Can You Take Wobenzyme And Serrapeptase Together? -Answered!

You may be suffering from inflammation and thinking about taking medicines for this. For inflammation, quite often, the first choices are wobenzyme and serrapeptase.  

Wovenzyme and serrapeptase are both very efficient for reducing inflammation. It’s because of systemic enzyme therapy. But what if your condition is very severe and you want to take both? 

So, the question is, can you take wobenzyme and serrapeptase together? 

Yes, you can. In fact, studies show that taking both wobenzyme and serrapeptase together results in greater improvements. If your condition is severe, it’s a better idea to take both. It’s because they work better when served together. In addition to that, there aren’t adverse effects of taking these two simultaneously.  

This information is not enough because there are some additional factors to consider. Don’t worry we have presented the details so you can understand everything about these two medicines. 

Stick along to learn more. 

How Do Wobenzyme And Serrapeptase Work Together? 

Before discussing whether you can take both medications together, you must know how they work. Clearing the concept will help you to understand it better. 

Both wobenzyme and serrapeptase are taken mostly for one purpose. That is to reduce inflammation. So, let’s take a look at how inflammation occurs. 

Inflammation causes swelling and pain in the affected muscle, ligaments, or tendons. These get affected by exertion or sports injuries. An imbalance of inflammatory mediators in the affected tissue causes this swelling or pain. 

There is a messenger substance in our body called cytokines. Cytokines are directly involved in every inflammation process. 

Different immune defense cells of the body communicate through cytokines. This communication helps to fight pathogens and protect tissue from damage. During this process, inflammation occurs as a natural reaction. 

When there is inflammation, non-living proteins gather up in that area. Non-living protein tissue causes clogs in our arteries. This is called fibrin. The fibrin gradually builds up and clogs the arteries resulting in inflammation. 

Basically, an imbalance in the immunity system caused by cytokines causes inflammation. Both of these causes can be solved by taking wobenzyme and serrapeptase together. 

Wobenzyme contains an enzyme that can regulate the immune system’s balance. On the other hand, serrapeptase breaks down living proteins and converts them into amino acids.

This is how the medicines do it. 

Both medicines have an enteric coat on the tablet. So when you take the tablets with water, they can withstand the stomach’s acidic environment.

After getting into the stomach, these tablets enter the small intestine. Then the enteric coat breaks, allowing the tablets to release the special enzyme compound. The enzymes then travel from intestinal mucosa into the blood. 

The enzyme compounds then bind to macroglobulins. Macroglobulins float around the plasma in the blood. The enzyme compounds of wobenzyme tablets regulate the immune system imbalance caused by cytokines. 

On the other hand, serrapeptase bind to the macroglobulins and breaks down the non-living proteins. Breaking down the non-living proteins clears the clogs in the arteries increasing the blood flow.

Moreover, serrapeptase can geo-target. It means that serrapeptase can target specific sites. Suppose you have pain in the elbow or knee; serrapeptase will target only those muscles. 

In addition to eliminating non-living protein tissue, serrapeptase reduces bradykinin. Bradykinin instigates pain in your body. It means it communicates to the brain that you’re suffering. So a reduction in bradykinin results in less pain. Therefore, Serrapeptase does not just heal inflammation. It also works as a painkiller. 

Is It Okay To Take Wobenzyme And Serrapeptase Together?

Let’s talk about the real problem. Can you take wobenzyme and serrapeptase together? 

The answer is yes, you can. It actually works better when you take both medicines together instead of taking just one. It is especially beneficial for women suffering from severe endo pain during their menstruation period. 

One study reveals that only taking serrapeptase for a month reduced menstrual pain by 30%. The dosage was two tablets of serrapeptase on an empty stomach, 90 minutes before breakfast. 

There was a considerable amount of pain reduction. However, the period was still very heavy with clots. The patient still had to take other regular painkillers to reduce the extreme pain. The additional painkillers were diclofenac in a 100mg dosage. Moreover, the subject required a heated wheat pad to relieve the pain. 

You can try Flexotone, which is a good supplement for healing inflammation. 

In the second month, the patient took serrapeptase and wobenzyme together. Immediately, the patient noticed a massive reduction in pain. 

The pain reduction during menstruation this time was almost 90%. 

The dosage was similar to before. The subject took two tablets of serrapeptase. Only this time, two tablets of wobenzyme were also taken. Both simultaneously, 90 minutes before breakfast every day for a month. 

The pain reduction was noticeable. The patient didn’t need any additional painkillers. Moreover, 70% of the pain was similar to normal period pain. 

There were still some incidents where the subject felt severe endo pain. The pain was measured at level 8. But it was nothing serious because the pain subsided after ten minutes. The patient only needed a heated pad to deal with the pain.

How To Take Wobenzyme And Serrapeptase Together? 

The dosage for wobenzyme and serrapeptase varies from person to person according to their pain level. 

When you’re taking only one medicine, it is advised to take one tablet on an empty stomach. 

However, the dosage is different when you’re taking both medicines simultaneously. If you have never taken wobenzyme and serrapeptase before, it’s best to start with high doses. Most doctors recommend starting with high doses. It’s because systemic enzyme doses require heavy enzyme loads in your body to work properly. 

It is advised to take 15 or more enzyme tablets a day when you’re starting. It’s mainly for women with endometriosis because of its degree of pain. However, once your pain reduces, you can start taking smaller doses.  

Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Wobenzyme And Serrapeptase 

Both medicines have highly positive health benefits. Doctors prescribe them to treat many diseases. However, they also have side effects and should be taken with caution. 

Below we’ve presented a table. It will give you an overview of what to expect from wobenzyme and serrapeptase. 

Wobenzyme Serrapeptase 

Health Benefits 
Supports joint health and mobilityIncreases blood flow and promotes healthy circulation Maintain and support the immune system. It helps to keep maintain balance. Prescribed by doctors to heal sports injuries. Relieves pain of muscle and helps to recover. Good for elderly people. Helps in a healthy immune system. Nullify the effect of the body’s homeostasis shiftRelieves pain and inflammation.Helps recover faster.Helps prevent heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases Can be used to treat cold and sore throat. Treats bacterial infections Prescribed medicine for AtherosclerosisUsed in tooth extraction and surgeries Helps to treat fibrocystic breast disease.

Side Effects 
May cause nausea and vomitingCan cause digestive disruption. May result in diarrhea and excess gasCan show fibrosing colonopathyOther adverse effect includes hyperuricemia and allergic reactions Can cause pneumonitis, which results in lung inflammation in elderly adults. It usually happens if the number of white blood cells drops suddenly Can cause nausea, vomiting, and coughMay result in stomach upsetIt can cause poor appetiteCan disturb the blood clottingMuscle and joint painNegative reaction on skin and rashesMay have adverse effects if the patient has bleeding disorders
Dosage Three tablets with two servings. It can be increased if a doctor recommends it. 120000 SPU on an empty stomach 

Taking both wobenzyme and serrapeptase together doesn’t have any adverse side effects. However, there can be other endo pains that are not caused by inflammation. You have to take other painkillers to reduce those pains. Omega Krill is another good alternative you can try to reduce inflammation.

Some other alternatives can help you with inflammation. Here are our top picks: 


Is serrapeptase good for joints? 

Yes. Serrapeptase can be good medicine for joint pain. It is often prescribed for back pain, osteoarthritis, migraine headache, etc. 

Does Serrapeptase cause weight loss? 

There is no direct study that provides evidence for weight loss while taking serrapeptase. However, serrapeptase still can promote weight loss indirectly. This especially occurs in overweight people or people with obesity. 

Can I Take Wobenzyme Long-term?

It’s best if you don’t use wobenzyme for long-term purposes. Wobenzyme is a very efficient medicine that can reduce inflammation. However, wobenzyme also has some adverse side effects. If taken for too long, wobenzyme may cause too much damage to your body.  

Take Away 

Wobenzyme and serrapeptase are extremely efficient medicines. Taking them both together can have miraculous improvement, especially for women with endometriosis. 

However, consult with a doctor first before you start taking these medicines. Even if they are efficient, they can have adverse effects on your body. Take the medicines as your doctor recommends and you’re good to go. 

Hopefully, this article has helped to know regarding whether can you take wobenzyme and serrapeptase together. Let us know your experience with wobenzyme and serrapeptase. 

Good Luck!

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