Are Uncrustables Good for Bulking? [Myth Debunked!]

What if your diet supported a good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich? What if you don’t have to make it yourself? “That would be awesome.” I know!

And Uncrustables is the best option to fulfill these desires. 

But are Uncrustables good for bulking?

Yes, Uncrustables are good for bulking. The reason is that Uncrustable is a high-calorie protein snack. It has the same ingredients as the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But even if Uncrustables have good bulking elements, you shouldn’t eat them. Having other protein-based food is good for bulking.

Do you want to know more about Uncrustables and muscle gain? Keep reading this article to get a full view on this matter.

Are Uncrustables Good for Bulking?

Yes, Uncrustables are good for bulking. It’s because Uncrustables have enough protein and fat that helps in gaining weight. 

But I don’t recommend including Uncrustables in your daily diet. Though it gives you the feel of PB&J, it’s not quite healthy. 

I’ll explain in the latter sections why you shouldn’t have Uncrustables for bulking. There are better ways and food to bulk up. 

Now, before settling for any conclusion, you have to know more about Uncrustables. And why do many people believe this myth that Uncrustables is the best snack for bulking? 

So, to analyze this, you have to know how many calories do Uncrustables contain. In addition, you should know if there’s any important ingredient in Uncrustables for bulking.

Follow the next segment to check out the calories in Uncrustables.   

Why is Uncrustables Good?

Why is Uncrustables Good

Just like cornflakes are good for bodybuilding, Uncrustables is a good option. It’s tasty, hassle-free, and full of calories. 

It is basically a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that comes in great packaging. 

Usually, kids love to eat Uncrustables as snacks. But adults love it too!

Bodybuilders often eat it as their go-to snack.

You’ll find a lot of nutritional values in Uncrustables. Let me give you an overview of what you can expect from this snack.

What is in Uncrustables?

Uncrustables is a good source of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It is rich in sugary contents and has a little bit of fiber in it. However, you won’t find any starch or sugar alcohol in it.

For fat, it only has saturated fat. There is no monounsat. Fat, polyunsat fat., cholesterol, or glycemic load. 

Now, let’s talk about supplemental nutrients. Uncrustables have a good amount of calcium, sodium, and potassium. There is also a small amount of iron in it. 

However, the snack lacks any vitamin content. It doesn’t have Vitamin A or Vitamin D in it.   

So, you got the idea of what Uncrustable is made of. It’s time to count the calories because that’s what is more important for you. 

Calorie in Uncrustables

Now, as you want to bulk up, you should be aware of the calories you’re taking. A regular bodybuilder requires more than 3000 calories per day. 

And Uncrustables have a total of 600 calories. So, you can fill up 600 calories in one sitting by having just one Uncrustables sandwich.

Let me give you a breakdown of the calories of the Uncrustables.

Per sandwich contains the following calorie count:

Total Calories – 600 

Carbohydrate – 64 grams

Protein –  18 grams

Fats – 34 grams 


Calcium – 89 mg

Potassium – 474 mg

Sodium – 540 mg

Iron – 2 mg

So, you can notice that Uncrustables does have a lot of nutritious value. Just like a good ol’ PB&J. 

But there are small differences between the two. If you want to know what these differences are, you have to read the next section. 

Calorie in Uncrustables

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Uncrustables and PB&J

Uncrustables is kind of a replica of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich we have at home. 

The best thing about Uncrustables is it is super convenient. You don’t have to make it. You buy one and eat it right away!

Because of the convenience, many bodybuilders tend to lean towards Uncrustables. They try to substitute it with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

But let’s see how similar the two are. 

Both Uncrustables and PB&J have high-calorie contents. They both have bread, peanut butter, and a spread of tasty strawberry spread inside.

However, Uncrustables have some additive elements just like any other processed food. This makes the snack a little unhealthier than a homemade PB&J sandwich.

Now, it’s time to analyze if Uncrustables have enough elements to help you in bulking.    

Do Uncrustables Make You Gain Weight? 

Yes, Uncrustables help in gaining weight. Compare Uncrustables with the classic peanut butter and jelly, you’ll see Uncrustables have more calories. 

Where a PB&J sandwich contains a total of 390 calories, Uncrustables have 600 calories. This means by eating Uncrustables, you can bulk up faster. 

Well, bulking actually happens when you get a good source of protein in your food. Just like eggs have a lot of protein. But there is a difference between boiled and fried eggs in bodybuilding

Let’s leave the eggs aside for now and talk about Uncrustables. You already saw that Uncrustables contains 18 grams of protein per sandwich. For PB&J it’s 8 grams. 

However, there is another ingredient that has protein elements in it. Can you guess it? Yes, the jello inside the Uncrustables and PB&J has protein in it.

But gelatine actually doesn’t have enough protein for muscle growth. It only strengthens the muscles combined with other protein-based food.

However, in case you’re looking to improve your metabolism, I have a good product for you. 

CELLUBRATECellubrate helps in boosting metabolism and supports in building immunity.

Back to Uncrustables. So, in short, Uncrustables isn’t a bad choice if you’re trying to bulk up.

Now, there’s a catch. Even though Uncrustables are rich in calories, you should not eat them for bulking. 

Feeling confused, eh? I know you’re thinking of me as a madman. “This guy’s saying Uncrustable is good for bulking. And now he’s telling me not to eat it?” 

Wait! Wait! Don’t throw a chair at me! 

Let me explain why I’m not a fan of eating Uncrustables for bulking. 

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Uncrustables for Bulking

The biggest red flag of Uncrustables is Potassium. You’ve skimmed through the nutritional values above. So, you’ve already seen how much Potassium Uncrustables have.

To be precise, it’s 474 mg which is way too higher than the other nutritional facts. 

Potassium isn’t actually useful for our bodies. In fact, it’s a toxic element for us. Just like any other processed food, Uncrustables have potassium. It’s because they help to preserve the food for a longer time.

Now, if you really crave some PB&J, make it at home. Homemade sandwiches are way healthier than processed ones. You will bulk up slowly but you’ll stay healthy. And that’s what you should care about.

However, as for bulking, you’ll need to take a vast amount of protein every day. I will suggest going for the healthier protein options. 

Eating PB&J every day isn’t too healthy as it contains saturated fat. Instead, you can eat fish, poultry, meat, eggs, soy, and dairy. 

When you have the option to build your muscle healthily, why not? Right?

But if you’re a fan of Uncrustables or PB&J, keep them in your diet. Just make sure you’re not consuming them frequently.  


Are crackers good for bulking?

Crackers are good for bulking. But you have to consider it as dirty bulking. It’s good for bulking because crackers are rich in calories. But if you want to go lean bulking, eating crackers is not a healthy option. You should eat oats, fruits, rice, and vegetables instead. 

What foods are good for bulking?

Any food that has a high protein count is good for bulking. You’ll find protein in different kinds of meat. Chicken, beef, pork, and turkey have proteins. Fish, eggs, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt helps in this case. You can also keep different types of nuts and oil in your diet for bulking. 

Why are Uncrustables so expensive?

Uncrustables are so expensive because of rising inflation. It now costs more to buy ingredients, package them, and transport them. Well, if you make PB&J at home, you can make it at a lower cost. It will give you the same type of feeling and texture as Uncrustables. 

Are Uncrustables vegan?

No, uncrustables are not vegan. Many flavors don’t go with vegan standards. The Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread sandwich has skim milk in it. You’ll find honey in the Peanut Butter and Honey spread. But other Uncrustable products support veganism in a way.

Final Words

So, what do you think? Are Uncrustables good for bulking? I bet you’re now clear about the concept. The main theme that you should follow is bulking naturally. Don’t hurt your body by adopting unhealthy dietary options.

I hope this article was insightful enough to give you a direction. If you want to know more about bulking, comment down below. I’ll be happy to reply!

So, stay safe and stay healthy.

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