Dermacrine vs Sustain Alpha- Which One Is Best for You?

Dermacrine vs Sustain Alpha

How many of us are scared to try new products to improve our bodies? Most of us, am I right? This is mainly because there are so many similar products, like dermacrine and sustain alpha. 

So, what are the differences between dermacrine vs sustain alpha?

Dermacrime is a body gel with anabolic and androgenic hormones. It helps build up strength and muscle gain. It also boosts the body’s testosterone level. Sustain alpha, however, doesn’t contain any hormones. It’s jam-packed with aromatic stimulators and herbal extracts to boost testosterone levels.  

Still confused? Don’t worry. We have detailed information about these two compounds right here in our article. You will no longer be confused after reading this. 

Simply go and have a read! 

Dermacrine vs Sustain Alpha- Basic Differences

Dermacrine vs Sustain Alpha- Basic Differences

Most people always strive to improve their physical appearance. Some do daily exercise, and some, however, take health-boosting products. Whatever you’re doing to improve your body structure, you must do your research first. 

That being said, taking the wrong supplements can do more harm than good. There are very similar types of drugs and supplements available on the market. And as a result, it is tough to determine which goods are best for you.

Like dhb and primodermacrine and Sustain Alpha are very similar products that often confuse people. But worry not. We’ll tell you all you need to know about these products, and that’ll clear up any confusion. 

We’ll start by stating some noticeable differences and move on to more detailed information. 

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Specifications Dermacrine Sustain Alpha 
Type Anabolic/androgenic hormonesNatural testosterone-boosting gel
Uses Used for increasing strength and muscle gains.used to boost the body’s testosterone production.
Side effectsFewLittle to no side effects


Well, now you have the basic idea of these two products. However, when it comes to these types of compounds, you’ll need some additional information. 

Do not fret. We’ve got you. In our following sections, we compare these items in great detail.

Dermacrine vs Sustain Alpha-Detailed Overview

Dermacrine vs Sustain Alpha

Dermacrine and Sustain Alpha are very similar in many ways. Both of these products will help improve your physical attributes. But they also differ greatly from one another.

That’s why you’ll need some additional information. So, let’s see

1. Type

You might be thinking what is dermacrine? Dermacrine is basically a body gel containing anabolic and androgenic hormones. It includes cutting-edge Liqua-vade technology and may be applied to the skin with ease.

This enables it to enter the bloodstream virtually immediately. Due to greater oxygenation, this enables quicker and better outcomes.

Sustain Alpha is also a natural hormone-building gel. However, this doesn’t produce anabolic hormones. Instead, it increases the body’s ability to produce testosterone. The solution quickly dries after application.

Now, you might be wondering, what does dermacrine do? DHEA is the main hormone present in dermacrine. Once taken into the blood circulation, this is transformed into anabolic hormones like androstenediol and testosterone. 

DHEA also transforms into 7-beta-DHEA, a thermogenic hormone that encourages muscle growth and fat loss.

However, Sustain Alpha doesn’t have any steroidal or pro-hormonal components. Instead, it is jam-packed with “aromatic stimulators” and herbal extracts to boost testosterone levels.

So, what do you understand from this? Dermacrine contains hormones that help the body grow. But Sustain Alpha doesn’t contain any hormones, but it increases the body’s ability to create testosterone. 

2. Price

A bottle of dermacrine will cost you $44.99. Use three pumps of lotion per day if you’re an average male. It will last you for two weeks if you do it. 

However, a bottle of Sustain Alpha will set you back 69.99. As you can see, it costs a little bit more than Dermacrime. And it will run for around the same period of time.

Since we’re on this topic, we also have some cost-effective products to increase testosterone. 

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This pill enables the body to start manufacturing testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. It will also reverse the aging process.

This supplement contains components to help boost testosterone production.


3. Uses

The main use of dermacrine is muscle building. This is mostly used by professional bodybuilders. To use this, though, you don’t have to be a serious bodybuilder.

For dermacrine, the application process depends on your weight. For 150-190Ibs, use 3 pumps, for 190-230IBS 4 pumps and for 230Ibs and above 5 pumps. Apply on your upper back and shoulders and go for at least 6 hours without washing. 

For Sustain Alpha, apply it on your chest, lower chest, upper shoulders, inner thighs or inner arms. Apply 3-5 pumps of Sustain Alpha cream on your dry skin. 

Your hormone levels need to be optimal in order to get your body ready for growth. That is precisely what it does. It, therefore, aids in strengthening and developing powerful muscles.

As it creates testosterone, it will also improve your sex drive and mental focus. Basically, people use it to give their bodies healthy stability. When taking testosterone, make sure to follow the test e cycle properly. 

The only use of Sustain Alpha is to build up testosterone. As a result, it’ll improve libido and increase strength. There are also some psychological benefits besides this. It’ll give you more contentment and social assurance.  

Usually, after a test cycle, it’s important to run a PCT to reduce the effect of testosterone. For dermacrine, you can stack it with any prohormone. Derm Alpha, Bold200, AAS, 6oxo, and ATD are good prohormones for the PCT after the dermacrine cycle.  

Contrarily, you can use Sustain Alpha as a PCT to restart the production of testosterone. It is a natural test-boosting cream that can produce a high amount of test in your body. However, you can stack Toco-8 or EndoAmp with Sustain Alpha as testosterone recovery for PCT. 

4. Side Effects

Both of these compounds are natural. People can argue that dermacrime is not natural because it uses hormones. However, that’s not true. It uses hormones that are naturally collected. 

The sustain alpha side effects pushed your body to produce more testosterone in a natural way. 

That’s why both of these compounds are mostly harmless. However, there are some minor risks. 

Dermacrine test base has extremely few negative effects, as we previously stated. It can be problematic if you have any medical concerns, such as diabetes, cancer, or depression. In addition, it is a strict no-no if you are under the age of 18. Your testosterone will increase even before puberty. It may result in very unanticipated negative consequences.

All of dermacrine’s negative side effects also apply to sustain alpha. However, these are barely perceptible. It occasionally results in allergic reactions. But even that is extremely unusual.

So, now you should probably know which one you should pick. However, we’re not done yet. 

We would also like to give our final verdict about which one might be better for you.  

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

Both dermacrime and sustain alpha are very similar. Both of them help you produce testosterone. However, dermacrine can offer more in some cases. 

We think, that if you’re into body and muscle building, then dermacrime will give you more benefit. It will help with your overall physique. 

However, if your testosterone levels are low, then go for sustain alpha. It will do the trick and is more organic. There will be fewer complications with your body since the drug is only building up testosterone. 

Having said that, you shouldn’t only believe what we say. You should talk to your physician before trying either of these two. Besides these two, there are also other testosterone-building supplements available on the market. 

You can also try them out if you like. 


  • How to apply Sustain alpha?

Apply 3-5 pumps to the lower chest or midsection after taking shower and patting the skin dry. Before changing clothes, spread the lotion over the widest possible area and dry it for 4-5 minutes. Apply the product frequently or whenever desired for optimal outcomes. 

  • Is sustain alpha harmful? 

There are no pro-hormones or steroidal components in Sustain Alpha. Instead, Sustain Alpha is full of “aromatic stimulators” and herbal extracts to boost testosterone production. Because of this, Sustain Alpha is a harmless, clean, and legal male enhancement product. It is possibly used by almost anyone.

  • How to apply dermacrine?

After taking a shower every morning, apply lotion. Apply 3 pumps if you weigh between 150 and 190 pounds. Apply 4 pumps if you weigh 191-230 pounds and 5 pumps if you’re 231 pounds or more. Then let it dry for 4-5 minutes. 

Final Word

Now you know the difference between dermacrine vs sustain alpha. We made an effort to be as thorough as we could.

However, everyone has a different type of body. And everyone has different needs. That’s why we suggest you contact your physician before trying any of these out. 

Good Luck!

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