Converse High Tops and Low Tops for Lifting: Better One!

Shoes are one of the main things you need to get right before lifting. Otherwise, you might slip and get injured. And there are no shoes better than converse while lifting.

But there’s a question! Which one should you go for between converse high tops and low tops for lifting?

The high-top converse is the best for lifting. Because it provides more support to your ankle and generates more power. Moreover, it is a broader shoe compared to the low-tops ones. This makes the lifter more comfortable while wearing them. But if you need more movement, you can go for the low tops.

Eager to know a more detailed comparison between these two converse? Well, we’ve everything you need to know here.

Let’s hop right in!

Why do Lifters Wear Converse?

Converse shoes are ideal for weight lifters. For most lifters converse is the best shoe for weightlifting. Converse earned this popularity because of its flat sole and high ankle support. The flat sole helps lifters to feel a better connection with the floor. This improves the balance and also reduces extra movement. 

When you are doing lower body exercises and lifting heavy weights flat sole shoes can help you. Flat sole shoes are similar to being barefoot. They help to grip better with the ground, which increases stability. It makes you feel closer to the ground.

Flat sole shoes help to keep your ankle steady. This will support you when you are doing heavy workouts, such as squats, deadlifts, etc. 

The design also helps to keep your body straight. Other wise, you will feel your back hurting while squatting or dead-lifting. 

Basic Differences Between High Tops and Low Tops

Before going into further comparison you should take a brief look at this table. Here, we’ve mentioned some factors that can be deciding factors while choosing high tops or low tops.

Compared FactorsHigh TopsLow Tops
Size comparisonWider in the front Narrower in the front
MoveabilityAnkle lock-in, less movementsNo ankle lock-in, free movements
CushionHard cushionSoft cushion
DurabilityHighly durableLess durable

High Tops or Low Tops: Detailed Comparison

Now let us talk about the different factors in detail. I believe, after this it will be easy for you to choose between high and low tops.

Size Comparison

When you see a low top and high top converse you will see a size difference between them. Even if the size of both converses is the same. Still, there is a difference in size. 

The same size high top converse is wider in the nose than low top canvas. 

If you have wider feet which is common for weightlifters, then the high-top converse is for you. If you wear low tops it won’t fit you as the nose is narrower. 


When you are lifting weights you need a stable position. So, for unwanted movement, you don’t face any injury. 

High-top converse keeps your ankle steady. This will help you to lift heavy weight without any unwanted movements. In some cases you could be having problems to be flexible with deadlifts

This is why you need low tops to make movements easy for you. As they are not laced above your ankle. 


During heavy lifting you need something that stays close to the ground. And, helps you to generate more power. 

The hard sole of high tops keeps you close to the ground. And, with the help of it you can generate more power from the ground. Helps you to lift more weights.

Soft soles do not allow you to generate power. When you are giving force, the energy gets absorbed by the cushion. This reduces your overall energy output. 


High-top converse is more durable than the low-top converse. 

A simple question is, how to choose the right shoes for lifting. As converses tops the list, there some useful insights to consider as well. 

As high-top converse has a hard sole and the material used to build it is strong. Thus  high tops converse were built for people with larger feet. And, to support that strong material is required. 

Converse High Tops and Low Tops for Lifting

Final Verdict

High tops converse are the best choice for weight lifting. It is because high tops converse keeps your ankle more stable, as it is laced up above your ankle. This reduces certain movements while lifting and you can also generate more power. 

Weight lifters tend to have big and flat feet. The same size high-top converse has more room than the low-top converse. Another difference between these two shoes is their width. The High-top converse is broader. 

How to Clean Your Converse?

The best way to clean your converse is by your own hand.  First, remove the laces and with a soft brush remove the dirt. Make a cup of solution, with a little bit of dish wash liquid in warm water. Then dip a cloth or a soft brush into the solution and gently go all over the shoe. 

White paper towels help to absorb the moisture and also maintain the shape of the converse. Dry the converse under room temperature, and avoid heat and sunlight. Lastly, take the laces, squeeze the water out and keep them flat to dry. 

Washing Converse with Washing Machine

There is nothing said that you cannot use a washing machine for cleaning it. 

Speaking from personal experience, you should not use a washing machine for cleaning it. The aggressive cleaning of the machine can cause a lot of damage to your shoes. It is easy to clean with your hands. So, the most preferable way of cleaning is by hand said by most professionals. 

Supplies That Can be Used for Converse Cleaning

  • Selaurel Scrubbing Brush 2 Pack
  • Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap
  • KIWI Sneaker Protector
  • Shout Instant Stain Remover Wipes

What Happens if You Wear Running Shoes for Lifting?

You should always use things that are actually built for that particular job. Do not wear different shoes for weightlifting. Lifting shoes are beneficial for lifting as they have flat soles and keep you steady while lifting heavy. 

Running shoes support the same movements as running. But weightlifting shoes need extra support. Running shoes are soft and cushioned. Whereas, lifting shoes have hard soles that hold on to the ground and help to maintain a steady form. 

The lack of support while lifting can increase the chances of injuries. It also reduces the output for working on unstable surfaces. 

If you lift in running shoes you can not get strong feet. Running shoes do not enable muscle development in the feet. Moreover, it prevents muscle development in the feet.

Lifting weights in running shoes will allow your entire body to be strong. But it does not increase strength in your feet. Running shoes prevent your muscles from working properly. 

While using running shoes it won’t be easy learning new movements. It will be hard for you to be stable while lifting. This will cause improper lifting forms. In the future, this unstable form will lead to major injuries. 


How long should you lift to be considered an advanced lifter?

Lifting for 6months can be considered to be a beginner lifter. Someone who is lifting for almost 2years can be said to be an intermediate lifter. A lifter can be considered as an advanced level if the lifter is lifting for more than 2 years. This time can vary from person to person as not everyone is built the same way. 

How do you warm-up before a weight training workout?

Start warming your body by doing some cardio. Cardio makes sure to make your movements better. Do light jogging on the treadmill or outside and stop when you just start sweating. After that go for weight training. Still be careful not to use excess weights in the beginning, gradually increase the weights.  

Is high-top converse good for the gym?

Their flat soles make users more flexible and have a wider range of movements. High converse are really beneficial for gymnastics, weight training and free movement sports like kickboxing. 


For weight lifting, choose high-top converse. They are more durable and have more benefits than the low-top converse. 

Hopefully, now it’s easier for you to choose between converse high top and low top for lifting

We have tried to give thorough explanations. Yet in a simple way. 

Lastly, thanks for your time, we’ll be meeting again soon. 

Till then take care!

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