Acp-105 vs S4: Which One Is Better for You?

You have started to invest more in bodybuilding supplements. SARMs caught your eye as they hold lesser risks than most steroids.

But you are torn between whether to pick ACP-105 or Andarine S4 SARM.

ACP-105 and S4 both are great options for SARMs. But depending on your requirements one might be more favorable than the other.

You might find yourself deciding which one to pick when it comes to ACP-105 VS S4.

ACP-105 is a great SARM that offers quick results with little to no side effects.

Andarine S4 has more side effects reported by its users. ACP-105 helps with muscle building and fat burning with increased metabolism. Andarine S4 assists in energy gaining with increased strength and endurance.

We have gathered all the information that might help you pick the best SARM.

So look no further. Keep reading to find out more!

ACP-105 VS S4: Quick Overview

ACP-105 VS S4 both have significant features catering to the needs of their dynamic consumers. 

Here is a quick comparison for you to go through. 

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Ground of comparisonACP-105S4
Used forBodybuilding and weight management.Bodybuilding and weight management.
BenefitsEnhanced cognitive abilities, fat loss and improved bone densityBurns fat tissues, improve bone density and muscle building
Dose10 mg per day25 mg per day
Side EffectsMild headaches and suppressed testosteroneCould damage vision or reduce amounts of testosterone
FDA ApprovalNot ApprovedNot Approved
Age for ConsumptionOver 18Over 18


ACP-105 VS S4: Detailed Review

ACP-105 VS S4

We have looked for all the differences and similarities between ACP-105 and SR SARM.

Here we have provided the in-depth functions of ACP-105 and SR for your convenience.

1. Benefits of ACP-105 and SR SARM

Building muscles using steroids might not be your first choice due to the side effects. SARM is known to be more beneficial than most steroids. These even have lesser side effects to it as well.

ACP-105 and SR SARM have similar benefits as they offer weight loss and improved bone density.

For ACP-105

ACP-105 is also known for assisting in one’s fat loss journey. 

A regular dosage of ACP-105 helps to discard any excess fat that one needs to eliminate. You can also test if your fat percentage is negligible or not. 

Another advantage of using ACP-105 is that it can improve injuries when you need a quick recovery. 

ACP-105 enhances the Androgenic receptors in our body. This is known to amplify one’s memory and neurocognitive abilities.

When you are required to perform extreme workouts and physical activities ACP-105 can boost your performance.

It allows you to have better stamina and the power to execute your tasks with ease.

Although ACP-105 has numerous benefits, it produces effects quite quickly. Compared to other androgenic anabolic steroids, it is gentler.  

For S4

ANDARINE S4 SARMS are known to be very advantageous when it comes to assisting in fat loss.

S4 aims at a particular area that has body fat. It then decreases the amount of body fat there. 

Andarine S4 fat loss is one of its significant benefits.

It also converts the burned body fat tissues to usable energy. Moreover, making your workouts to be more energetic and active.    

Muscles are also enriched with nutrients and S4 helps with protein synthesis as well as S4. You can also try premier protein or GNC lean shakes to ensure your body’s need for protein. 

S4 has increased its users’ endurance while doing workouts and other physical activities.  

Metabolism is also affected with the usage of S4 in one’s diet. S4 stimulates one’s metabolism which can aid the process of burning fats.

This is how S4 Andarine benefits one’s weight loss journey.

S4 users have claimed that including this in their diet has improved their bone density. They have been reported to have stronger bones than what they started out with.

You can also have another supplement to increase your bone health along with S4 Andarine.

FLEXOBLISSThis supplement ensures the health of your back muscles and bones and makes you flexible and active.

2. Dosage

SARMs need to be consumed in a particular dosage according to your level of experience.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate, you should change your dosages according to that. 

For ACP-105

ACP-105 dosage should be set depending on when you start using it.

If you are a beginner, you can start by taking about 5 mg of ACP-105 every day. 

You are free to increase this amount to 10 mg after some time.

Many people take around 20 mg of this after using it for a couple of weeks. They consume this amount without showing any side effects. 

ACP-105 can be taken on a cycle. These cycles can go on for up to 12 weeks. 

You may choose to use ACP-105 for eight weeks within your first phase. During this time try maintaining a lower dosage. 

After that, you need to refrain from using it for four weeks or so. You need to ensure that you still keep working out even when you go off cycle. 

Another thing which you should keep in mind while using ACP-105 is the age limit. ACP-105 should not be used by anyone who is under 18 years. 

If you’re over 18 years, you can use it according to the dosages recommended by the manufacturer.

For S4

S4 manufacturer advises taking around 50 mg of it daily. It is also advised to not take it once a day.

S4 SARM dosage should be taken in two doses throughout the day for your daily consumption.

Taking under 50 mg of S4 is said to not be responsible for any side effects. 

But if you are beginning to use S4 then start by taking a lower dosage first. Then after a couple of weeks increase your dosage little by little.

S4 is instructed to not use if you are below 18 years. It is also advised to not use it if you plan of joining the military.

S4 can influence any drug test which can alter its results of it. This supplement may result in your drug test being a false positive.

So you should keep that in mind before you take a drug test.

3. FDA Approval

SARMs are the biggest muscle drug that is widely used in bodybuilding supplements. But still, they have not gained FDA approval. Some claim that they may be linked to major safety issues. 

As there is not enough research done on this topic it still remains unclear. 

For ACP-105

ACP-105 has not been FDA approved. But this is legal to sell and use by the general public. 

Despite not being approved by the FDA, ACP-105 is mostly safe to use.

For S4

ACP-105 has also not been approved by FDA.

But, it is manufactured in factories located in the USA that is certified. Andarine S4 is also legal to sell and use.

Plus, it is made from natural ingredients. So, this is also safe to use.

4. Side Effects

Although SARMs are great alternatives to steroids, they might have some side effects as well. 

For ACP-105

Some users of ACP-105 may experience nausea and drowsiness. Mild headaches may also occur. 

It has been shown to occasionally ACP-105 trigger suppression of testosterone.

Overall, there have not been any severe adverse effects reported.  The ones that have been reported are very uncommon.

For S4

Few long-term Andarine S4 users have reported having a yellowish hue to their eyesight.

Other Andarine S4 side effects include adrenaline being repressed.

As SARMs work by associating with androgen receptors, this might actually occur.

There also have been numerous reports indicating that SARMs might be harmful to the liver. This might be accurate but requires additional evidence.

ACP-105 VS S4: Which One to Choose and Why?

ACP-105 VS S4

So, now that you know more about ACP-105 and S4, it is time for your decision.

If you want your desired results fast then ACP-105 can help you with that. Plus, ACP-105 has rarely any side effects. 

Contrarily, Andarine S4 is a good option that is naturally made that offers similar benefits. But it is reported to have more side effects than ACP-105.


  • What Amount of S4 Should Be Taken in A Day?

For beginners, it is recommended to use around 25 mg of Andarine S4. You can increase the dosage to 5 more mg after a couple of weeks. Using 50 mg every day should be enough to obtain your desired goals. For changing your physique to an extreme level you should consider taking about 50 mg every day.

  • Do SARMs Cause Long Term Effects?

Yes, SARMs may cause long-term effects with a certain dosage. If you take SARMs on a higher dosage then it might cause liver toxicity. SARMs can even increase the possibility of heart attacks. It may even cause strokes. As there isn’t enough research done, some side effects are still unknown.

  • Is Andarine S4 Good?

Yes, Andarine S4 is a good SARM currently available on the market. It works great for bodybuilders looking to get rid of body fat and gain muscle mass. Andarine S4 is safe for consumption SARM. This builds your strength and is considered to be a very effective SARM impacting your appearance.


We hope that you got to know more about whether to pick between ACP-105 vs S4.

Finding the best SARM can help get your desired physique faster without any repercussions. Therefore, we wish that you find the best SARM according to your needs.

You should never stop working out while taking SARMs as you may lose your progress.

Best of luck!

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