Can You Put Creatine in Scrambled Eggs – Truth Revealed!

Looking out for energy after working out, you may think of consuming creatine with eggs. You may feel like it’s an easy solution to you. But questions remain about mixing creatine with different versions of eggs such as scrambled eggs.

So, can you put creatine in scrambled eggs?

The short answer to this question is that yes, you can add creatine to scrambled eggs. However, heated conditions are not ideal for creatine to work. So, you might need to add the creatine before cooking scrambled eggs. But there’s more to know on this matter that might be important for you.

This small briefing is not enough for you to understand the whole topic. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a full write-up. So, keep reading along.

What Is Creatine

Creatine is a substance that’s naturally found in human bodies. But it’s also taken by athletes and bodybuilders as a supplement.

Creatine helps to produce energy during heavy lifting or doing an intense workout. That’s why athletes and bodybuilders take it for more energy, and strength as well as gain muscle. As a result, they don’t feel shortness of breath or other problems while working out.

This supplement helps them to enhance their performance and gain more energy. It’s stored as phosphocreatine in our body muscles. Brain and tests also store a little amount of creatine.

There are various creatine supplements. However, creatine monohydrate is the one that’s more recommended.

Other versions might be superior in properties. But none of them are proven to be as optimized as creatine monohydrate. So, it’s the most recommended one.

Mixing Creatine With Food

Sometimes creatine is consumed with food for better effectiveness. However, there are some guidelines for that. Because you can’t just take creatine with any food.

For example, carbs are a good source of increased effectiveness of creatine. Protein can do this as well. So, it’s a good idea to take creatine when you’re having a meal containing carbs and protein.

Another thing to mention here is that creatine monohydrate doesn’t denature in warm food or water.

However, the effectiveness of creatine can reduce significantly if the heat increases. So, if you’re wondering does creatine destroy creatine, know that it does. That’s why you don’t need to ask about whether can you cook creatine in eggs.

Dry creatine is not affected that much by heat. But when in humid conditions or the liquid state, it can degrade if the heat increases.

Mixing Creatine With Eggs

Eggs is a good source of protein. While bodybuilding, you may also think about whether to take a raw egg or a boiled egg.

Mixing creatine with eggs is certainly allowed. However, it takes a longer time to be processed in the body. To be specific, creatine will digest and absorb within blood after a long time.

So, if you’re worried about thinking ‘can I put creatine in eggs’, be sure that you can. In fact, eggs contain creatine to a certain extent. So, putting creatine in eggs is considerable.

So, you can put creatine in scrambled eggs as well. But as we all know, creatine gets affected in high heat. So, adding creatine while cooking is not a good idea.

Keeping that in mind, you shouldn’t mix creatine after scrambling the eggs when it’s too hot. Rather, you should mix it beforehand.

Thus you can save the properties of creatine from being ineffective.

Effectiveness of Egg When Mixed With Creatine

The effectiveness of eggs is not related to adding up creatine. So, when you mix creatine with eggs, the effectiveness of eggs will not increase. Here egg is just a medium for consuming creatine.

Creatine supplement will do its usual work. So, here the effectiveness or nutrition of the egg will not increase. It will remain the same.

Creatine is usually taken with any other food or drink or any other liquid substance. So, eggs are just like another medium for consuming creatine.

Best Add-ons for Creatine

Best Add-ons for Creatine

You can find commercial creatine supplements in powder form. So, usually, it’s mixed with liquid substances for intake. You can take creatine with pre workouts as well.

Creatine is usually mixed with water or juice. The temperature of these two liquids is low and these two are safe mediums for intaking creatine.

You can take creatine with milk as well unless you’re lactose intolerant. There’s no known issue found in milk that can affect creatine. So, you can take creatine with milk without any issues.

Also, milk has carb contents. So, it can potentially increase the effectiveness of creatine.

Benefits of Creatine

Creatine supplement has some particular benefits for athletes and bodybuilders prefer it. These benefits are quite great to have. Let’s get to know about some of the benefits of creatine.

Workload Boosting

Creatine helps to do more work in a single workout session. Thus it becomes a key factor for muscle growth. Because the more you can work efficiently in workout sessions, the more benefits you’ll get.

Cell Signaling Improvement

Creatine increases satellite cell signaling. Thus it helps to repair muscle as well as new muscle growth.

Brain Condition Improvement

Creatine can help with certain brain conditions. For example, it can help in Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it has good effects on Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, etc. Besides, it can help during brain or spinal cord injuries.

Lower Blood Sugar Level

Creatine is said to reduce blood sugar levels. However, this still doesn’t have a strong base. This is still under research and it needs to be proved strongly.

Protein Breakdown Reduction

Creatine reduces the breakdown of muscles. Thus it helps to increase total muscle mass.

Myostatin Level Reduction

Increased myostatin levels can make the muscle growth process slower. However, the creatine supplement keeps the myostatin level checked. As a result, the growth factor of muscles increases.

So, these were some of the benefits of creatine supplement intake that you can get. And surely all of them are worth having and that’s why athletes prefer this supplement.

Safety Measures And Side Effects of Creatine

Certain safety measures should be followed if you’re willing to consume creatine. Also, there are some side effects of creatine.

For example, dehydration is a side effect of creatine. Adding to that, upset stomach and muscle cramps are two more side effects of creatine. So, you should be careful about these things.

You should also take some safety measures. If you have liver or kidney problems, you should consult a doctor beforehand.

And if you need a supplement for your overall body improvement, you can consider the ones below.

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So, these were some supplements to help you with overall body improvement. Hopefully, you’ll get yours from here that’s best suited for you.


Can the creatine get destroyed by cooking?

Yes, creatine can be destroyed by cooking. It is found that almost 30% of the creatine contents get destroyed when cooked. After that, this destroyed part turns into creatinine. So, cooking creatine with other foods is not a good idea.

Is it okay to put creatine in hot tea?

No, it’s not preferable to put creatine in hot tea. Warm water or tea or coffee is fine to mix creatine. However, creatine gets destroyed in high heat. So, you can’t mix creatine with hot tea or any other hot liquid. It’s only okay with cold and warm substances.

Is it okay to take creatine without working out?

Yes, it’s okay to take creatine without working out. Creatine doesn’t contain any fat or calories. So, there’s no chance of you getting fat if you take creatine and don’t work out. For this reason, there’s no harm in taking creatine even if you don’t work out.

How much time does creatine take to dissolve?

If you take good quality creatine, it will dissolve within 8 to 10 seconds. So, check the product quality of creatine while purchasing. Because low-grade creatine often doesn’t dissolve easily. In fact, they completely remain undissolved.

Is it normal to pee more than usual while taking creatine regularly?

Creatine pulls a lot of water out of your body. Most of it becomes a waste product. So, to balance, the water goes out of your body through urination. That’s why you might pee more than normal when you’re taking creatine regularly.


We are at the end of can you put creatine in scrambled eggs. Hope you got a lot more information apart from the topic.

Supplements are made so that they can support your health and body. So, if it doesn’t suit you, shift to alternatives or consult with experts. This was all from us this time. Have a great day ahead.

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