Why Are Planet Fitness Weights In Kg? [Debunking Myths]

Why Are Planet Fitness Weights In Kg

Are you planning on joining planet fitness? But seeing the weights in kg confused you, as you’re used to seeing them in pounds. We understand your confusion.

Now you’re wondering are planet fitness weights in kg?

Yes, it is. Using kg gives the weights worldwide acceptance. Because most people worldwide are used to the metric system. Units such as the pound and newton would make it difficult for them to understand. Using kg is helping them reach the rest of the 85% of people, who aren’t bodybuilders. 

But there are more conspiracies that would amaze you. Like if the weight is accurate or is it lighter or heavier? You have to read till the end to get the answers.

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Why Are Planet Fitness Weights In Kg?

Before we answer this question, we need to know a little bit about planet fitness first. It is a fitness center located in the US with almost 2000 clubs associated with it. This makes it the largest fitness center in the world.

Most US-based gyms use pounds in their weights. But even though it is in the US, it still uses kg as its weight unit. 

Planet fitness plans to go even more worldwide with its fitness centers. Most countries use the metric system, which includes kg as the unit of weight. If they use pounds then the foreigners would face difficulties understanding it. 

Some people might consider using newton as the ideal unit of weight. Because it scientifically calculates the exact mass of the weights. As we all know gravity plays a huge role in weight. But newton is difficult for the general people to understand.

This is why to achieve the majority’s acceptance they use kg in their weights. It will help them reach their mission of providing a better fitness experience for all.

Does Planet Fitness Accurately Label Weights?

There is a conspiracy regarding the weights in planet fitness. Which is that the weight is inaccurately labeled. Now we should try to find out, if this has any base or not. 

Research conducted on the weights in planet fitness proved that they are accurate. But there is a handful of factors that can affect weight. 

A-Pulley system or leverage can disrupt the actual weight. Which might make you feel like it’s either lighter or heavier. Even though the weight’s weight is accurate.

How Heavy Are The Weights In Planet Fitness?

Most gyms focus on bodybuilders and provide them with all the necessary equipment. But planet fitness focuses on people who are not bodybuilders. 

That is why they don’t provide too heavy weights dumbbells or equipment. Their weights will be enough to keep you fit. But wouldn’t do any good if you’re a competitive bodybuilder or trying to lose weight.

They have racks full of dumbbells with different weights. But they go only up to about 36 kg or 80 pounds. Which is really low compared to other gyms. As most of them have dumbbells weighing up to 50 kg.

They don’t even have a power rack. You wouldn’t even find any heavier weights. Though they have a smith machine that you can use to do similar workouts. But it weighs up to only 7 to 11 kg. Which is still insufficient for muscle building.

Some might not know how to use the smith machine. But it is less risky and easy to use after knowing the process.

Does Planet Fitness Have Heavy or Free Weights?

As we already mentioned planet fitness is not like the other gyms. It has better equipment than others but doesn’t have all the kinds of equipment.

For some people, having different variety of equipment is enough for them to stay fit. And for the rest, having specific equipment is important to help train or lose their weight.

They have racks filled with dumbbells. These can be used as free weights for people who are looking for something extra.

But they don’t have any power rack. For those who do bench presses and squats, planet fitness doesn’t have heavier weights for you. 

But instead of those free weights, they offer you a smith machine. For some, it is enough and for the rest, it might still lack some muscle workout.

They do not provide heavier free weights because of liability and insurance. As they increase the chance of people getting hurt using it. 

Bodybuilding can cause forearm pain to more severe pain if forced too much on your body. This is why planet fitness doesn’t provide heavy lifting equipment. 

Why Weights In Planet Fitness Feels Lighter Or Heavier?

There are a lot of people that faced problems like weights being too light or heavy. But there are a few reasons for this to happen. These are so common that people believe them without even trying to find out why. 

According to research, they found three main reasons for it happen.

Reason 1: Different Units

The most common one is that they confuse the unit between kg and pound. Some of the gyms use the pound and the rest kg. 

If someone switches from pound-based gyms to kg based, they would feel the latter heavier. Even both of them are weighted at 50. Because we all know that 1 kg equals 2.2 pounds. This can also happen in vice versa.

Reason 2: Gravity

Even if the weight unit is the same, gravity makes them feel different. We all know that the force of gravity varies from place to place. The higher the gravity the more weight is pulled downwards. This makes things heavier. 

This is why a 30 kg weight might not feel the same at every place. Going to a place with different gravity will make its weight lighter or heavier. 

Reason 3: Condition Of Equipments

The condition of the machines can have a serious impact on the weight. All of the machines use pulleys and levers. 

The weight may vary depending on the angle you are pulling from. It would create a resistance that would increase the weight.

Depending on the maintenance schedule, the pulleys could be smooth or stiff. If the machines aren’t properly maintained, then it would increase the weight. As they would create resistance against your pulling force. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Weight Lifting

Things To Keep In Mind While Weight Lifting

There are a few things one should keep in mind before they start weight lifting. Without properly following them, it would affect their bodies in a serious way. The consequences can even be long-lasting. 

That is why we should follow the following tips-

  • Start with a weight that you can lift up to 12-15 times comfortably.
  • You should try to do every exercise correctly. Otherwise, it would affect your joints while lifting weights.
  • You should never hold your breath while weight lifting. While lifting it up you should breathe in. And when putting it down, you should breathe out.
  • Try to work all of your muscles to seek balance.
  • You should properly rest your muscles by sleeping before working out again. 

Some people might take a cheat day after a lot of workout sessions. There are things that you can do after a cheat day to avoid any consequences. 

There are also a few medications that are recommended by doctors. They are both safe and effective based on user reviews also. They are-

Joint N-11It helps to protect the tissues in the joint.
Golden Revive +It helps to solve the problem of stiff ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons.
FlexoblissIt helps to support the backbones and muscles. It also helps to keep them active and flexible.


Is It Good To Lift Weight Every Day?

No, it’s not. Lifting weight on a daily basis can lead to sleep and mood disturbance, and reduced performance. It also causes nagging injuries and excessive fatigue. So, it is better to take a day off after a workout.

What Happens If Someone With No Cardio Does Weight Lifting?

You can lose weight and drop your calories by going to the gym even without cardio. Lifting the weights would heighten the metabolic rate and stress your nervous system. It would build your muscle tissues along with burning calories.

What Are The Foods That Should Be Taken To Lose Weight While Weight Lifting?

Foods that are minimally processed are the most nutritious food to eat during weight lifting. Best foods to help lose weight include complex carbs, fiber, and lean protein. Lean protein helps to build your muscle and keep you fit.


Hope that now you know why are planet fitness weights in kg.

The weights may differ due to a few factors like unit difference, gravity, and machine condition. But the conspiracy regarding the weights is false, as they are mostly accurate. 

You should follow the tips to lead a healthy weight-lifting life.

Enjoy your day!

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