Dips Wide Or Narrow: Which One Is Best For You?

Dips Wide Or Narrow

You are looking to work on specific parts on your body or add dips in your workout routine. It is easy to get confused between the two types of dips. Because both of them serve different purposes.

So, which one should you do between dips wide or narrow

Choosing between dips wide or narrow depends on which muscle you are trying to work on. Wide dips is the best if you wish your chest to pump up more. But if improving your triceps are your main concern, then try narrow dips. However, make sure you are maintaining proper form while dipping.

Well, that’s a start about dips and their variations. But there’s much more to learn before attempting them. 

So why waste any time? Jump right in!

All About Dips: Things You Need to Know!

Dips is a really good exercise for the upper body. The best thing about it, is that it doesn’t even require any specialized equipment.

It can build the upper body muscles as a basic compound workout.

Dips can be divided into two types. And one of them is the wide dips. This one is specially done to build up your chest muscles. It hits the triceps more profoundly building good foundation for chest push and pull scenarios

The other one is the narrow dips. They are usually done to make your triceps firm.

People Who Shouldn’t Do Dips

Before getting any further you should check if you have any recurring injuries. Especially if you have shoulder or sternum injuries then try to avoid dips.

Because dips can worsen the injuries as it requires too much internal shoulder rotation.

So, be careful with that, you obviously want to keep your shoulder intact.

That’s enough scary things about dips. Let’s get into the benefits now!

Benefits of Dips

You can be benefited from dips in several ways. Knowing benefits will encourage you more. So let’s know about those benefits.

Dips as Compound Exercise 

By doing compound exercise you can build more muscles and strength. Because it works on several muscles Also, dips help to burn more calories as well.

Customizable Exercise

As I mentioned before, you don’t even need specialized equipment for dips. You can do your dips in parallel bars, stable chairs, or on weight benches based on your comfort.

Start with a parallel bar if you are in your early stage of dips However, if you’re experienced then you can try crossfit rings. Being good with dips mean you can avoid forearms pain as strength increases

You can also add weight to your dips for making it customizable and challenging. Another thing you can do is to lean forward to work on your chest more. 

To work on your triceps, you can be more upright and keep your hands closer.

So it depends on how one wants to customize and enjoy his/her dips.

Increases Flexibility 

Dips increase flexibility in the shoulder and wrists as it works on various muscles. So, if your body is stiff you can try dipping to make it more flexible.

Superior to Push-Ups

In push-ups, you only lift a portion of the weight. But in dips, you lift the full weight of your body with an extra weight if you want.

Makes Your Joints Stronger

Dips make your joints stronger as they stabilize muscles. Wrists, elbows, and shoulders become stronger.

Differences between Narrow and Wide Dips

Actually, the main difference between narrow and wide dips is in the grips and the torso angle. Let’s get to the thorough details of these two variables.


For wide dips, you need to choose a set of parallel bars. Then you need to place your hands outside of your shoulder width.

Make sure that you are using a grip that matches your shoulder width for narrow dips. 


You need to lean forward about 30 degrees for the wide dips. Ensure a vertical position of your body during exercise for narrow dips. 

Let’s know more about wide and narrow dips individually.

All About Wide Dips

Wide dips are known as chest dips as it emphasizes your chest muscles. Chest dips directly affect the muscles of your chest. The wide grip helps the lower and outer chest muscles to be pumped. 

Why don’t we check out how to perfectly do the wide dips?          

Perfect Guideline to Execute Wide Dips 

  • As I said before, you need to use a set of parallel bars. Place your hands outside of shoulder width.
  • After you have the bars, bend your knees. Set your legs to push bbackwards as much as you can. 
  • Next, make your torso angle more horizontal and emphasize your chest.
  • Take your elbows outwards to your sides. If you have your arms parallel with the floor, no need to bend your body anymore.

All About Narrow Dips

If you’re targeting your triceps, narrow dips are the best. Narrow dips will help you to strengthen your shoulder. Because it activates the triceps brachii muscles.

It also allows you to use more weight than any other isolation exercise. This helps you to build more muscles in the triceps. However, it is good to try various variations of the narrow dips for better results.

Now, I will guide you to do proper narrow dips!

Perfect Guideline to Execute Narrow Dips

  • You need to sit on the edge of a stable chair. Also, you can use a weight bench as well. 
  • After that, maintain the grip that matches the width of your shoulder. 
  • Point your finger to your feet,legs should be extended. 
  • Your feet should be align with the distance of your hips. Ensure your heels touch the ground.
  • Lower yourself to bent elbows between 45 to 90 degrees. Keep pushing till your arms are in a straight line. 
  • Make sure to maintain vertical position when ascending and descending. 
  • You can redo the process.       

‘Dip’ Tips for  the Beginners   

If you are a beginner, then here are some basic tips for you. Following these will help you through your dipping journey.

  • To do a full chest or tricep dips, you should be able to complete full push-ups of a single set of 10. So try to improve your strength on push-ups.
  • Doing bench dips can help build up your strength for dips.
  • Keep your eyes on the floor ahead. Keep your head straight to match your torso.  
  • Avoid over-arching and keep your lower back neutral. Maintain your shoulders and knees in a straight line. 
  • Inhale while ascent, hold it on the way down and exhale at the top again.

Warm-Up Tips for DIPS

Warm-up reduces the risk of injury. Also, increase the body and muscle temperature. Moreover, it improves your flexibility. So a warm-up session is a must before dipping.

  • Your body temperature can be increased if you run, do rope jump or jog a little. It will ensure good blood flow for starting dips.
  • Shadowboxing is a good warm-up before tricep dips.
  • You can lessen stiffness in your muscles through dynamic stretches. Doing 5-10 minutes of stretching can also increase flexibility. 
  • You can bench press with light weights.


Can pregnant women do dips?

Well, you know dip is an upper-body exercise. Usually, it doesn’t cause any pain in your abdomen. Tricep dips will begood for you. But do keep your body in mind. Also, consider its condition. It’ll be great if you consult with your doctor and physiotherapist first.

Are wide dips bad?

No, wide dips are too good for blasting your chest size. Your chest muscles work the most in wide dips. You should just do it in a proper way.

Why do my shoulders hurt while doing dips?

During doing dips, your shoulder is extended backward. Your biceps tendon is compressed against the humerus. It may cause shoulder pain.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we have cleared all of your confusion about the topic “dips wide or narrow”.

Dips can be a great exercise to build up several muscles at a time. Make sure you are doing it properly. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your muscles.

Good wishes to you!

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