Can I Do P90X and Lift Weights? [Answered]

You have started doing the whole P90X workout sessions. But you’ve recently realized that it’s not contributing enough to muscular growth.

So, the question arises in your mind that, “Can I Do P90X and Lift Weights?”

Yes, you can exercise with weights and complete P90X. For this you first need to choose how to approach this depending on your fitness goals. If you are committed to bodybuilding then try including weight lifting after finishing your P90X sessions. Otherwise, try alternating weeks with P90X and weight lifting.

If you’re confused on whether you can lift weights and do P90X then look no further. We have scouted all the necessary details that you need to know.

We have also provided a guide for you to balance weight lifting with your P90X workouts.

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So, Can You Actually Do Both P90X and Weight Lifting?

The short answer is yes. You can train with weights and finish P90X. But we would recommend you to first consider your fitness goals and your body’s endurance. 

As it can be excessive for you to include such a high intensity workout. P90X is extremely exhausting on its own. 

Which is why lifting weights without first knowing the intensity of your tolerance can be disastrous.

P90X is a workout program that promises to help you get the optimal weight loss process. This is done through burning fat with their intense workouts.

But when it comes to lifting weights to build muscles you might have to think twice. P90X is already a versatile and intense workout programme created to target the different abilities. 

P90X can help you build that extra strength. When you continue to do P90X workouts, the growth of your muscle is expanded.

So, P90X is already enough to build muscle mass for you if you are committed enough. But the results will be slower for P90X to build muscle.

On the contrary, lifting weights can be the fastest way to gain more muscle mass. You can gain more muscle mass on your body in a limited time by lifting weights.

If you lift weights, you can develop muscular mass quickly when comparing P90x vs weight lifting

P90X basically uses circuit training to reach your fitness objectives. Although this does not focus more on lifting weights. 

If you want to gain the most muscle mass you can lift weights along with P90X.

Though many people have reported that doing weight lifting and P90X made them extremely weary. This obstructed them to do their workouts in a constant manner. 

So, they found it to be inefficient. 

But depending upon your body type this might not be true.

You might find including weight lifting to your everyday P90X to be very effective. But there are still a few things to think about before initiating this routine.

Things to Consider Before Doing Both P90X and Weight Lifting

Make sure that you do not overtrain yourself by doing both P90X and weight lifting. As this can lead to further injuries as well. 

But if you have a higher endurance then you can do both P90X and weight lifting. You can set your P90X mass workout schedule at a fixed time of the day.

Then you can decide to do weight lifting at a different time of the day like the evening. This would ensure that your body has enough time for resting without getting overworked. 

You can evaluate whether it is possible to rest 2 days in a row for bodybuilding

We would recommend you to discuss this with your trainer if you have one. Otherwise, start by lifting little weights at first, just to be on the safe side.

If you’re capable enough to do P90X and lift weights then keep reading to know more.

How Include Weight Lifting into P90X Workouts?

You can merge some weight lifting into your regular P90X workouts. 

It will be even better if you combine weight lifting to your everyday P90X workout session. This way you can manage to take the advantages of both the workouts.

When combining your P90X exercises with lifting, there are 2 methods. You can either include weight into your P90X routine or do extra lifting after the workouts. 

P90X works effectively for targeting core strength and other areas of the body.

If you’re wondering how to include lifting to your P90X routine then we got you covered. We have explained the methods to do so below for your convenience.

How to Do Weight Lifting During P90X Workout?

With a P90X weight lifting routine you can introduce some dumbbells to your workout. You can choose the weights of the dumbbells based on the level of intensity you want.

You can try using ankle weights while attempting to do the workouts that include jumping. This way your legs are worked out with extra weights. 

During each muscle strengthening workout you need to pause and perform reps with current weight. Continue this until you are unable to complete the reps using the same weights.

Having a resistance band is also another useful instrument when doing P90X workouts. So, you should consider doing P90X with resistance bands.

You can bulk with P90X quickly by introducing extra weights to your workouts this way. 

How to Do Weight Lifting During P90X Workout

Weight Lifting After Doing P90X Workout

Very few people have some stamina left after completing the whole P90X. 

If you find yourself strong enough to do so then you can try lifting weights. Perform it when you’re through with your P90X routine.

For this we have provided a proper guide from which you can find your perfect balance.

Lifting Weights After an Interval

You can decide whether you want to do a P90X session in the morning or the evening. To do so, you can do it in the morning and rest after you are done. 

Later in the evening you can lift weights. 

If you choose to do your P90X workouts in the evening then you can sleep afterwards. The next day you can lift weights according to your weight tolerance.

This way you can get P90X with weightlifting.

We would only suggest you do this if you opt to engage in a competition. 

If you are very serious about your bodybuilding goals then you can try following this method. Or else it might be excessive for you.

Alternating P90X and Weight Lifting

If you are just starting off, we would advise alternative weight lifting with P90X.

This reduces the possibility that you may overexert your muscles. Therefore, you do not risk your body being injured.

You can dedicate one week to doing P90X workouts. The next week you can only do weight lifting exercises.

This way your body would not get accustomed to all the workouts you are doing. It may be favorable for the results to show up faster. 

You need to be aware of your heart palpitations in bodybuilding exercises.

If you plan on doing your weight training exercises then you should always switch it up. 

Every once in a while changing your workout pattern is essential. This guarantees that your body will benefit the most from the weight training exercises.

3 Things to Avoid While Doing P90X Workouts?

P90X increases weight loss with its high intensity workouts. But if you include weights into your workout then you should be wary of some things.

  1. Do not strain your body above its capacity while adding weights.
  2. Warm up before by practicing some activities then you can get into doing the intense workouts.
  3. Do not add heavier weights at first, start by adding lower weights at first. 

Working out using the P90X routine can be highly draining. Which is why you should always enrich your body with the proper nutrients while doing workouts.

A proper and nutritious diet is extremely crucial. You should maintain a robust immune system which is necessary for a healthy workout session.

Here are some great resources you may find of interest for your bodybuilding journey. 

GREEN JUICEGreen Juice helps to remove the toxins off your body and encourages a sound digestive system. It works great when it comes to controlling weight.
CARDIO CLEAR 7This boosts your immune response and also supports cellular energy of your body. 
PATRIOT RISE UPIncreases energy and maintains healthy digestion.
UP N GO ENERGYThis gives you the vital nutrients your muscles require. Your body is nourished with phytonutrients, packed vitamins and minerals from this.

These products will help you make your bodybuilding gains even more persistent.


Is It Possible to Get Rid of Belly Fat With P90X?

Yes, it is possible to get rid of belly fat with P90X. It works as a great workout programme to focus on various parts of your body. Even by following the P90X workout routine you can lose upto 1 pound of weight. This can happen in just 10 days without having any significant changes to your diet.

What Is the Age Limit of Doing P90X?

The age limit of P90X starts from 14 years and older. As young individuals do not have the proper developed muscles and bone structure. It is not advised for individuals younger than 14 years. It can be detrimental to some people who start to lift weights at an early age. So, be mindful of the age limit.

What Is the Duration of the Workouts In P90X?

The duration of the workouts in P90X lasts an hour to one and a half hours. There are different workouts focusing on building strength on different parts of the body in P90X. These workouts are divided into 6 days per week and last under 2 hours. These workouts are challenging and require constant effort.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you were able to rectify your question, “Can I do P90X and lift weights”

You should always follow a diet plan which can help you gain your desired body faster. Writing down a diet plan and your workout routine has been proven to be extremely helpful.

Hope you have a fruitful workout session. Best wishes!

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