascularity and vasodilationHelps recover faster after workoutBoosts libido

Let’s dive a bit deeper. 

6-Bromo enables the body to produce more testosterone, thereby increasing its level of it. It optimizes your system and brings your body back to the ideal state of producing testosterone. 

Human bodies are naturally able to do that, but it may take a long time. This delay can affect your body negatively. 6-Bromo helps to prevent that by shortening the time required.  

Users of 6-Bromo have seen considerable changes in fat loss while taking this drug. People who work out also find it very useful because it helps to build muscle faster. It’s because 6-Bromo increases water in your body. 

6-Bromo may have lots of benefits, but the benefits of arimistane far outweigh them.  

Similar to 6-Bromo, arimistane also helps in reducing estrogen levels and increasing testosterone levels. The difference is that Arimistane is a suicide aromatase inhibitor. That means it prevents the estrogen rebound process.

So, Arimistane benefits last long, even after you’ve stopped taking them. 

Moreover, the primary compound in Arimistane works particularly faster than 6-Bromo. Other than estrogen, it also reduces cortisol which can be harmful if it’s excessive in your body. 

Arimistane helps and improves how you look. More specifically, it makes your figure look more attractive. It allows you to maintain a slim figure. In addition to that, arimistane helps build muscle mass even when you’re on a strict diet. 

Arimistane helps to reduce body fat. This makes it easy to keep a maintainable body fat percentage.

Arimistane has many other side benefits. For example, it can boost your libido. It’s also helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease. If you’re having trouble with cardiovascular diseases, you can also try Blood Pressure 911

Verdict on Benefits: If you want the maximum benefits and gains, then you should go for arimistane. 

6-Bromo Vs Arimistane

Side Effects 

6-Bromo and Arimistane might be very efficient drugs, but both have side effects. Sometimes these side effects can be quite adverse. You should know about these side effects before you start using them. 

6-Bromo can have a negative effect if it is taken by mouth. It can cause kidney and liver damage if you don’t take 6-Bromo correctly. Moreover, taking 6-Bromo excessively may cause other adverse health problems. Long steroid cycles may harm your health. 

Sometimes taking 6-Bromo show some unexpected side effects. However, these side effects may not be a direct result of 6-Bromo. For example, acne can appear on your chest, arms and shoulders when starting 6-Bromo consumption. This is a common reaction occurring from balancing hormone levels. 

Moreover, you can feel your joints dry occasionally. This also occurs as your body is balancing the hormone levels and not from 6-Bromo itself. You can also try Golden Revive + for joint and muscle pain.  

If you start taking 6-Bromo very late in your PCT, you can face gynecomastia. It’s a health condition where excess fat is stored in the part of the pectoral muscles. Running the risk of gynecomastia is probable only if you take 6-Bromo late in the PCT. 

Similar to 6-Bromo, arimistane side effects can cause you problems. This includes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and vomiting. Furthermore, it may hurt pregnant women and lactating mothers. 

Taking more than recommended dosage can also lead to severe health problems. 

Verdict on Side Effects: 6-Bromo has more adverse side effects than arimistane. So, if you’re thinking about long-term use, you should probably go for arimistane. 

Other alternatives have fewer side effects than 6-Bromo or arimistane. Here are our top picks: 


For 6-Bromo, you can take 3 tablets a day at different times. The dosage is 50mg. 

On the other hand, most doctors recommend only one tablet for arimistane. You can also take two tablets, one in the morning and one in the evening. Taking more than this may backfire. Always consult with your doctor first.  


6-Bromo may have lots of benefits and good sides, but it’s not a reliable drug. There is no solid study and research on this product. There is no certainty about what could happen for long-term use.

Most people prefer arimistane to 6-Bromo. It’s because arimistane is more reliable. There is evidence found from research and study that can back up the benefits of arimistane. 

In addition to these, 6-Bromo has more severe side effects than arimistane. That’s why arimistane might be a better choice for you. 

Verdict on Reliability: It’s best to go for arimistane as it is more reliable than 6-Bromo. 

Summery: Which One Should You Go For? 

Arimistane and 6-Bromo may both be efficient supplements. However, arimistane has the edge over 6-Bromo in most cases. 

Arimistane is more reliable and offers more benefits than 6-Bromo. Moreover, arimistane also has fewer and fewer adverse side effects than 6-Bromo. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say that arimistane is a clear winner between these two. 


Is Arimistane Illegal?

Arimistane is illegal for professional athletes. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited the use of arimistane in athletic competitions such as swimming.

How Long Does Arimstane Take To Work?

It takes 25mg of a single dose for 2-3 days to maximize estrogen reduction. The effect lasted for 4 to 5 days. A 50mg single dose will likely work faster and persist longer. 

How Does Arimistane Make You Feel?

If you’ve just started taking arimistane, you may feel dizziness and vomiting. These symptoms generally get better as you keep taking and getting used to it. 

Wrapping Up 

Arimistane and 6-Bromo both have their charms and dark sides. 

You’ve seen the comparison of 6-Bromo vs arimistane. However, Arimistane outperforms 6-Bromo in almost every aspect. Arimistane has more health benefits as well as fewer adverse side effects than 6-Bromo. 

Hopefully, this article has cleared up all your confusion and doubts. Now you can decide for yourself which one you will go for.

Good luck!

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