Best DNP Cycle And Things You Should Know About DNP

Best DNP Cycle

Who won’t love to burn fat while sitting on a couch? And there is a way. 

Yes, I am talking about DNP! 

2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP) is an underground weight loss drug. Athletes and bodybuilders love it for losing weight quickly. 

FDA never approved the drug as overdosing on it can be lethal. So you have to go for the best DNP cycle with the least side effects.

So, what is the best DNP Cycle

The best DNP cycle dosage should be less than 10 milligrams per kilo of body weight in a day. For beginners, start with 200mg/day for 5 days at first and continue for 2 weeks. Because 10 to 20 milligrams per kilo of body weight can be lethal to the consumer. Do not exceed the dosage of 400mg/day

Let’s discuss more regarding DNP cycles.

How to Measure Best DNP Cycle

DNP, also known as the inferno drug is an underground drug among bodybuilders. 

Before we get to the measurement procedure of the best DNP cycle for each body. It is our responsibility to let you know that DNP is a lethal drug. 

You can lose over 4 pounds everyday easily with DNP cycle. But overdosing on DNP can lead to serious health damage, even death. 

This is why it is very important to measure the DNP dosage according to one’s body. And you will need to follow it strictly.

Now let’s look into the guide to measure the best DNP cycle – 

According to a study, as low as 10-20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight can be lethal.

So, you should keep your body weight in mind before taking DNP pills/capsules/powder.

The most harmless dosage would be 2-3mg/kilogram of body weight. The side effects at this dosage are minimum or not noticeable. 

As a beginner, the best DNP cycle should look like this – 

  • Start with 200mg/day of DNP.
  • Keep the ratio under 10mg for each kilo of body weight.
  • Take the same dosage for 5 days.
  • Take 2 days of break.
  • Continue onto the 2nd week at the same rate.
  • Finish the last day with 400mg/day, if you tolerated 200mg well throughout the cycle. 
  • Remember to not exceed the dosage of 400mg/day.

Every 100mg of DNP increases the metabolism rate by 11%. And the 400mg/day threshold is strictly for bodybuilders. 

You can take the required dosage of DNP for the first 2-3 weeks and take a week off. By the end of your first cycle, you will have lost 20-25 lbs depending on the type of your body. 

Make sure your cycle isn’t too long and you are taking breaks in between. You can increase the dosage after the break and maintain a 28-day cycle. 

We are strictly discouraging the general people to follow this dosage for quick weight loss.

How DNP Works In Your Body

To date, DNP has the highest potential to lose fat within a short period. The World Anti-Doping Agency states that DNP is typically offered as a yellow powder, but it is also available in creams and capsules.

When consumed, it affects mitochondria, small structures found inside every cell in your body. Your mitochondria turn meal calories into usable energy known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for your body.

DNP decreases the effectiveness of your mitochondria‘s ability to produce energy according to 2015 research. This implies that to produce the same quantity of ATP, your body must burn more calories. The extra calories cause your body to emit heat in the form of energy.

However, the very same process that raises your calorie burn has the potential to overheat your body. It can cause various harmful side effects.

The Effects of The DNP Cycle On A Human Body

DNP is also known as the inferno drug. Following the previous sections of the article, this drug has adverse effects on the human body. 

So, before you commit to a DNP Cycle, here’s what your body will go through – 

  • Your body temperature will increase because DNP converts fat into heat.
  • You will experience heartburn
  • You are likely to vomit and feel nauseated
  • Your body will sweat profusely
  • Your body will be on overdrive to metabolize the fat, making you lethargic.
  • Overdose will lead your body to fail the organs
  • In extreme cases, you will have liver, kidney, blood infections, and more
  • You can even go into a coma.

Can DNP Be safe?

DNP is the most effective and shortcut way to lose weight without working out. You can literally take DNP, spend your time being a couch potato and lose weight.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it is too good to be true. As quickly as the DNP makes you lose weight, it comes with a downside. Quite a dangerous one. 

Because of how it works in human bodies, DNP can not be safe for human consumption.

No matter how small a dosage you take DNP, it will affect you adversely. And the cycle also has to be carefully maintained. 

And those who have experience with DNP, never recommend DNP to anyone. Having said that, people still continue to take the DNP cycle for a quick weight-loss plan. 

The next section is for the ones who are still eager to try. 

You must follow a DNP cycle with the least side effects. Remember you will still experience the side effects.

What To Remember When On A DNP Cycle

Something you must remember when you are taking DNP is –

DNP builds up in your body over time. So, even if you’re not feeling the side effects, doesn’t mean it’s not working. 

After a while, your body will begin to show the side effects. 

If you live in a warmer climate, refrain from taking DNP to lose body fat. The risk of getting heat stroke is extremely high

If there’s any medical crisis from taking DNP, the extremely high body temperature will be lethal.

So don’t think about increasing your daily DNP intake if you don’t want a critical medical crisis.

What To Consider When On DNP Cycle

When you decide to take DNP, here are the things you should look out for – 

  • It is advised against taking DNP on an empty stomach. Some people may experience nausea and vomiting as a result. 
  • Listen to your body. It is advised to stop taking DNP if you vomit while taking it.
  • Concentrate on adequately rehydrating for at least 24 hours.
  • Drink at least 3 liters (1 gallon) of water daily if you’re using a dose higher than 400 mg/day.
  • DNP makes you thirsty. Make sure to consume potassium and electrolytes as well. A good source of this is V8 juice.
  • It is common practice to consume an isocaloric diet for the maintenance of calories. Because of its fructose content and digestive enzymes, pineapple is advised for consumption.
  • Be careful about your diet. Take a 33% carb intake, it will maximize the fat-burning process.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol. The mix of alcohol and DNP is lethal
  • Do not take more than 400mg/day, no matter what. 
  • Keep anti-histamine drugs in hand. If you have rashes, immediately stop taking DNP and take anti-histamine drugs.

Always keep these points in mind when you go on the DNP cycle. It will possibly save your life.

Who Should Not Be On A DNP Cycle?

Are you someone dealing with obesity? 

Maybe not obesity, but do you want to get shredded for your summer body? 

Are you someone who quickly wants to lose some body fat?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, steer clear of DNP.

DNP is the fastest, most efficient weight-loss drug known to us. But it requires some bodily strength that comes from working out or being athletic.

So, when someone is physically inactive, DNP will take a huge toll on your body. 

All the side effects you read here will be much worse for you. Because your body is not capable of dealing with the stress that DNP causes.

Your organs won’t be able to handle the increased metabolism rate. You won’t be able to handle the increased body heat and heart rate. 

In short, the whole cycle is physically agonizing. And eventually, you will end up in hospital. 

We and people with DNP experience discouragement in using DNP as a shortcut. It’s much better and healthier to follow a certain diet and do exercise to lose fat. The result will be long-lasting. 

Some products can be effective to reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight loss. 

REVITAA PROfor natural stress relief and weight loss support 
IKIGAI WEIGHT LOSSreduces the disruptive effect of day-to-day stress on our bodies and awakens our fat-burning metabolism.


How much DNP should you take?

A common cycle starts with one DNP capsule for the first few days. Gradually increase the doses to the recommended limit of 400mg/day and take up to 2 weeks. To add mass to the muscles, these regimens may also add thyroxine or anabolic steroids. For crystalline DNP, limit the dosage to 200mg/day.

Why does DNP cause hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia and unopposed muscular contraction are brought on by the free intracellular calcium. DNP releases it from the mitochondria and inhibits it from being taken up again. The rise in body temperature even after cardiac arrest may be caused by the calcium’s ongoing release after death.

Is DNP legal in the US?

It is not illegal to possess DNP. But it is illegal to sell DNP for consumption. The police are quite proactive in finding, apprehending, and prosecuting sellers who are doing this. However, the use of DNP in the production of colors, wood preservatives, fertilizers, and insecticides is legal.


So, that was all about Best DNP Cycle for us. Although a very efficient method, DNP is harmful to human bodies. 

Even if you decide to put yourself on a DNP cycle, be very cautious overdosed DNP products. It will be very for your body to recover from the damage of overdose. 

Take care!

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