Advocare Catalyst Alternative – 3 Better Alternatives!

Advocare Catalyst Alternative

People take catalyst diet pills for weight loss on diet. In addition to that, it is used for muscle recovery and strength. Furthermore, people take a catalyst for energy while on a diet. 

Also these pills are used for preserving muscle mass when losing weight. Advocare claims that exercise and a healthy diet would also require along with the pill to work. Not to mention Advocare also tells you to take these pills in combination with their other supplements. 

People are not happy with advocare catalyst results. And people who want to lose weight while preserving muscle mass are also not happy. Neither do the people who are using pills for strength and muscle recovery. 

So, is there any better Advocare Catalyst Alternative available out there ?

Well, the answer is plainly yes. There are much much better alternatives to Catalyst available out there. Starting from weight loss and faster muscle recovery supplements to strength, catalyst alternatives are available. Not to mention they are even cheaper and better than Catalyst. 

We will see these alternatives in detail. However before that let us look into catalysts. So that we may understand why people are searching for alternatives. 

Advocare Catalyst

Advocare Catalyst Alternative

Advocare claims that the Catalyst can fuel the body to have muscle growth. The Avocare catalyst ingredients has muscle building components and provides BCAAs. These muscle building components are L-glutamine and L-arginine. Amino acids (BCAAs) in Catalyst give you the following.

  • Lean mass, 
  • endurance 
  • Energy to workout

However, Advocare links all these benefits with their other products. If you use a catalyst with other products such as meal replacement shakes then it will work. And not to forget the healthy diet and continuous workout. 

You can use it with Premier Protein or GNC Lean Shakes which are great meal replacement shakes. 

1. Catalyst Ingredients Quality

Catalyst doesn’t contain any magical ingredients. Catalyst has only natural ingredients that are already present in foods. You only require them if you are on a low protein diet or maybe fasting. Avocare Catalyst side effects can be a result from its ingredients. 

In addition to that, Catalyst dosage strength is low. WHen you are asleep the catalyst works the best. Now you know why catalysts at bedtime are taken. The amount of ingredients needed for any noticeable change is absent. So, any noticeable change would be highly unlikely with such an amount. 

2. Catalyst Cost

Catalyst is no good without a healthy diet and proper exercise. Most customers are comparing avocare catalyst before and after progress. They are complaining that it doesn’t have any positive noticeable effect. Not to mention the cost of Catalyst is whooping high considering their output. 

But no worries, Catalyst’s additive can be easily substituted with protein if you are aiming for that. Also, for muscle protection while on diet and for muscle recovery better alternatives are available. For weight loss too, plenty of other products are better alternatives. 

So, we will tell you about a better alternative to Catalyst. 

Are you planning to lose weight and struggling? Or you just want to recover muscles faster. Also what about preserving strength while on diet? 

If you want all of the above , keep reading.

Sletrokor-[Catalyst Alternative For Weight Loss]


The best thing about Sletrokor is that it’s made with all natural ingredients. Sletrokor doesn’t contain any stimulants or filler ingredients. It’s probably the best for people who are sensitive to allergic ingredients. 

In addition to that bonus benefits of Sletrokor are as follows.

  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce fat 
  • Reduce appetite and hunger
  • Improve your mood


Remember that Sletrokor is formulated in an FDA certified facility. So that is something that would surely be legit. 

Let’s see , it’s all natural ingredients. 

  • Aloe Vera

Popular as the plant of immorality among the Egyptians. They would use it for wounds and skin issues. Aloe Vera is the main ingredient of detox smoothie blends and used as a gentle laxative. And it is popularly known for lowering blood sugar levels. 

  • Legume Protein Concentrate

Legume concentrate is a plant based protein source. According to a clinical study, legumes have high protein content and satisfactory amino acid composition. So people while on diet can no longer worry about their strength.

  • Chitosan

This is basically sugar extracted from the outer shell of shellfish such as shrimp or lobster. This is a fiber source so it helps block dietary fat and cholesterol as well. 

  • Garcinia Cambogia

This is a fruit found in tropical climates. This fruit provides hydroxycitric acid popularly known for fat burning. This blocks lyase so sugars and starch doesn’t turn into fat. 

  • Cascara Sagrada

Native Americans used this for muscle and joint pains. Not to mention that it is considered gentle laxative and supports healthy bowel movement.

Beside Sletrokor there are other products that you may want to try for weight loss. Check below our top 3 bonus picks. 

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REVERSIROLThis supplement is designed for any type 2 diabetic or pre-diabetic to help them lose weight. People who just want to lose weight can also take this dietary pills. 
CARBOFIXThissupplement has all natural formula to fight against belly fat. It can help you control weight gain and intense hunger and cravings.
ULTRA OMEGA BURNThis supplement contains the palmitoleic fatty acid Omega7. It reduces insulin resistance, lowers blood glucose and suppresses fat production.
LEPTITOX This supplement is highly efficient for weight burning. It has the benefits of 22 herbs in a concentrated formula. Take the capsule that will end your body fat.


Essential Amino Energy-[Catalyst Alternative For Muscle Recovery]

Essential Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy is basically an amino acid blend. It is a great supplement for building muscles and muscle recovery. You will be delighted to know that it contains no sugar at all. It provides you upto 20 calories per serving. 

So, this is just right for people looking for muscle building components and muscle recovery supplements. It has beta-alanine which is great for a pre workout pump. So you can workout for longer without lacking your strength and energy. 


  • Amino Acids ( Beta-Alanine, L-leucine)
  • Energy Blends (Caffeine)

And don’t worry about caffeine. Because it’s extracted from all natural green tea leaves. And the caffeine is extracted from the coffee bean so what you are consuming is all natural.

Let us briefly checkout the pros and cons of this amazing supplement.


  • Available in 10 flavors.
  • More scoops gives you more energy.
  • Fuel up muscle building.
  • Greater muscle recovery due to amino acids.
  • Preserve strength and get you going for longer.
  • Boost energy and maintain focus.


  • Some might get headaches from caffeine

Muscletech Amino Energy Powder-[BCAAs]

Muscletech Amino Energy Powder

This is probably the top competitor and Advocare Catalyst alternative product. Among with the sheer amount of amino acids BCAAs, it also contains some taurine and caffeine. Not to mention electrolytes in each serving. 

Muscletech’s amino energy powder helps refuel your body during endurance exercises. And rebuild muscles and power after workout. 

Amino energy powder contains huge amounts of BCAAs best suited for the person looking for muscle gain. Also it doesn’t contain unhealthy additives, just artificial flavorings like artificial sweeteners which leaves aftertaste

Checkout the ingredients below.


  • BCAAs
  • Caffeine
  • Natural flavors

Let us see its pros and cons.


  • Supported by scientific research.
  • Contains huge amounts of amino acids for muscle gain.
  • Faster muscle recovery and noticeable energy boost.


  • Doesn’t taste good.
  • Don’t have a lot of flavoring options.
  • Non significant energy pump. 

Final Verdict

Most people used Advocare catalysts for weight loss however no significant noticeable changes happened. Furthermore, for people who used it for strength and gains this became too costly. Because advocare only works if used along with a healthy diet, proper exercise and Advocare other products. 

So as we see there are much better and cheaper alternatives available for weight loss. Also, there are pretty decent catalyst supplements available for muscle gains and strength while on diet.

In addition to that, these Catalyst alternatives are much cheaper as compared to the Catalyst package. 


  • Does Apple cider vinegar fuel weight loss?

Apple cider vinegar is known for fueling weight loss. Infact Sletrokor contains apple cider vinegar. And this is due to the fact that it indirectly aids weight loss.Resulting in significant reduction of hunger and fat. Besides that there is no significant scientific support backing the claim that apple cider vinegar loses weight. 

  • How amino acids help building muscles?

The most basic muscle building supplement is protein. When you take protein, your body breaks them into amino acids. The amino acids are used to repair and build new muscle fibers. So yes, amino acids enhance workout strength, aid in faster recovery of muscle and build more muscles.

  • What Is A Catalyst Good For?

Catalysts lowers your energy to boost the rate of your reaction without getting consumed. In human body, catalyst creates signals to make you do everything from moving your limbs to digesting. In products, it boosts efficient reactions to increase its performance and benefits.  


I am sure it’s clear by now that Advocare Catalyst Alternative is plenty and much better. These alternatives contain much better and quality ingredients than those found in Catalyst. In addition to that, these ingredients are in amounts enough for significant and noticeable change. 

So, it’s better to use these alternatives instead of going for lower quality and costly Catalyst products. That’s all.

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