Burping Smoke After Taking A Pill: Don’t Be Afraid!

Taking pills for those extra nutrients? But got terrified when you burped smoke after taking the pills? It happens to many people after taking capsules. 

So, Why are you burping smoke after taking a pill?

A smoke burp comes out of your mouth when the capsule breaks open. It relies on the powder it contains and you burp it. It’s not concerning. Drink enough water or juice after taking the pill. In some cases, Consuming pills on empty stomach & consuming fat helps. Try to take the pill before sleeping.

Don’t go yet! Before trying these solutions, you must know the details thoroughly. As different pills work in different ways. Stay for a little while, you will get everything you should know.

Why Are You Burping Smoke After Taking A Pill? 

The smoke you are talking about is actually the powder of the capsule. This happens when the capsules dissolve early and the powder it contains doesn’t. The powder remains in your throat or esophagus. And it comes up with the burp as smokes.

Sometimes The burp is more strong when it comes before the capsule dissolves in the stomach. It happens right before the pill hits your digestive tract. 

The smoke can be white, grey, black, etc in color depending on the powder. And it can be very weird in smell. 

Many people share their experience of having this smoke burp. Some shares about powder coming out even from the nose. 

Pills like ZMA, encapsulated fish oils, charcoal capsules, etc can cause this kind of burps. Especially the capsules like soft gel cause the problem more. As it dissolves fast, exposing the powders. 

The smoke burping is not good if you don’t take any action. You are burping out the powders that mean, you won’t get the effectiveness of the medicine. Also, when the dry powder is on your throat or esophagus, it may damage them. 

There are also other kinds of burping after taking vitamins. These are called vitamin burps. Some vitamins if taken on an empty stomach, can cause a vitamin burp. The burp usually has really bad smells. Acidity is the main cause of vitamin burp. There are also other causes. 

How To Stop Burping Pill Dust? 

Burping pill powder is a very annoying thing. There are some hacks you can use to reduce that. 

Hack 1: Drink A Lot Of Water

Many people like to take their pills without water. Those who can’t imagine taking pills dry, find it very weird. Taking capsules without water will cause more dust burping. 

So, the easiest and best solution to stop pill dust burping is water. Drink a lot of water. The best way is, to drink water, then have the pill then drink some more water. You should drink at least a glass. It will dissolve the pill powder faster. 

Hack 2: Try Drinking Juice

Some vitamins have a really bad taste. It’s tough to even take them. So, you can imagine how bad the powder burping of that vitamin can be. 

The solution to this is having juice right after having your pill. Or having the pill with juice. This will decrease the aftertaste of the vitamin. Additionally, it will help the pill powder to dissolve. 

Hack 3: Take The Pill Before Sleeping

Take the pill right before you go to bed. You won’t feel the burp as you will be sleeping. This way you can trick the smoke burp from annoying you. 

Hack 4: Take Your Vitamins On An Empty Stomach

Some vitamins, when taken empty stomach, are absorbed in the body fast. Having food before pills slower the vitamin’s absorbing process as the food processes first. 

So, if you have to take the pill early in the morning, take it before breakfast. But it is not true for all kinds of pills. You can take iron, calcium, omega-3 oil, etc on empty stomach. Must consult about this with your doctor before consumption. 

Hack 5: Try Drinking Some Oil

It might sound weird but the oil can work as a lubricant. Drink 1-2 teaspoonfuls of coconut oil or olive oil, right after taking the pill. It will stop the capsule powder from coming back to your mouth. 

Also, Vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, dissolve in fat. It needs at least 1 teaspoonful of fat to dissolve. So, by drinking the oil, you help the vitamin absorb better. 

But don’t eat food with excess oil. Deep-fried food like chicken schnitzel is not good for bodybuilding. 

These hacks will help you get rid of a smoke burp after taking a pill.  

Burping Smoke After Taking A Pill

How To Ensure Effectiveness Of The Vitamin? 

Now, you must be thinking, I burp out half of the vitamin I take. So, how can vitamins be effective for me? It’s true. When you burp out the smoke, you are throwing out some of the vitamins.

Trying those hacks given above will solve your burping problem. If you are still concerned about the effectiveness of your pill, don’t worry. Here are some tips to ensure the effectiveness of your vitamins. 

Tip 1: Have water-soluble vitamins( B, C)  with a lot of water. On the other hand, Have some fat while taking fat-soluble vitamins. (A, D, E, K). 

Tip 2: Don’t drink coffee when you take vitamins. The effectiveness of vitamins and minerals decreases by caffeine. 

Tip 3: Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking while having pills. This reduces the effectiveness of the vitamin. 

Tip 4: Always follow the dosage and cycle properly. 

Tip 5: Remember, pills are not a substitute for food. Always maintain a proper diet. Milk is a well-balanced diet. People often get confused about whether to take almond milk or regular milk for bodybuilding. 

Tip 6: Take good quality vitamins. Here are some pills you can have for vitamins and calming your nerves down. . 

NANO CIt can enrich the level of Vitamin C in your body. It’s up to 30x smaller than your enterocyte openings so your body can absorb it 2-3X better. 
NEUROPUREThis effective pill comes complete with highly efficacious nutrients, vitamins, herbs, and minerals. It will help  restructure and restore your neural links.
UP N GO ENERGYThis product provides you with full-spectrum vitamins. Also, sea-sourced minerals, antioxidants, and a whole other host of nutrients keep you healthy.

This is how the effectiveness of your vitamins will increase. 


What Happens When You Burp And Smoke Comes Out?

This is not actually smoking. Rather it’s the dust from the capsule you have taken. There is nothing to be worried about. Drink a lot of water or juice or try to drink some oil. It will help reduce the powdery burp. 

How To Stop Vitamin Burps?

Vitamin burps are mainly caused by acid from the lower intestine. Take your vitamins after having a meal. If you are prescribed to take it empty stomach, Have the meal at the right time. Also, you can lower the dosage and see if the burping goes away. If nothing works, stop taking that pill. 

What Medications Make You Burp?

Burping is the side effect of many medications. Multivitamins and iron medications cause severe burping. Also, antacids, fiber supplements, diarrhea medicines, and aspirins also cause burping. It mainly happens because the medication creates acidity in your stomach.

Can Anxiety Cause Burping?

Yes, anxiety can actually cause you to burp. Burping and anxiety are correlated. When you are nervous or stressed, you tend to swallow more air than usual. Because your breathing is faster. And this excessive air that you swallow returns back to your esophagus. As a result, you burp. 

Why Do I Feel Like I Have A Burp Stuck In My Chest?

It actually happens when you have acid reflux or heartburn. Also when you have digestion problems. In these cases, acid leaks through your stomach into your chest and neck area. As a result, you feel like there is a burp stuck in your chest. You will also feel sharp chest pain. 


Now you must be relieved knowing why you were burping smoke after taking a pill. Also, I hope, you got a solution to this annoying problem. And, you can take vitamins without worrying. 

Take your vitamins timely, in the right dosage. Also never forget to eat balanced diet food. That’s all for now. Have a nice time.

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