9-MBC vs Bromantane: What’s the Difference?

9-MBC vs Bromantane

For a student, busy professional or even older adult nootropics are becoming appealing. It seems like magic, just to have a pill and boost your brain powers. Maybe that’s why the use of these smart drugs or cognitive enhancers has become a thing nowadays. 

However, some would say the circuits of the human brain are complicated and not fully understood yet. So you can’t just turn up the dial with just a pill that easily. Some health professionals even argue that the effects of these drugs are influenced by the placebo effect.

On the other hand, some health professionals tend to think otherwise. They think that these smart drugs have the potential to offer some people an edge. Hence the right nootropics are a bonus that helps you think more sharply and reduce cognitive decline. 

But there are only so many of them. Two of the most well-known are 9 mbc and bromanate. 

So, when facing the choice of 9-mbc vs bromanate ، which one is better?

Both 9 mbc and bromanate are smart drugs leading to better cognitive functionality and motivation. 9 mbc is a bit stronger in effects and long-lasting. But bromanate is well studied as compared to 9 mbc. A full scope of side effects of about 9 mbc is not cleared. As it is still an experimental research chemical. 

However, that is not all. These two are the talk in the town. So, they need a deeper explanation as to what they actually are. And how do they differ from one another? 

Let’s first have a quick look at their differences.

9-MBC vs Bromanate-[Key Differences]

Let us examine the differences between 9-MBC and bromanate side by side.

Stronger SupplementComparatively weaker
Long-lasting side effectsWear off very soon
Still under experimental trialsBacked by long research
Side effects are still fully unknownPotentially no side effects whatsoever

Now let us see a little bit about what nootropics are and what they are used for.

Nootropics Aka Smart Drugs

Nootropics are basically cognitive enhancers. They enhance your brain performance such as focus, concentration, memory, and other relative mental functions. They have stimulant effects and counteract the symptoms of various medical conditions such as ADHD or narcolepsy. 

In order to understand them better, take for example caffeine and creatine. Both improve brain performance and focus, hence considered nootropics. Not to mention they don’t treat disease, instead, they have effects on thinking and memory.

Do Nootropics Really Work?

They have effects on the brain but this is backed by small studies. There is not much evidence from large and controlled studies that shows their effects and that they are safe. This is why it’s controversial that they have long-term effects on mental functions. 


9-MBC or 9-ME-BC is a dietary nootropic supplement that possesses dopamine activity in the brain. 9-MBC basically improves the efficiency of the respiratory chain resulting in potentially enhanced cognitive performance. It improves memory and learning by increasing the rate of neurotrophin synthesis. 

The best thing about 9-MBC benefits is that, unlike other nootropics it’s cognitive benefits are long-lasting. One of its key effectivity is 9-mbc dopamine


Mechanism of Action-[9-Methyl-β-carboline]

Let us see how 9-MBC works and some of its nootropics properties.

  • 9-MBC regulates and protects dopaminergic neurons, dendrites, and synapses, especially in the hippocampus region of the brain. 
  • Unlike other stimulants like caffeine, which deplete dopamine through excessive firing, 9-MBC increases its synthesis. 
  • It increases neurotrophic or neurotrophic factors such as NGF, BDNF, CDNF, GDNH, and SHH. These neurotrophic are responsible for increasing executive functioning and motivation.
  • 9-MBC increases tyrosine hydroxylase and interacts with T kinases. Furthermore, it converts L-tyrosine to L-dopa. These lead to an increase in motivation and goal-oriented behaviors. 
  • 9-MBC prevents the formation of neurotoxic substances such as DOPAC, 6-OH-DA, and MDPD+MPP. These are the major reasons and causes of dopaminergic neuron death. And these can make you feel worse.
  • It enhances the mitochondrial respiratory chain by protecting or recovering NADH dehydrogenase. Otherwise known as complex I.

Benefits of 9-MBC

Some of the common benefits of using 9-MBC are given below.

  • Potently stimulates neurons.
  • Being neuroprotective, it protects the brain from toxic-induced damage.
  • 9-MBC is strongly dopaminergic and has stimulant properties which can be reversed as well.
  • Potentially improve cognitive markers like reaction time.
  • Through improvement of respiratory chain 9-MBC improves cognitive and athletic performance. 
  • Dramatically increase neurotrophin rate leading to memory enhancement. 
  • Benefits of 9-MBC are long-lasting as compared to other nootropic supplements.
  • It’s stronger in action as compared to other nootropics.
  • It can potentially increase euphoria and orgasm strength.
  • It has significant restoration effects on dopamine systems.

9-MBC Dosage

9-MBC dose can be taken regularly or irregularly. Suitable for adult males and females of all ages but not for persons under 21. Its effects are reported within just a couple of days of use.

The recommended safe 9-MBC dose is 15-30 mg once per day. Because it has a relatively long half-life. A higher dosage of 9-mbs side effects may include dopamine neurotoxicity and DNA damage possibility. 


Bromanate was developed by Russians in the 80s for workers. It simply aids brain neurotransmitters resulting in physical and mental performance. It was reported that while enabling workers to focus better, it increased motivation in the workplace.

Bromanate is specifically a performance-enhancing smart drug that potentially stimulates physical and mental activities. Just how L-citrulline and beet powder works as a performance-enhancing supplement. There are studies suggesting that bromanate may also help relieve fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Not to mention its role in enhancing learning abilities. 

In addition, bromanate is used for treating neurasthenia, a condition involving weakness of nerves. Because it is said to improve physical vitality as well as movement coordination.

Mechanism of Action-[Bromanate]

Well, it is yet unknown how exactly bromanate works. However, health professionals think that it increases brain activity in the hippocampus, hypothalamus, and reticular nuclei. It potentially increases T hydroxylase and amino acid decarboxylase through the dopamine system resulting in dopamine formation. 

So, increasing dopamine bromanate increases activeness and alertness. Bromanate is also responsible for making you happy by increasing serotonin. 

Benefits of Bromanate

Some of the major benefits of using bromanate are as follows.

  • Improves productivity, vigilance, and motor performance.
  • Improves short-term memory, planning abilities, and focus.
  • May help with physical activity by increasing adrenaline. 
  • Increases blood pumping.
  • Reducing depression causes inflammation.
  • Stimulate immune system during stress.
  • Enhances resistance to toxic agents.
  • Increases immune cells and recovery fatigue.
  • Increases sperm count and sperm movement.
  • Stimulates cytochrome p-450 and helps detoxify the liver.

Bromanate Dose

The recommended starting bromanate dose is 25mg per day. And this dosage can go higher up to 1000. But higher than that would start to cause side effects.

Additionally, women have been seen to metabolize bromanate quicker as compared to men. Not to forget that bromanate is not FDA approved thus there is no official dosage information available.

However, bromanate side effects may cause dry mouth, throat, or nose like metformin causes thirst. They also include headache, constipation, upset stomach, dizziness, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, etc. 

We can recommend a good product for you if you have trouble sleeping because of bromanate. 

REMBALANCEThis supplement can ensure a natural sleep cycle.  It is powerful for metabolism and breaks stored fat when you are asleep.

Final Verdict

Both of these nootropic supplements are controversial regarding their effects on mental functionality. However, there are health professionals who think that they do have some role in cognitive enhancement. Bromanate supplement has been around for a long time and is backed by decent studies.

On the other hand, the risk of side effects of 9 MBC supplement is not fully known yet. 9-MBC is stronger but due to the lack of research regarding its side effects, I won’t recommend it.  


Does bromanate increase dopamine?

Yes, apparently bromanate does have a role in increasing dopamine. A single dose of bromanate can potentially produce up to a 2.5% increase in TH expression. 

Does semax make you smarter?

Yes, semax makes you smarter because it is a cognitive enhancer. Originally it was developed to treat circulatory disorder, however, it has also been identified as a nootropic aka smart drug. In animal models, this drug has shown interesting effects such as enhancing memory performance. Additionally, semax is said to prime the brain for behavior-reducing action. 

How long does it take for 9-MBC to work?

Generally, it takes about a few days for 9-MBC to work. People who have used 9-mbc said so. However, we found that its 10 days duration after which patients start feeling effects. However, the time period may vary from person to person. One user said that it started showing its effects in about 3 weeks.


I hope now when you face the choice of 9-mbc vs bromanate, you won’t be puzzled. And instead, we will choose exactly what we are looking for. And I hope that we have fully understood each of them separately as well.

Both nootropic drugs have been said to be effective to some degree regarding cognitive enhancement. Bromanate is weaker but backed by established research and long-term trials. On the other hand, 9-mbc is comparatively stronger. But we don’t know about its side effects due to a lack of research. 

Both are said to be effective for cognitive enhancement, motivation, and positive energy. These are the major reasons that bromanate is considered a comparatively safer solution. However, honestly said nootropics are controversial as a whole for any cognitive enhancement. 

Be aware, be safe, and stay happy. That’s all.

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