Can You Inject Creatine? [Explained]

You just started getting into bodybuilding and got introduced to creatine. People around you have recommended you to inject creatine to get the most benefit out of it.

So, now you are wondering can you inject creatine?

Yes, you can inject creatine into your body. But we would not suggest doing so. As creatine is a natural supplement that can be taken safely orally. Rather than injecting it you should look into taking creatine in a regular dosage for effective results. For faster results you can load creatine.

If you are clueless about whether you should inject creatine into your body then don’t worry.

We have provided all the necessary advice that you need to know before you take creatine.  

Keep reading to find out how you can make the most out of taking creatine!

So, Can You Inject Creatine?

You might be wondering whether or not you can inject creatine into your body. Well the short answer is yes. 

But we would advise you to not jump right into doing it. Because injecting creatine is not the optimal way of taking it. 

Some people consider injecting creatine into their body as they think it is more advantageous.

Creatine is used for increasing the energy production in your body. So, when you take creatine orally it is stored in your blood steam.

But when you ingest creatine orally it is not stored in your body for a long time. Most of the creatine that you ingest gets urinated fairly quickly. 

Which is why some people consider injecting creatine to be more useful than taking it orally.

But we would not suggest you take creatine by injecting it into your body. It is a risky way of taking creatine considering there are better ways to take it.

Creatine injection for bodybuilding is not unknown. If you are new to bodybuilding then you should start taking creatine using the conventional way.

Although some people who have injected creatine claim that it lasts longer when injected. They have compared the effects of taking creatine orally vs when injected.

According to the claims of people who inject creatine, they say that it is stored in the body fat longer. This has a longer lasting effect of creatine in the body.

It is still debatable if creatine actually works better when it is injected or not. But we would not recommend you to try it.

Injecting creatine is not generally recommended by the health professionals. Plus, it is a painful procedure. Everytime that you have to inject it you might risk injecting it improperly. 

So, our recommendation would be to look into other ways of taking creatine for bodybuilding. What happens after injecting creatine is still very unclear.

We have provided all the alternative and safe ways of including creatine into your bodybuilding diet. So, keep reading to know more about how to get the most out of creatine safely.

Safer Ways To Take Creatine

Creatine is a very safe supplement used by many bodybuilders. There are different ways many people like to take creatine in. 

2 Common Methods to Take Creatine

One of the safest ways to take creatine is loading and a regular dose creatine intake. You can take creatine based on your preferences. 

Adding creatine to foods like green juice or smoothies is a great way of ingesting creatine. You can add creatine to scrambled eggs.

Creatine should be taken in a very consistent manner for it to work. If you do not take creatine daily then your body might not be saturated with enough creatine. 

Which may cause it to not work according to your expectations. It really does not matter what time of the day you take creatine. 

But you must make sure that you take creatine consistently. 

Loading Creatine 

For a loading phase you can load your body with creatine with a higher dosage. This ensures that your body is saturated with enough creatine.

For loading you can take around 20 mg of creatine daily. You should do that for a week. Then you need to drop your dosage to about 3 to 6 mg daily.

Loading is an essential step if you want to see faster results. 

Although creatine loading is a very effective way of taking creatine. It is not a mandatory way of taking creatine. You can try taking creatine with c4 pre workout.

Some people may find taking creatine at a regular level to be just as useful.

Regular Dosage of Creatine

You can have a regular dosage of creatine which is just as effective as loading. But the catch is, it may take upto 4 weeks for the results to show up.

For a regular dosage of creatine you can take about 3 to 5 mg of creatine daily. Just like protein powders you can also increase your dosage depending on your body mass. 

Do not be scared to increase your creatine dosage a little. As the excess creatine is discarded through urination. So, it is completely safe for you to take regularly.

You can even add creatine to your protein shake to boost your performance in the gym.

Benefits of Taking Creatine

Creatine is a wonderful supplement that has many benefits. Some of the most significant benefits of creatine are evident in its regular users. 

People who want intense strength for bodybuilding can be greatly benefitted with creatine. Creatine also reduces exhaustion by producing more energy. 

So, people can have a powerful workout session with more endurance and strength.

Creatine is also proven to aid in the growth of your cells that build your muscle. 

In addition to that, creatine is also effective in fighting high blood sugar levels. Which is why it can help you combat diabetes and keep it at a balanced rate.

Creatine can also enhance the functions of your brain. Plus, creatine is a natural supplement that has a lot of research done over the years.

If you’re getting into bodybuilding then you can look into taking creatine. You can get your goal body in a safe way with the help of creatine. 

You can find out how creatine works in your body and how it can be beneficial.

Benefits of Taking Creatine

Negative Effects of Creatine

Along with the many benefits there are some negative effects of creatine as well. These negative effects are mostly minor and harmless. 

Most people who take creatine often notice a sudden gain in their weight. But this is not constant. 

Creatine tends to attract water molecules. Which is why some people might look bloated. 

Many people have reported that they have faced hair fall or hair thinning after taking creatine. This is also a side effect of creatine as creatine elevates your body’s dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. 

The increased DHT in your system is responsible for hair fall. So, you might face some unpleasant hair fall issues while taking creatine.

During the loading phase there might also be some uncomfortable side effects. These side effects happen due to having a higher dosage of creatine in your body. 

Due to the extra creatine in your body you might encounter some minor gut cramps. If you face any gut related issues then you should back off your dosage of creatine.

If you are facing hair fall issues or any weight gain issues due to using creatine then do not worry. As we have some amazing products that you might find beneficial to combat these side effects. 

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Can I Take Creatine Every Other Day?

Yes, you can take creatine every other day. If you plan on taking creatine every other day then you have to watch your dosage. Taking creatine on every other day is not proven to have any special benefits. If you still want to do it then you have to increase your dosage of creatine.

Can I Take Creatine As A Bodybuilder?

Yes, you can take creatine as a bodybuilder. Creatine is considered as one of the most natural supplements that bodybuilders take. It is also appraised as a safe option for bodybuilding. Creatine aids in improving your performance during physical exercise preventing any exercise related injuries.

What Is the Difference Between Creatine And Steroids?

Creatine and steroids both are used by bodybuilders for their extreme physical activities. Creatine helps to expand the cell’s production of ATP. Through which energy is also increased. Steroids on the other hand builds muscle. So one can get their goal body in a short amount of time.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you got to know in depth about whether you can inject creatine.

A pro tip is that you can load creatine into your diet by dividing it. Rather than taking 20 mg creatine at once you can divide it into 3-4 parts.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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