Diy Shaker Ball at Home- Quick and Easy Method

Who would argue against the importance of a protein diet for building muscle mass? And then all of us tend to ease of use. Why use a blender in the kitchen when you can use a DIY shaker anytime, anywhere?

Of course, this is the ease of use that draws people to use homemade shakers. Because one can carry it anywhere and use it conveniently. 

So is a DIY shaker ball better than store-bought?

Yes, homemade shaker balls are much better than store-bought. Firstly, it’s cheaper due to the use of things available already at home. It’s easy and quick to make and requires just two things. A holding container like a plastic bottle and a shaker ball like marble balls or even rice could be used. 

In this article, we will see in detail how to make a DIY shaker ball at home. And we will also explain why a manual hand shaker is better.

But before that let us see what a hand shaker is.

Hand Shaker 

Hand shaker is simply a bottle that can be used as a manual blender just by shaking it. This bottle is a kind of plastic to-go cup for blending manually. And the most important part of a hand shaker is a metal ball, whisk, or metal wire sphere. 

The purpose of this metal wire sphere or marble ball is to whip around while you shake. As a result, you get a smooth shake without clumps. For the sake of clarity, check the three things that you require for a hand shaker.

  • Plastic to-go Cup
  • Shaker Ball (Silver ball, sphere spring, marble ball)

Let us see both of these things.

Plastic Bottle

When you are focused on exercise and diet plan then losing this focus might drive you away. This is why you could use the ease of use to stay focused. 

A plastic bottle for manual protein shakes is one of those things that makes you feel at ease of use. You can mix your protein powder on the go without heading to the kitchen. And the best thing is that you can do it anywhere.

Check out the major benefits of having a manual hand shaker bottle.

  • Portability.
  • Save your money.
  • Ease of use.
  • Use whenever and wherever you want.

And the major drawbacks of manual shakers are as follows.

  • Some ingredients require more shaking effort.
  • little bit time-consuming.
  • Hard food might require an electric blender anyway.

Plastic bottles for the hand shaker come along with the shaker ball. These shaker balls could be of different kinds. Let us see some of them.

Shaker Ball

If somehow you lose your shaker ball and have to buy a new one. You will notice that there are plenty of shaker ball kinds to choose from. They could be made of rubber, solid metal, or just metal wire. 

Some of these shaker balls are specifically designed for protein shakers. However, there are some made for good alcohol shakers as well. Every kind has its own pros and cons. 

Let us have a look at the most popular example of a shaker ball.

Stainless Steel Whisk Ball

This is probably the most popular shaker ball. Its shape is spherical and is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for different kinds of shaker bottles.

  • Stir Whisky
  • Protein 
  • Milkshake
  • Juice
  • Coffee
  • Wine

While buying a whisk sphere ball for your manual protein shaker make sure you check these. 

  • That it doesn’t rust.
  • That it is easy to clean.

This kind of stainless steel wire whisk ball comes with most of the bottles. However, other shaker balls such as marble balls are also used for this purpose. 

Let us see how to make a blender ball at home.

DIY Shaker Ball At Home-[Hand Shaker]

Making a manual shaker ball at your home is extremely easy, quick, and useful. You just need two things to make a shaker ball at home.

  • Shaker Bottle
  • Shaker

Shaker Bottle For Homemade Shaker

The first thing is of course a shaker bottle. For this, you can use any disposable plastic bottle. Make sure that its lid is tight enough and the plastic is unbreakable. 

You can also use a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle. 

Things To Look For In Homemade Shaker Bottle

You obviously want to have a bottle that is made of good material and won’t break. Check out some other major qualities to look for in a homemade ball shaker bottle.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Should be leakproof.
  • Should have a tight lid.
  • If you want to use it again, make sure it doesn’t smell after washing.

Shaker Balls For Homemade Shaker

Shaker ball is used inside the shaker bottle to get a smooth shake and to avoid clumps. For this purpose, many kinds of shaker balls are being used.

  • Wire Whisk Sphere Ball
  • Marble Ball
  • Solid steel ball
  • Rubber ball
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Beats

Every kind of shaker ball will do the trick. You are making it at home so you can use whatever you find. Additionally, while using shaker balls ensure that they are clean and without rust if made of steel. 

Also never forget to check out the steel balls that are not harmful to food. Some steel-made balls are not good to use as shaker balls in your shakers due to health issues. 

Hand Shaker

Step By Step Guide To Make a Shaker Ball At Home

When you have chosen a holding container which could be a plastic bottle or glass bottle. Then follow the steps given below to make a ball shaker at home.

  • First of all, clean your bottle.
  • Make sure the lid of the bottle is tight enough.
  • Pour all of your protein shake ingredients into the bottle.
  • Now put your shaking mechanism ball.
  • Whether it’s a wire sphere, marble ball, or rice, just pour them inside the bottle.
  • Now check again the lid of the bottle if it’s tight enough and won’t wear off while you shake.
  • Now shake it well to get a smooth shake without any clumps.

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Final Verdict

It is pretty clear that hand shakers have their own benefits over electric blenders. And homemade ball shakers can be made very easily and quickly without any expense at all. 

All the things that you require to make a ball shaker at home, are already available at your home. 


Does peanut butter work in a shaker?

Yes, peanut butter will mix just fine in a shaker ball. It will just work like your protein powder. The best way to find out will be just going ahead and doing it. And after doing it you will see for yourself that peanut butter will mix up just like protein powder. 

Is the ball necessary in a blender shaker?

Yes, a ball in a blender shaker is necessary if you want to avoid clumps. Because that ball bounces around when you shake and break all your hard ingredients. Having the ball inside the shaker will make the shake as smooth as possible. And you might wanna leave that ball inside when you drink it. 

Why is protein powder so damn hard to mix?

Protein powder is hard to mix because they contain insoluble fiber. The second reason why protein powder won’t mix is that it is less processed. This is why most companies mix lecithin emulsifiers in protein powders. 


To make a DIY shaker ball at home is not that difficult. The things you need are available quite easily at your home. And you don’t need anything from a store.

We have also seen that making a shaker ball at home is convenient and will save you a lot of bucks. 

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