Can Oreos Cause Acid Reflux? [Explained]

Oreo biscuit is one of the most popular biscuits throughout. Because of its taste and unique recipe, it is recognized as a good snack.

But some people faced heartburn and acidity after eating Oreos. So here’s a common query. 

So, can Oreos cause acid reflux?

Yes, Oreos can cause acid reflux. There are some ingredients in Oreos that can give you acidity. Such as cocoa, fructose, and some preservatives. Especially, some flavors of oreo can cause more acidity, such as Mint oreo. If you are intolerant of those, you may suffer from acid reflux. 

There’s more. Not every flavor may cause acid reflux. Also, there are other biscuits you can have without worrying about acidity. I am gonna mention those too. So keep reading. 

Which Ingredients In Oreo Cookies Causing Acid Reflux?

Are you enjoying two cheat days and eating your favorite oreo? And unfortunately, it gives you acidity. 

Many people think the cream, as in the dairy in oreo, is causing acid reflux. Many lactose intolerants may even have been resisting having Oreos. But surprisingly, Oreos doesn’t contain any dairy! 

The cream of the oreo isn’t made from milk or any dairy product. So, dairy in Oreos is not the cause that is giving you acid reflux. But what is it? It might be other ingredients. 

So, we should analyze those first. Here is some info on those ingredients of oreo cookies that cause Acid Reflux. Here I am talking about the classic oreo.


Can chocolate cause acid reflux? Yes, your favorite chocolate or cocoa can cause acid reflux. Cocoa contains caffeine. And in caffeine, some chemicals can release the lower part of your esophagus. 

As a result, the acids of the stomach could rise as this muscle eases. And you will suffer from acid reflux. 


As I said earlier, There is no dairy in Oreos. So what’s the oreo filling made of? There is high fructose corn syrup in the Oreo filling. 

Fructose intolerance can be one of the common reason of acid reflux. The intestine can not absorb the complex sugar overloads thus resulting in acid reflux.


Okay, here is no surprise that, like any other biscuit, oreo is full of sugars too. And some people have problems digesting sugar. 

Sugar can cause severe indigestion problems. It thickens the layer of the mucous membranes in the stomach, which causes acid reflux. 

Palm Oil

One of the major ingridients of oreo is palm oil. And oil is full of saturated fat. So, it can cause you heartburn and acidity

Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame used in oreo are acidic in nature. Sometimes this sweetener can cause acid reflux. 


Like any other processed food, oreo also has some preservatives. Preservatives are present in commercially made cookies along with animal and vegetable fats. These ingredients activate acidity in the stomach and acid reflux happens.

So here go the classic Oreo biscuit ingredients that can cause acid reflux. There are other flavors of oreo that can cause acid reflux too. 

Which Other Oreo flavors Can Give You Acid Reflux?

You may not get acidity from the ingredients of classic oreo. But there are almost 63 flavors of oreo. They have different ingredients too. You may not tolerate some of those ingredients. Let’s discuss those flavors. 

Lemon Oreo 

You may love the lemony taste of it. But this flavor of oreo contains a good amount of citric acid. And this element may give you acid reflux. This chemical increases the acid level in your stomach and causes you heartburn.

Mint Flavored Oreo

Mint flavored oreo contains peppermint and peppermint oil. Which works the same process as cocoa. It releases the muscle between the stomach and esophagus. As a result, acid comes up from your stomach. 

Peanut Butter Oreo

Okay, so the peanut butter doesn’t cause acid reflux. But everyone is different. Some have an intolerance to peanut butter. Peanut butter is a high-fat food. High fat can cause LES to relax. And thus, acid reflux.

Apple Cider Donut Oreo

Vinegar anyway is an acidic substance that causes acidity. Apple cider vinegar stacks up your digestive system with more acid. This ore flavor contains apple cider vinegar that can cause acid reflux. 

So, these are the oreo flavors that might give you acid reflux. There is one thing I should talk about. Not every person takes all the food in the same way. One may suffer from acidity from one food that others don’t. 

I am not saying that you will get acid reflux from all of the oreo flavors. Or even all the ingredients won’t give everyone heartburn. But some get triggered by one or two ingredients. 

Also, If you have recently done a Sleeve gastrectomy, it may cause you more acid reflux. But it’s temporary. But for the time, avoid food like oreo that can give you acidity. Also, take a break from cereal after gastric sleeve for a while.

So, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cookie now and then. There are many cookies out there in the market that won’t cause acid reflux. The next section will tell you about those cookies.

Which Cookies Won’t Cause Acid Reflux?

Tea and cookies are almost a daily necessity. As Oreo causes acid reflux in some people. Here is an alternate solution that can satisfy your cookie cravings. You can eat these cookies if you have acid reflux.

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons are very delicious. But most importantly the ingredients used in this cookie are very friendly with acid reflux. Vanilla and almond are also used in this cookie

Chewy Coconut Cookie

This cookie is basically cookies made with coconut. I know many people who love to have coconut cookies. Coocnut also help you with mitigating your acidity. Chewy coconut sugar cookies hit the spot every time.

Gingersnap Cookie

Gingersnap cookie is a cookie made with molasses and the flavor of ginger. This cookie is nutritious and healthy. It can also be a suitable substitute for those who are facing Acid reflux problem

Shortbread Cookie 

This is a traditional Scottish biscuit made with simple ingredients like butter, and plain wheat flour. 

Peanut Butter Cookies 

A crunchy peanut butter cookie is a non-cocoa cookie. It has peanut butter as its major ingredient. It is identified as peanut flavor, brittle texture, and typical fork surface markings.

Coconut Snowball Cookies

This cookie is coated with butter, coconut, flour, and vanilla. The coconut snowball cookie is very tasty and could be a great replacement

Biscoff Cookies

Biscoff Biscuits are like shortbread cookies with a strong spice flavor and rich caramel aroma. Butter and flour are the basic ingredients for these cookies. 

Those who like spicy cookies can try this. It is spiced with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice.

So, these are some cookie options you can try out. I am sure you will find them as tasty as Oreos. 

Home Cure For Acid Reflux

Only eating food that won’t give you acidity isn’t always possible. The best way is make the acidity problem go away or cure perfectly. If not cure, at least make it bearable. Here are some techniques to cure acid reflux at home.

Here are some techniques to prevent acid reflux. 

  • Eat ripe banana
  • Chew sugar-free gum.
  • Keep a dietary diary and stay away from trigger foods.
  • Avoid eating too much or too rapidly.
  • If you have habit of eating very latr at night, stop it. Also eating before going to bed and before working out is unhealthy too.
  • Set your best posture for sleeping. Some postures can help prevent acid reflux
  • If you have a high BMI that is suggesting you are overweight, start losing weight.
  • Quit smoking if you smoke 
  • Minimize the stress
  • Avoid drinking citrus drinks and beverages. 

A healthy digestive system can cure acid reflux problems most of the time. Try to eat food that is high in fiber. Also, you can take some supplements for proper digestion. I got help from some of the supplements. Here are those. 

The first one is, PHYSIO FLORA CP. It is a supplement with an abundance of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It will improve your gut health.

Another one is, GUTIQ MALE. It is an effective solution to cleanse the gut and purge it of toxic sludge. It also, powerwash your insides so that you’re a healthier, happier, more confident person. 

You can try out these supplements for a better digestive system. I hope following these tips I have given above will help you in the long run. 


Which foods aggravate acid reflux?  

Especially oily foods, junk foods, and chocolates aggravate acid reflux. It is better to avoid these foods. Consuming a small amount of these foods won’t cause problems for people with no acidity issues.

Does Ice Cream Cause Acid Reflux?

Yes, because ice cream is a dairy product and dairy product generates acid reflux. The esophageal sphincter contracts more slowly as the stomach empties.

Does Water Assist With Acid Reflux?

Water helps to clear Acid Reflux. Water increases the stability and smoothes the digestion process. It decreases the acidity of the stomach.

Does Peanut Alleviate Acid Reflux?

Generally speaking, peanut butter is not categorized as an acid reflux item. But individual reactions may vary. Although peanut butter is heavy in fat, it does have several health advantages. These foods may make symptoms of acid reflux bitter.

Final words 

I hope you got the answer to the question: can Oreos cause acid reflux?

Basically, ingredients like cocoa, sugar, preservatives, and people who have fructose intolerance trigger acid reflux problems. Have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Your acid reflux problem will be minimized. 

And till then, eat other biscuits instead of oreo. That’s all for now. Good day!

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