Deca Or Eq With Test: Which Steroid To Choose?

Fusing two steroids together has become a norm in recent times. But choosing which two steroids to mix is a difficult task.

Moreover, it becomes much tougher to choose if the comparison is between Deca and Equipoise. Because they are the two most sought-after steroids in the market.

So, which one should you go for between deca or eq with test?

Choosing between Deca or equipoise actually depends on your needs. If you seeking strength and weight gain then go for Deca. It also has fewer side effects compared to equipoise with the test. But if you need bulkier muscle with an increase in appetite then equipoise is ideal for you.

That’s quite enlightening right? Wait till you see all the detailed comparisons between using deca or eq with the test.

Why wait any longer? Jump straight in!

Deca or Eq with Test: A Brief Comparison!

Basically, these are two medicines that belong to the anabolic steroids group. Due to injury and illness, tissue might tear and wear off. In such cases, these steroids are prescribed to rebuild the muscles and make them stronger.  

Below we’ve discussed the differences between Deca and equipoise with testosterone:

AspectsDeca with testEquipoise with test
StrengthGood strength gainModerate strength gain
Muscle hardeningSoft musclesNotable muscle hardener
Weight gainGood weight gainAverage weight gain
AppetiteNo notable changeIncreases appetite hugely
Libido issuesNo libido issues until PCTNo major libido issues
Water WeightA lot of water weight No notable water weight
Side EffectsEstrogenic and progestogenic effectsSome mild side effects of slow effectiveness and monster hunger
Dosage400-600 mg for 10 weeks or more400-600 mg for 14 weeks or more

To increase lean body mass these steroids are used. Deca Durabolin is used in the case of negative nitrogen balance. Deca comes with quick results and Eq takes longer to activate but shows fewer side effects. 

8 Aspects to Differentiate between Deca and Eq with Test

These aspects of two steroids mixed with testosterone in explained below:


According to the users of Deca, a few cycles result in notable strength gain. It’s also known to increase weight moderately. The overall result is quite satisfactory to the users. 

The bulky look resulting from the cycles of Deca with the test was much appreciated in the 80s and 90s. Make sure you keep a healthy routine which is a requirement for starting strength training

On the other hand, by the end of the cycle of equipoise, a mass amount of hard muscle is gained. Equipoise is famous for hardening muscles. There is no water weight, so muscles do not look soft, which happens after the Deca cycle.

Equipoise with test disappears sore shoulders and pectoral tendinitis permanently. The addition of an AI can give a pretty hard and lean structure.

Muscle Hardening

Equal dose of Deca gives less hardening than the dose of equipoise. The reason behind this is the gain of water weight. The muscles gained by Deca are normally softer than those gained by the equipoise. 

But after the eq cycle, a mass amount of hard muscle is gained. Equipoise is famous for hardening muscles. There is no water weight, so muscles do not look soft. 

This happens after the Deca cycle. You must know that there are many alternative to deca or eq like npp. Do figure out how the eq cycle complimenting muscle hardening in context to others. 

Muscle Hardening

According to the users of eq with the test, eq comes to life when mixed with the test. The effects are intensified, resulting in more mass, muscles and strength.

 It may be synergetic to some users. The minimum dose to get an effective result is 400-600 mg per week. It gives notable muscle hardening at the end of the cycle.

Weight Gain

DECA with testosterone can result in high water weight and thus rapid weight gain. The effect of two combined steroids may or may not be noticeable depending upon the user. This cycle of combination is very effective for strength gain and size increment.

DECA gives a lot of water weight than equipoise. As a result, there is a massive weight gain. According to a few users,  bulkiness is noticed in pictures taken before and after the cycle.

On the other hand, in equipoise, there is no water muscle, mostly hard muscles. Therefore, there is no water weight. As a result, weight gain is less in equipoise than that of Deca.


Eq with the test can raise insane hunger. This can cause a massive demand for nutrition in the body. This effect is visible at 600mg per week. But 300mg to 500 mg per week gives a manageable appetite.

But in the case of Deca with the test, no notable change in appetite is observed.

Libido Issues

One of the biggest side effects that Deca users face is the lack of libido by the second or third cycle. There can be long-lasting post cycle problems. Though some users denied having such problems.

Normally there are no libido issues until in PCT. It may emerge later while stacked in ratio 1.5/1 (test/Deca). It may be synergetic to many users, and not very noticeable to others. 

This has effectiveness in increasing size and strength. So, only this cycle combination became widely popular in the 80s and 90s.

For eq, average strength gain is observed with some loss of libido. These effects are not major and may vary from person to person.

Water Weight

Water weight results from water muscles. It is mainly the characteristic of Deca. Deca creates a lot of water muscles or soft muscles. Equipoise normally creates hard muscle, no soft muscle. As a result, rapid weight gain is not achieved.

Side Effects

When DECA is used with test, then it becomes more difficult to manage side effects. One of them is the estrogenic or progestogenic side effects with SERM or AI. To avoid such conditions, some people use Dostinex or Bromo.

No such case is seen in equipoise. Eq with test gives better results with no such major side effects. Even the libido issue of Deca is mild in equipoise. 


Mostly the dosage of equipoise is between 400-600 mg per week and the cycle length is 10 weeks or more. The dosage of Deca is almost similar to this but the cycle could be as long as 14 weeks or even longer.

Common Aspects

Over the period of time, users of steroids seem to move from Deca to equipoise. Analyzing the effects, it is seen that equipoise has fewer side effects than Deca. Again the same dose of equipoise gives more results than that of Deca. 

Equipoise gives the supporting benefit of reducing joint pain and tendinitis. This is related to the function of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen and testosterone both increase collagen synthesis. But higher levels of estrogen than testosterone give better bone joints.

So, when the mixture is done with testosterone, it may affect collagen synthesis negatively. Thus reducing the activeness of joint function. That is why a lower dose is suggested, not more than 400mg per week.

Tips from Pro

A little advice from professionals can be very helpful if you are a beginner in the field of steroids.  Here are some tips you might find helpful:

  • After 4 cycles of different steroid mixtures, a quicker result is produced by Deca.
  • We compared the pictures taken before and after the cycle. It is seen that bulkier looks can be achieved by the effects of Deca. But it came with a few Side Effects like gyno symptoms.
  • On the other hand, EQ works slower but at the end of the day it gives a much better look and the effects are long-lasting. 
  • Testosterone is a very important hormone for muscle growth and fat loss. When steroids are mixed with testosterone, the effects are intensified.
  • Deca contains the chemical name nandrolone Decanoate. This steroid can be both injectable and androgenic. 
  • Anabolic steroids can be very effective as they strongly bind to androgen receptors. 
  • Collagen synthesis can be increased by Deca Durabolin. This will help in increasing bone minerals and reduce suffering from bone joint pain.


What are the side effects of Deca?

Like all other medicines, the steroid Deca comes with few side effects. We made a study based on the experience of the users of Deca. The following side effects are known to appear after a few cycles:

 Leg cramps, difficulty in sleeping, feeling chills, repeated diarrhea, abdominal bloating, etc.

Does Deca heal tendons?

A small dose of Deca can relieve joint pains and tendonitis. Athletes have confirmed the relief from severe joint pain after the use of Deca. It was later concluded that Deca indeed helped to reduce joint pain. It may also help wear and Tear of tissue on the body.

Do steroids cause hair loss?

Steroids like Deca and equipoise themselves do not cause hair fall. But the mixture of Deca, equipoise and finasteride causes hair loss for almost 18 months long. The users of Steroids are said to have a few hair falling problems but nothing major. But finasteride can cause significant androgenic hair loss.


That was a wrap from our part on whether to use deca or eq with test. Hopefully, you understood all the pros and cons of choosing a single one.

Remember to talk to your trainer and gain his insight.

That’s all for now. Stay healthy and lift!

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