Dhb vs Primo: 7 Factors to Differentiate!

Dhb Vs Primo

Getting confused between DHB and Primobolan? Both are very famous anabolic steroids of this era. 

Well. it’s time to end the ongoing DHB vs Primo battle in your head. 

DHB and primo both are versions of testosterone. DHB is a powerful steroid compared to Primobolan. It has health risks like blood pressure, creatinine, suppression of hepatotoxicity etc. But DHB increases stronger muscles than Primo. But Primo is good for the long term and has fewer health risks.  

Stick with us till the end of this article to know the differences more. 

DHB Vs Primo: Quick Overview 

DHB and Primobolan both have the same origin. They’re both two versions of testosterone. Yet, there are significant differences between these two anabolic steroids. 

Here is a chart pointing out the basic differences between DHB and Primobolan: 

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FactorsDHB(Dihydroboldenone) Primobolan
Muscle growth Comparatively higherComparatively lower
Blood pressure Comparatively higherComparatively lower
Hepatotoxicity Causes hepatotoxicity Doesn’t cause hepatotoxicity
Creatinine HighLow
Working time Works in 1-4 weeksWorks in 2 weeks
Amount 100-200 mg(per week) 100 mg (1-2 week)200 mg (2-3 week) 
Suppression HighLow


Dhb Vs Primo: Detailed Comparison 

Dhb Vs Primo

DHB or dihydroboldenone is basically 1-testosterone. On the other hand, Primobolan is also a modified version of testosterone. 

Both anabolic steroids are very similar. But according its use, there are some differences. Also, health risks and functions make them a lot different from each other. 

You might ask which one is better between dhb or primo? There are quite a few factors we need to discuss while choosing between these two. 

1. Muscle Growth 

When we are talking about steroids muscle growth should be our first concern. Steroids are used to increase muscle tissues and strength. 

Dihydroboldenone, also known as DHB is a very strong steroid for making muscles. You will get bulky muscles in no time if you are going for this steroid. 

Even women who plan to take this steroid might get manly muscles. It will perfectly give them the hard body they want. 

Especially when you are an athlete, you need strong muscles. And for that, a prescribed DHB is not a bad choice. 

On the other hand, Primobolan also builds muscles but in a lower amount. This steroid won’t give you a lot bulkier look. 

It will definitely increase muscles but not as much as DHB. People who don’t want a heavy body can go for Primobolan. It is a very good choice.  

2. Hepatotoxicity 

Hepatotoxicity might sound very fancy but it is a very simple thing. It is basically a medical term. It means liver damage caused by a medicine. 

It can also occur because of alcohol, supplements, or chemicals. It can also be referred to as toxic hepatitis. It can happen within a short time. Like a few hours. 

It can also happen in exposure to toxins for a long time. And that’s where our concern comes from. Because steroids are one kind of medic that causes hepatotoxicity. 

Steroids like DHB and Dianabol have toxic effects on the liver. And it can cause liver failure at an early stage. 

On the other hand, Primobolan has no hepatotoxicity. But a liver-damaged person should avoid taking Primobolan. 

3. Creatinine Level 

There is a number of steroids available on the market. But almost all of them increase creatinine levels in one’s body. 

Injecting DHB into your body increases the risk of kidney damage. If you intend to take DHB for a long time, it’s possible that your kidney might fail. 

On the other hand, Primobolan also increases creatinine levels but less. It won’t affect kidney damage directly but people with damaged kidneys should avoid this. 

4. Cardiovascular Component 

It is a highly common problem of increasing cholesterol levels in one’s body after taking steroids. That’s why you need to choose your steroid carefully. 

DHB increases HLD in your blood. That will increase the level of lipid in your veins. You might not even know that your cholesterol level is rising. 

If you continue taking it for a long time, you might get a heart blockage. Blood passageways may get clogged up. Eventually, you can face a heart attack.

Also, if this cholesterol clogs your brain you will face a stroke. That’s why it is very important to understand your dosage and the side effects. 

Because in the primary stage none feels severe problems. But in long term, it does put a great toll on your body. 

And because DHB is a powerful steroid it increases cholesterol more than others. 

Primobolan also increases cholesterol but the rate is less than DHB. But the health risk remains the same. 

To help control your cholesterol level, we have a product to recommend with them. 

TRIPLE BLOOD BALANCEThis supplement can stabilize your blood glucose level to keep your blood sugar level normal. It can also ensure a healthy cholesterol level in your body.

5. Period 

Usually, Primobolan starts working after taking it for 2 weeks. You can see a noticeable change in your body. 

But you might need to take more to complete the circle. And completing the circle is very important. 

On the other hand, DHB has to be taken for a longer time. But it will give you results sooner. And you will see visible changes more than Primobolan. 

Hormones are very sensitive. It’s best to complete the dbol primo cycle. Cycles are different in duration. Such as 20 weeks cycle can be too long.

6. Suppression 

Suppression is a state when your body can’t produce testosterone much. Almost all steroids cause this problem. 

That’s why a lot of bodybuilders face disinterest in sex. Primobolan and DHB both are testosterone but modified. 

Both steroids cause suppression but there is a difference. Primobolan causes less suppression than DHB. 

DHB is a very strong steroid and it affects the body severely. On one side it builds strong muscles. But it causes suppression on the other side. 

Among all the steroids out there in the market, Primobolan creates suppression a lot less. 

7. Amount 

Taking the right amount of steroids is not very hard. But to understand the intensity of the steroid is very important. 

Because between dihydroboldenone and Primobolan dihydroboldenone is strong comparatively. One dosage or DHB is like 2x dosage of Primobolan. 

DHB is a very powerful steroid. And it might take a longer period to work but it builds bulky muscles. Mainly taking a dose of DHB means taking a double dose of Primobolan. 

The higher amount of steroids that go into your body the more it damages the body. Primobolan is a very much decent steroid. And the amount of taking it is also perfect. 

Apparently, it will look like you are taking almost the same dosage. But DHB will affect you twice as Primobolan. 

Who Wins The Battle? 

Who Wins The Battle 

Since both DHB and Primobolan are modified forms of testosterone it has similar kinds of side effects. But the intensity is different. 

DHB affects one’s body in a very bad way. On one hand, it will give you the best muscles. But you what wouldn’t see is the toll you are paying for it. 

If one decides to take DHB for a very long time, he/she might face an untimely death. Primobolan users can also die at an early age. However, it will be a lot later compared to DHb users. 

Other than that the side effects of both steroids are very much similar. Such as- 

  • Loss of hair 
  • Libido 
  • Acne 
  • Oily skin 
  • Depression 
  • Mood swings 
  • Body hair 
  • Gynecomastia

Both DHB and Primobolan have pros and cons. But if you need to choose between these two it is better to choose Primobolan. Why?

Because it has fewer health risks. And it is better than most other steroids available on the market. Moreover, the benefits of primo steroid are more than DHB. 

Also if you think of the long-term consequences then Primobolan is still the better one.

But if you are very much passionate about muscle-building then you can go for DHB. Because DHB will give you the perfect bulky and strong muscles most bodybuilders desire. 

Now that you know the pros and cons the choice is yours to make. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

Things To Keep In Mind 

You need to consult a doctor before you start taking any of the steroids. Because no matter what steroid you are taking it will always have side effects.  

And if you take extra dosages for early results it will not help you at all. Rather it will damage your body a lot. 

From the above discussion, it might seem that Primobolan is safer. But if you take Primobolan more than what is needed it will gravely affect your health. 

That’s why it is always wise to consult a doctor while choosing a steroid. Because professionals can determine what is good for you. 

FAQ’s :

  • How long does Primobolan stay in your system?

Oral tablets will stay about four to twenty hours in your system. But injections last a bit longer than oral tablets. Primobolan taken by injection will stay about four to seven days in one’s body. 

  • What steroids did baseball players use?

Prednisone or cristone are the steroids used by baseball players. These are anabolic-androgenic steroids. And these increase muscle size and muscle strength. These can reduce tendonitis. 

  • Is primobolan an androgenic?

Yes. Primobolan is an androgenic steroid. Not only it is androgenic but also it is anabolic. It is a very useful and famous steroid for bodybuilders. It is safe to take and causes weight loss. But it builds good muscles. 


Thank you for sticking to the very end of the discussion. Hope that we have ended your confusion in DHB vs primo

When choosing any of them, put your priority first. Whether you want strong muscles or risk your health a bit. 

Good luck with your muscle-building!

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