Chipotle or Subway Bodybuilding- Which One to Pick?

All of us who have newly gotten into bodybuilding are perplexed choosing our meals. So, you are not by yourself in this.

Are you confused about choosing your meals and can’t decide if you want “Chipotle or Subway?”

Chipotle offers a variety of food including tacos, rice bowls and burritos. These are high in carbs. You can add more meat to increase your protein intake. So, you can have an ideal meal for bodybuilding. Subway has many subs, wraps and salad options. But you might not find as many carb options here.

If you want to know whether your meals would suit your bodybuilding lifestyle then do not agonize.

We have compared booth Chipotle and Subway meals for your convenience. You can choose one based on your preferences and fitted to your bodybuilding routine.

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Chipotle or Subway for Bodybuilding: Quick Overview

Eating your meals from outside you might ponder upon what is better between Chipotle vs Subway.

Chipotle and Subway have been the first choice of many bodybuilders who tend to eat outside.

But these two places offer a bit different types of food. Chipotle mostly serves foods like burritos, bowls and tacos. 

Subway on the other hand offers all sorts of sandwiches, wraps and salads.

You can choose either Chipotle or Subway based on your fitness journey. Choosing meals should be dependent on whether you are having it before or after a workout.

Here is an example of a pre and post workout meal from both Subway and Chipotle.

Pre or Post Workout Meals from Chipotle1 scoop brown riceChicken/steakGuacamoleSalsaQuesoVegetables1125 calories100g80g40g
Pre or Post Workout Meals from SubwaySteak & Cheese Sub340 calories46g39g10g

These are frequent orders of people who want to bulk quickly from Chipotle and Subway. 

If you’re confused about which one is ideal for bodybuilding then keep reading to know more!

Pre and Post Workout Meals for Bodybuilding

After you start exercising regularly your body is in a constant state of breaking down muscles. This is known as the protein breakdown of the muscle. 

So, replenishing your body with proper food is necessary for bodybuilding. This plays just as significant a role as exercising. 

Pre and post workout meals are an extremely important part of your bodybuilding journey. Therefore, you need to be careful choosing what you eat after you are done working out.

The optimal choice for meals that help to bulk should contain a lot of protein. As your body needs to repair itself from the breaking down of muscles.

Your meals should also have a certain amount of carbs for nourishing your body.

If you are only working out once daily then including fats into your diet is fine. For bodybuilding exercises that contain working out more than that you should cut down on fat.

Now that you have an idea, you can choose your meals according to your bodybuilding needs. 

You can always make a bodybuilding friendly meal plan for your convenience.

Both Chipotle and Subway have an array of meals that works perfectly for replenishing your body. 

We have compared what is healthier between Chipotle or Subway. So, you can find out which one fits better according to your likings and bodybuilding lifestyle.

Chipotles Workout Meals

Chipotle has amazing choices for both pre and post workout sessions. Another great thing about Chipotle is the option to customize. 

You can opt for Chipotle if you are questioning “Is Chipotle good for bodybuilding?”

If you want a heavier meal for your post workout meal then choose the rice bowls. As your body needs to replenish itself after an extreme workout, it needs more carbs. 

Chipotles Workout Meals

Ordering a rice bowl would be a great option with enough carbs to balance your meal. 

If you are not a fan of rice then you can opt for tortilla based items.

One thing to note is to not include anything that has fiber in your meals. As fibers tend to make the digestion process extremely lengthy. 

Don’t add beans next time when you are taking your post workout meal from Chipotle.  wondering 

So, it might not be a good idea to slow down your digestive process after your workout. This is the time when you want your body to absorb as much energy possible

You can double down on your carbs intake during the post workout meals.

Best chipotle bowl for muscle gain should include enough carbs and protein to fulfill your requirements. 

Another thing you should lookout for is not to order anything with too much fat. You need your meals to be high in carbs not in fat. 

Chipotle Pre and Post Workout Meals

You might be thinking to yourself, “What to eat at chipotle to gain muscle for bodybuilding?

Well do not worry, we have recommended the best pre and post workout meals for you.

So, our recommended pre and post workout meals from Chipotle for you could include-

  • Brown Rice(preferred half serving)
  • Chicken(double serving)
  • Steaks
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa(can take more than 1 serving)
  • Queso(can take more than 1 serving)
  • Vegetables

You might find it useful to know the best sauce for chicken and rice for bodybuilding.

Typically this meal would have around 1200 calories and about 100 grams of protein. This also has less than 100 grams of carbs and under 50 grams of fat. 

You can customize and make Chipotle’s high protein bowls for an extra replenishing post workout meal.

Subway’s Workout Meals

Subway wraps or sandwiches can be customized to balance your bodybuilding meal requirements.

You can have a high protein Subway wrap after a workout. This would help you restore all the muscles that have been damaged.

So, having a high protein wrap is essential if you are ordering from Subway. 

For a higher protein sub from Subway you can always double up on the meat. 

You can take chicken or steaks as higher protein meat options. 

When you goal is bulking you might wonder if chicken schnitzel is good for bodybuilding.

Try to refrain yourself from taking the extra sauces or sub dressings. As they contain extra fat and sugar which can slow down the bulking process.

Cheese is also another add on you should avoid if you can. Although it might be tough, cheese can be detrimental to your  diet.

Subway’s Workout Meals

Bacon and other add ons with extra fat should be avoided at all costs.

You can even try Subway salads as well. They are quite fulfilling and nutritious if you choose the salad ingredients wisely.

Subway even offers protein bowls which are quite useful when you are ordering in a rush.

Subways Pre and Post Workout Meals

You might wonder why Subway is good for bodybuilding?

We have looked for all the optimal meal choices for your pre and post workout sessions.

Our recommended pre and post workout meals from Subway for you could include- 

  • Steak & Cheese bowl.
  • Italian Wheat Bread subs with double meat and vegetables.
  • Subway’s protein bowl.
  • 9 grain bread with double the chicken.

You can always choose the healthiest subs at Subway bodybuilding

Final Verdict

When it comes to customization and a wide variety of proteins and carbs Chipotle is excellent. They have just what you want to order in a hurry. 

You can create your own meals whether you want higher carbs or protein or fat. Chipotle lets you build your go-to meal for pre or post workout sessions. 

If you like more variability in your meals then you can opt for Chipotle.

On the other hand, Subway also offers a great food range. They have fewer customizable options as their food is basically subs, wraps and salad bowls.

There is a lesser chance for you to customize your order. As the only carb they serve is a sub bread or a wrap. So you might find yourself ordering the same thing over and over. 

If you like to have the same type of food on the daily then choose Subway.

Now that you have decided, we have some recommendations that you might find helpful.

Here are some products to help with your fitness journey.

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FLEXOBLISSWith the help of the natural supplement Flexobliss you can maintain the fluidity of your bones. This helps with the physical activity of your back muscles as well.
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Is It Okay to Have Chipotle After Finishing A Workout?

Yes, it is okay for you to have chipot;e after finishing a workout. You need to be mindful of the food you are ordering. The optimal choice for you would be to go for something that is moderate on carbs. Also choose something that is high on protein as well. You can take a bowl and double up on meat.

Does Chipotle Have Enough Protein For Bulking?

Yes, Chipotle has enough protein for bulking. The meat picked with by far the most protein at Chipotle is chicken. So, it is always a good choice to order chicken. You can even double up the amount of meat. This means you can get double the protein intake from your meal. You can bulk quickly this way.

Is Chipotle Food Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, Chipotle food is good for weight loss. But you need to order your food accordingly to achieve your weight loss goals. You can always cut down on your carbs intake to make your meals lower calorie. Try to skip rice in your meals. If you can not skip it then try taking brown rice instead.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you got to know which one to follow between Chipotle or Subway bodybuilding.

We also hope you got to take away some piece of advice from our piece. 

Your body is in need of more protein after a workout. For an after workout meal you can always go for more protein. 

We wish you a jolly day!

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