Can I Take Apple Cider Vinegar And Creatine Together?

You probably have been told to take both apple cider vinegar and creatine. As a part of your muscle gain and workout journey. They are popular among all types of athletes and bodybuilders. And you’ve probably seen them in many of their daily routines.

But, being a critical thinker, you might ask yourself this question. “should I take apple cider vinegar and creatine together?”

Yes, you can. Considering the workout routines and supplement diets, there are no side effects in taking the two together. They do not interact with each other enough for you to feel any changes. It is completely safe and fine to take both as long as in moderate amounts.

Now, here’s a broad comparison of how apple cider vinegar and creatine work. You can then understand what’s best for you to take for your workout.   

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar And Creatine Work?

Apple cider vinegar and creatine are both common supplements. Many athletes and bodybuilders have made these a staple in their daily diet. Let’s find out why. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

There are quite a few reasons why people recommend apple cider vinegar to be taken daily. 

It has a lot of benefits which aren’t just good for someone who’s working out. Or trying to lose weight,  to gain muscles or anything specific like that. It’s good for everyone trying to be healthier. 

You might be on any sort of high-intensity workout that puts your muscles to the test every day. Then you should take some apple cider vinegar because it provides you with many vitamins and minerals. So, you can get your muscles ready.

 With that, it also replenishes some of the electrolytes your body loses during exercise. This allows you to go longer and improve how your muscles feel after workouts.

One of the best reasons to take apple cider vinegar is that it lowers your blood sugar. Whether you’re working out or just want to lower your blood glucose, apple cider vinegar will aid you in that. 

It also works to lower your body fat. You might want to know if your body fat is maintainable or want to reduce it. Apple cider vinegar is a good option for that. 

Apple cider vinegar is also a natural detox for your body. As it runs through your system, it breaks down many different toxins making you feel better. It also makes you more active as it stimulates your cardiovascular system. 

On that note, you might want to maintain a healthy heart and a good cardiovascular system. For that you can try Cardio Clear 7.


Unlike apple cider vinegar, creatine has its use for people specifically undergoing serious workouts and exercises.

The main reason why people take creatine supplements is for energy. There’s a molecule called Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP in your cells which allows it to produce energy.

 Creatine gets stored as creatine phosphate and replenishes ATP in your cells when it starts to burn energy. This allows cells to produce more energy ultimately giving you more energy in your workouts.  

So, for highly demanding exercises and Powersports, creatine will give you an energy boost. Enabling you to go on for longer periods. That is the reason why most bodybuilders take creatine supplements daily for their improved performance. 

Creatine also does something called fluid retention, where it draws in water into your muscle cells. It keeps it there making you gain water weight. It also pops up your muscles making them look more developed and toned. 

Finally, due to the effects of creatine, it promotes both muscle gain and weight loss.  That is why creatine only has specific uses only for people trying on heavy exercises. It doesn’t have many natural benefits for someone just looking for a healthier life.  

Is It Okay To Take Apple Cider Vinegar And Creatine Together? [One Surprising Benefit!]

Coming back to the main question, can you take apple cider vinegar and creatine together?

The answer is yes

Creatine and apple cider vinegar works differently across your body and the two processes rarely interact. Apple cider vinegar replenishes your body with minerals and can also work as a detox. Creatine works mainly in the muscle cells in your body replenishing ATP and retaining water. 

That’s why experts will suggest you take both as it does not react together in your body. And you won’t have any side effects from taking them together. 

With that, there’s also a small benefit in taking the two together. A side effect of taking creatine is that it produces a byproduct called “creatinine”. Which is not good for the body if it starts to accumulate in large amounts. It’s the job of the kidneys to prevent the accumulation of creatinine in the body.

Coincidentally, a benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it enhances the kidney’s function to filter all toxins out. So it prevents this accumulation and helps them to expel more creatinine. 

So, the habit of taking apple cider vinegar and creatine balances itself out in your body. It reduces the effects of the excess creatine on your cells.  

Pros And Cons Of Apple Cider Vinegar And Creatine

It’s important to remember that there are almost no supplements without side effects. It is very easy to get lost in the benefits of apple cider vinegar and creatine. Without thinking about what other effects it has on your body that you may not know of. Which are not good for you.

Too much apple cider vinegar erodes the enamel from your teeth. It also causes delays to the emptying of your stomach with some other digestive issues. It also has been shown to reduce potassium levels in your body. Causing the bone to lose its density,  making you prone to osteoporosis. 

On the other hand, too much creatine puts pressure on your kidneys and liver. High levels of creatinine in your body are also very harmful to you. 

Other than risking organ damage, you also might have to deal with dehydration, digestive issues. You might also have bloating or puffiness across your body.

So What Should You Do?

What your job is right now, is to understand how much is too much for you. By now, you know more about the effects of apple cider vinegar and creatine well enough. If you follow the instructions properly and trust your judgment, you will be safe. 

So how much is the right amount?

  • You should start taking apple cider vinegar in smaller amounts and gradually work your way up. 2 tablespoons a day should always be your limit and dilute it with water before drinking. 
  • You might plan on taking creatine regularly for a year. Then taking 10g a day or lower is the safest option for you. You will still reap the benefits of the supplement. It won’t hamper your kidneys or your liver. 

But most importantly, check if you have any underlying medical conditions. Remember  if you are taking any sort of medications. Then consult your physician about whether it is okay for you or not.  

How To Take Apple Cider Vinegar And Creatine Together?

If you’re taking the right amounts, you can take apple cider vinegar and creatine whenever you want.. It is safe to take them together at the same time or take them separately throughout your day. 

It’s better to not drink apple cider vinegar right before a meal. And taking creatine before a workout will give you the best results.  

Taking two at different times might be a hassle. So, I recommend you to take both of them together 30 minutes before your workout. And here’s a good recipe for it as well. 

Take a cup of hot water and pour in your recommended dose of creatine. The water needs to be hot, otherwise, your creatine powder will start to clump. Next, pour in 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. 

Now, at this point, you can drink it as it is. However, I can guarantee you that it will smell and taste pretty awful. So, you can stir in some honey for some sweetness. Also, add a squeeze of lemon juice to it to make it smell better. 


Will drinking apple cider vinegar affect creatine?

No, it will not. Studies have shown that drinking a safe amount of apple cider vinegar regularly won’t affect creatine supplements. It also won’t change how they work. So, you will get the proper results from both.

What should I not mix with creatine?

As long as you take everything in moderate amounts, no food or supplement directly interacts with creatine. You can continue your everyday diet alongside taking creatine regularly. With that said, remember if you are taking high amounts of caffeine or NSAIDS. Then it is better to consult your doctor first.

Who shouldn’t drink apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has natural blood sugar-lowering effects on our bodies. Diabetic patients risk their blood sugar levels getting too low. So, they should avoid apple cider vinegar or have it in smaller amounts. Otherwise, high amounts of apple cider vinegar might create a sugar imbalance in their bodies.


You might be trying to take in a rigorous workout routine and you feel like prepping your body to deliver the most energy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking apple cider vinegar and creatine together. Always remember to take everything in moderation and you will be okay.

I hope you found the answer to whether you can take apple cider vinegar and creatine.

Have a great day.

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