Do Bang Energy Drinks Make You Retain Water- Debunked!

Energy drinks are a popular beverage choice on the market. In 2013, the worldwide energy drink industry was valued at $39 billion. And it is expected to grow to $61 billion by 2022.

However, they have a poor reputation among medical professionals. They are discovered to be the root of agitation, dehydration, and a variety of other health problems.

One of them is water retention. However, it seems unusual at first glance to see water retention as one of the health risks.

So, do bang energy drinks make you retain water?

Yes, bang energy drinks do make you retain water. The combination of caffeine and creatine in the drinks greatly contributes to this. Excessive sugar consumption from these drinks also causes this. One or two cans may not have much of an impact, but daily consumption is sure to result in issues.

So what should you do to avoid this health risk? And what steps should be taken when any of the water retention symptoms show up. Let’s find out

Do Bang Energy Drinks Make You Retain Water?

Drinks with caffeine, such as bang energy drinks, may overexcite the stomach and cause bloating. While caffeine can assist in balancing your system, it is extremely dehydrating and difficult to digest.

Due to its diuretic properties, it can have an immediate short-term impact. But consuming too much coffee can lead to water retention.

You won’t retain water after one or two bang cans, but frequent consumption over several weeks will.

Why Do Energy Drinks Make You Retain Water?

Water or fluid retention/edema is caused by an accumulation of extra fluid in your body. In addition to tissues and cavities, the circulatory system can also retain water.

Your legs, ankles, feet, and hands can bulge as a result. Energy drinks with caffeine carry a greater risk of developing water retention over time. 

You will notice changes in your body after consuming 1-2 cans every day for a few weeks. You will begin to feel lethargic.

Due to the high sugar content, excessive energy drink consumption will result in weight gain over time. Additionally, being overweight is one of the causes of water retention.

On the other side, Bang energy drink contains creatine, which significantly aids in water retention. The increased intake of caffeine and creatine may enable your body to adapt.

But it will also cause water retention in your ankles, legs, and other areas. You will notice changes in your body, but they may differ from person to person.

Do Bang Energy Drinks Make You Retain Water

What Are The Symptoms of Water Retention?

Symptoms may vary from person to person. Some may have all the symptoms while others might have only one or two. Regardless of the number, you need to check in with your doctor if you see these –

  1. Swollen body parts (feet, hands, and ankles are commonly affected)
  2. Aching in the swollen body parts
  3. Rigid joints
  4. Rapid weight growth in a matter of days or weeks
  5. Unexplained weight fluctuations
  6. When squeezed, the skin could retain the indentation for a short while (pitting edema)
  7. In other instances, the skin might not retain an indent when squeezed (non-pitting edema).

What to Do When You Suspect Water Retention?

You should see your doctor if you have persistent water retention. However, you can reduce your symptoms by making a variety of easy behavioral adjustments.

1. Massage Lower Legs and Thighs

Apply a tiny amount of oil to the affected area and massage it upward firmly and slowly. It only takes a few minutes every day to provide significant relief. Compared to dry brushing, which can irritate the skin, it is a far better option

2. Make an Appointment with A Professional

You can also make an appointment for a professional massage. The most effective treatment for water retention is a gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage.

However, any firm massage that uses long upward movements with some kneading, will help to increase circulation.

3. Keep Your Legs Elevated

While using the computer, try to sit with your legs up on a stool. Moreover, to prevent water retention at night, place a few pillows beneath your legs. Do it for at least a half-hour.

4. Use Compression Stockings

Compression stockings can help alleviate the signs of water retention. However, they frequently decrease your own drainage and circulation system over time. So, only wear them in an emergency.

5. Have Cold Showers

Hot and cold (contrast) showers both enhance blood and lymph vessel contractions. This improves blood flow and lymph drainage.

Even taking a cold shower with just your legs in it can help. You can also try the following supplements as well for excessive joint pain-

A cutting-edge recipe for the “JOINT N-11 Supplement” supplies pure niacinamide, which has been demonstrated in studies to protect joint tissue.
LONGEVITY ACTIVATORLongevity Activator is a vitamin that works to keep the body youthful at the cellular level. Enjoy healthy skin, pain-free joints, and improved memory.

Both of these supplements are great for pain relief. But don’t take these without consultation from your doctor.

How Can You  Avoid Water Retention?

We should aim to maintain an active lifestyle and take the essential precautions to prevent fluid retention. 

Because prevention is always preferable to treatment, especially when our bodies are involved. Let’s have a look at the steps we can take to avoid such cases

1. Stay Active

The more your muscles contract the more it will help to pump more blood. This will help in reducing fluid retention.

Try walking, cycling, running, or swimming to get more blood circulating throughout your body. Walking helps the most in this case.

2. Reduce the Number of Carbonated Drinks

You need to reduce your consumption of fizzy beverages to avoid bloating. For a hydrating and healthier treat, choose water with lime, lemon, or cucumber.

3. Drink More Water

Contrary to popular belief, dehydration results in the body’s increased retention of water. Coffee, as a diuretic, can have an immediate effect.

However, heavy consumption of alcohol and caffeine is known to cause an increase in water retention.

4. Change Your Diet

There are numerous nutritional adjustments you can take to minimize water retention. First, limit your salt consumption since sodium makes the body retain water.

You should cut back on your sugar intake as well. Because it contributes to glycation and inflammation. They both influence how your blood vessels work.

Eat more fruits notably bananas, apples, watermelons, and peaches which are high in potassium. Apple makes some people nauseous, they can simply opt for the other options. These can serve as a diuretic and aid in lowering salt levels.

Berries are extremely healthy since they all contain polyphenols that strengthen your lymphatic and blood arteries.

We are all aware of the dangers of smoking. And it is well-known that both nicotine and tar can harm your blood vessels and circulation.

Vape is also not a decent substitute because it has a similar effect. So quitting smoking is the best option as well.

5. Improve Your Bowel Function

Preventing the pelvic area’s vessels from functioning normally, constipation can lead to an increase in fluid retention.

A couple of teaspoons of crushed chia seeds mixed with water can restore most people’s regularity. Chia seeds are great metformin as well. Vegetables, fruits, and plenty of water are also important for healthier bowel movements.

However, before eliminating any food from your diet, it is advised that you see your doctor. Because dietary intolerances can cause water retention, eliminating diet may be able to detect any of yours.

Are There Healthy Alternative to Bang Energy Drinks?

If reaching for an energy drink is your regular routine, we have some better choices for you. These are not only better in nutrition, but they also work just as well as energy drinks.

Green Juices and Smoothies

Green juices feature spinach, parsley, and other dark green vegetables that are rich in B vitamins. It is important for our body to have a healthy metabolism.

Whole foods are the best sources of energy. So, a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients can keep you feeling energetic all day.

Green Tea

Comparatively less caffeine is present in green tea than in coffee. Green tea is an excellent choice for an energy drink due to its various health advantages.

Reduced risk of cancer and heart disease are some of those benefits. Additionally, there is proof that green tea enhances mental focus and productivity. This makes it a perfect substitute for an afternoon mug of coffee.

Protein Shakes

Fatigue is frequently caused by a protein deficiency. A good protein shake can help your body acquire the nutrition it requires.

But adding protein powder to a shake won’t automatically give you more energy. To convert protein into usable energy, we need carbs.

Blend fruit, quinoa, and 10 grams of powdered protein into your smoothie. If you want an energy boost that lasts longer, you should also add milk and yogurt.


All metabolic processes slow down as soon as we become dehydrated. Dehydration is a major factor in our loss of energy and feeling lethargic as a result.

Fruit slices, blueberries, or strawberries can be added to water to give it a taste. The fruit is particularly nutrient-dense thanks to its carbohydrate and B vitamin content.D.


Do Bang Energy Drinks Cause You to Become Bloated?

Any carbonated beverage like bang energy drinks might make you feel bloated. This is because of inhaling too much air. Gas can build up in your stomach as a result of carbonated beverages’ fizz.

What If You Consume Three Bangs in A Single Day?

Caffeine in large dosages can cause severe dehydration and raise blood pressure. This is harmful to one’s health. It may result in an elevated heart rate, anxiety, irregular sleep patterns, and digestive problems.

Do Bangs Increase Your Metabolic Rate?

Yes, it can increase your metabolism. Numerous studies have shown that drinking energy drinks that contain caffeine can sharply boost metabolic rates. If used repeatedly, it could eventually lead to preferred alterations in muscle mass.

End Words

And that is all about do bang energy drinks make you retain water. In short, absolutely it does. How you can identify and solve water retention is mentioned above.

We hope this guide through water retention was useful for you. Comment below for any further queries.

Until then, have luck!

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