Anator P70 Replacement- [5 Better Alternatives]

Anator P70 Replacement

Beside its awful taste, Anator P70 is the right choice for reaching your genetic muscle building potential. Muscletech claims that Anator P70 activates DNA for maximum muscle development. Its anabolic dose strengthens the signal inside muscle fiber accelerating muscle growth. 

Furthermore, Anator P70 contains specific gene regulators to produce more actin and myosin. These two have a huge role in the size and strength of muscles. 

However, muscletech discontinued Anator P70 and replaced it with another product. Now consumers are forced to look for Anator P70 alternatives. 

So is there any Anator P70 replacement available out there? 

Anator P70 is just a meal replacement shake like others. If there is anything special that is just its advertisement. Because when we see other anabolic products they also have the same ingredients as Anator P70. Also there are better alternatives as effective as Anator P70 available out there. 

We will look into the Anator P70 replacement in detail. But let us first briefly check out how Anator P70 works? 

Anator P70- How It Works?

Mainly Anator P70 ingredients are just a combination of carbs, proteins, two amino acids and some creatine. Seeing Anator P70 that way might seem less flattering. However, it’s true that it is just weight gainer plus leukic with a minor amount of creatine. 

Let us see how Anator really works.

How Does The Anator P70 Work?

How Does The Anator P70 Work

According to muscletech claims Anator P70 aims to activate the master switch for muscle growth. This is done by stimulating two enzymes namely PI-3K Phosphoinositide-3-kinases and PKB protein kinases B. Stimulation of these two enzymes activates mTOR, also known as master switch for growth. 

Moving forward, the PKB works on a ForkHead box which contains the protein O-sub family FOXO. PKB blocks it from entering the nucleus. This blockage triggers the activity of the MAFbx gene responsible for muscle breakdown. 

In addition to that, mTOR activation phosphorylated ribosomal protein p70s6k resulting in muscle growth. 

Now let us see the ingredients and nutrition facts about Anator P70

Anator P70 Nutrition Facts-[For 2 Scoops Serving Size]

Calories: 320

Fat Calories: 10

Total Fats: 1g

Saturated Fat: 5g

Cholesterol: 10mg

Sodium: 60mg

Potassium: 0mg

Total Carbs: 57g

Sugar:s 28g

Proteins: 20g

Calcium: 65mg

Iron: 7mg

Anator P70 Replacement- 5 Better Alternatives

Some claim that Anator P70 muscletech was banned due to banned substances in it. But that’s not true at all, rather it was discontinued. Muscletech replaced Anator P70 with Nitro-Tech. Probably it was replaced to create hype and excitement in the market. 

Companies rebrand supplements to hit the market all the time. It’s a clever marketing strategy. So now muscle tech is offering nitro tech as an Anator P70 alternative.

1. Nitro-Tech- MuscleTech Alternative to Anator P70

anator p70 replacement

Nitro tech is available in various flavors namely vanilla, chocolate, strawberries and more. While anator p70 was offered in just two and also tasted awful. Muscletech Nitro tech is just another whey protein supplement just like anator p70. 

Nitro tech contains high content of creatine, glutamine and BCAAs. Not to forget the high amounts of protein present in nitro tech.

Protein helps reduce muscle loss and preserve lean mass. While BCAAs and creatine amplify the process of muscle growth and muscle repair. 

Nutrition facts and ingredients of Nitro-Tech are given below.

Nitro-Tech Ingredients and Nutrition Facts– Per Scoop

Calories: 160 

Protein: 30g

Carbs: 4g 

Sugar: 2g

Fat: 2.5g 

Saturated fat: 1.5g

Creatine: 3g 

Calcium: 14%

Iron: 6%

Leucine: 3.3g

Isoleucine: 1.8g

Valine: 1.7g

Glutamine: 5.3g

If we honestly say there isn’t much difference between muscle tech new alternatives to anator p70. Except for some ingredients in high amounts in nitro tech. 

Let us see some other anator p70 alternatives.

2. Bioquest Myozene

Bioquest Myozene

Amino acids in most supplements take a lot of time from the digestion process into the muscles. Myozene can bypass these hours and process, resulting in faster muscle development. There is also a claim about myozene that it helps increase insulin to boost mass building. 

How Does Bioquest Myozene Work?

Myozene provides immediate protein synthesis. The insulin secretion and amino acid release side by side have also a significant contribution. And this product doesn’t contain any filler as well. 

Myozene is post formulated as a post-workout anabolic protein powder. It contains no added fructose or sucrose. 

Let us have a look at myozene nutrition value. 

BioQuest Myozene Nutrition Facts- Per 3 Scoops

Protein: 25g

Whey Hydrolysate: 25g

Carbs: 60g

Sodium: 295 mg

Proprietary Blend including Leucine, CrM, Glutamine and Taurine: 18g

Dextrose and Maltodextrin: 60g

Bioquest Myozene Pros

  • Enhanced muscle development.
  • Improved recovery time.
  • Contains high amounts of whey protein.

Bioquest Myozene Cons

  • Awful Taste.
  • Need long gym workouts to be effective.
  • Not for weight loss or fat burning.
  • Requires regular intake.

Fat Burning is essential in fitness. And there are other similar products that will do just that for you.

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LEPTITOX This supplement can help you in weight burning. It comes in a capsule that has the benefits of 22 herbs in a concentrated formula. 
BIO FITThis supplement helps you lose weight. 


3. Myogenix Aftershock

Myogenix Aftershock

The most critical time in muscle gain is an anabolic window. Muscles do not grow during exercise. Instead, it happens during the thirty to forty minutes after the workout. 

This thirty-minute phase is known as the anabolic window. In addition to that in the anabolic window waste products discharges from muscles. Myogenix is a product specifically designed for the anabolic window phase. 

How Does Myogenix Aftershock Work? 

Myogenix Aftershock is a post-workout supplement maximizing the potential of muscle growth during the anabolic window. It’s packed with ingredients that help boost muscle volume as well as support muscle recovery. In addition to that, it contains antioxidants helpful in destroying free radicals. 

Just ACG3 or C4 pre workouts, Myogenix as its own beneficial ingredients. Let us have a look at the ingredients list and Aftershock nutrition facts. 

Myogenix AfterShock Nutrition Facts- 2 scoops per 80g

Calories: 290

Calories from fat: 10

Total Fat: 1.5g 2%

Saturated Fat: .5g 3%

Cholesterol: 35mg 12%

Carbs: 35g 12%

Sugar: 17g 

Protein: 34g

Amino Stack (Creatine Chelate, L-Glutamine, L-Norvaline): 8g

Niacin: 40mg 200%

Thiamin: 3mg

Vitamin A: 1000 LU

Vitamin C: 1000 mg

Vitamin E: 60 LU

Vitamin B6: 4mg

Myogenix Aftershock Pros

  • Specifically focuses on anabolic windows.
  • Destroy free radicals through antioxidants.
  • It tastes good and has various flavors.

Myogenix Aftershock Cons

  • No official website available for detailed knowledge about the product.
  • People allergic to shellfish can’t consume.
  • People allergic to soy, wheat and egg should avoid it.

4. Nutrabolics Anabolic Window

Nutrabolics Anabolic Window

Nutrabolic Anabolic Window is a supplement that contains protein and carbs. Just like aftershocks, these supplements also hit an anabolic window of opportunity. It’s been established among sports nutritionists that the anabolic window is a critical phase in muscle growth.  

So, the carbs it contains have the properties of absorbing carbs faster. As well as triple isolate protein and amino acids. All these items ensure a surplus of critical muscle building and optimize repair rate. 

Ingredients are given below.

Nutrabolic Anabolic Window Nutrition Facts- Per 2 Scoops, 102g

  • Calories: 380  
  • Calories from Fat: 27  
  • Total Fat: 3g 5%
  • Saturated Fat: 1.5g 8%
  • Trans Fat: 0g  
  • Carbs: 45g 15%
  • Sugars: 2g  
  • Dietary Fiber: 3g 12%
  • Protein: 43g 86%
  • Cholesterol: 42mg 14%
  • Potassium: 540mg 15%
  • Sodium: 195mg 8%
  • Anabolic Amino Matrix: 12g  

Anabolic BCAA & Amino Acid Matrix:

  • L-Leucine 
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine 
  • L-Taurine 
  • L-Lysine 
  • L-Glycine  

Anabolic Glutamine Matrix  

  • Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine Chelate
  • Glutamine AKG
  • L-Glutamine
  • Glutamine Peptides

5. Optimum Nutrition After Max

Optimum Nutrition After Max

Carbs intake are vital after workout for rebuilding and recovery processes. When you aim to put on lean mass, both cortisol and glycogen are important. This is why carb contents are higher in Optimum Nutritions after-workout meal replacement. 

Optimum Nutrition’s after-workout recovery formula is taken when you need carbs after a workout. This is a suitable choice for hard gainers. Just like premier protein or GNC Lean shakes, they are pretty self-suffcient. Athletes don’t need to add any carbs,  creatine and glutamine to their protein after having this shake. 

Let us have a look at its nutrition facts.

Optimum Nutrition After Max Nutrition Facts

Calories: 360

Calories From Fat: 35

Total Fat: 4g 6DV

Saturated Fat: 2.5g 13DV

Cholesterol: 45mg 15DV

Total Carbohydrate: 40g 13DV

Sugars : 4g

Protein : 40g 80DV

Vitamin A: 1028 IU 21DV

Vitamin C: 24mg 40DV

Vitamin D: 111 IU 28DV

Vitamin E: 12 IU 40DV

Riboflavin: .33mg 19DV

Niacin: 3.9mg 20

Vitamin B6: 54 mcg 20DV

Folic Acid: 1.17mcg 14DV

Vitamin B12: 58 mcg 20DV

Biotin: 2mg 19DV

Pantothenic Acid: 330mg 20DV

Calcium: 105mg 33DV

Phosphorus: 21mcg 11DV

Iodine: 21mcg 14DV

Magnesium: 61mg 15DV

Chromium: 47 mcg 39DV

Chloride: 104mg 3DV

Sodium: 170mg 7DV

Potassium: 208mg 6DV

Creatine Monohydrate: 5g 

L-Glutamine: 5g

Taurine: 1g

Aminogen: 250mg

Carbogen: 250mg

Consuming not sufficient nutrition in the post workout window, you are causing more harm than good. After Max gives you a 1:1 ratio of proteins and carbs with creatine, glutamine and other nutrients. 

So, after taking After Max, don’t worry if you are taking required nutrients or not. 

Final Verdict

MuscleTech Anator P70 is simply just a whey protein supplement like a bunch of others. So there are multiple alternatives available instead of anator p70. In Fact there are better Anator P70 replacements available. 


  • Why was the Anator P70 banned?

Anator P70 was not banned. People think it was banned due to some harmful substances that were not labeled on the pack. But actually Muscletech discontinued it. This discontinuation was in order to hype and market their new product Nitro Tech which they did. So basically anator p70 was discontinued to introduce nitro tech.

  • What are the possible side effects of Myogenix Aftershock?

Well there are none if we say simply. Also they have labeled on the products itself that its ingredients come from soy and milk. So if you have allergies regarding milk and soy, then you better avoid it.


Anator P70 replacement is not only better but cheaper as well. Additionally, Anator P70 alternatives are available in multiple delicious flavors. 

Also while consuming these pre or post workout shakes what you focus on is nutritional value. There are better products available out there. These alternatives to anator P70 will give you every nutrient that you require. 

Be aware, stay safe. That’s all.

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