Do Your Lips Get Bigger When You Lose Weight? Let’s Discover!

When you are thinking about losing weight you may have many questions about the consequences. It’s common for all of us. Besides fitness, we all want a perfect look.

So, you can be concerned about- do your lips get bigger when you lose weight. 

No, your lips do not get bigger but appear bigger when you lose weight. In this article, we will discuss the consequences of weight loss on your face. Also, 4 reasons why your facial features appear bigger for losing weight. Finally, we will discuss if lips size changes for weight transformation.

To learn more about why your lips look bigger when you lose weight let’s get into the post. After going through the post you will get complete knowledge about the issue.  

4 Reasons Why Your Lips Appear Bigger?

For multiple reasons, your lips do look bigger when you lose weight. But your lips size does not change. 

Here we will discuss exactly four reasons why your lips look bigger when you lose weight.

In some exceptional cases, these reasons can vary. So first, we will discuss in which case the result can be different. 

Weight loss means the whole body weight loss. But lips size appearances depend on facial fat. If you lose the facial fats then your lips size looks bigger.

Weight transformation from the abdomen can change the lips size sometimes. But generally, your lips size does not get bigger for weight loss. 

Now, back to the point about why your lips appear bigger when you lose weight. 

Reason 1: Exposure to Face Parts

When you lose the fats from the face then your facial features get exposed. For that reason, the eyes, lips, and nose look a little bit bigger.

Fats cover the curves of the features, that’s why those features look smaller than their actual size.

Most of us think that our lips get bigger when we lose weight. You will be surprised to know that your lips even get bigger when you gain weight. 

For the hormone transformation at the time of weight gain, your lips get bigger.

Reason 2: Jaw And Cheek Break

By losing the fat from the cheek your jaw becomes compressed. At the same time, your lips and mouth look bigger because your face is getting small.

Compared to the face your lips appear bigger. But your lips size remains the same. It is one of the main reasons why people think that their lips size is enlarged for losing weight.

There’s a misconception among most people that weight loss is always good. But a certain limit of weight is maintainable. And that does not do any harm. 

Reason 3: For Loose Skin

When you lose weight rapidly your skin gets loose. That’s why Face features hang down at the same time your face features look bigger. Your face may look bigger than your body when you lose fat. 

People think that at the time of losing weight, their lips get enlarged. But nothing like that. You can take other steps, in this case, to keep your skin tight. 

This type of problem can happen when you lose weight in an unhealthy way. However, you can use some organic weight loss supplements. That can protect you from this type of problem. Resveratone Diet, Burn Boost, Carbofix, etc. are some of the most-used weight loss supplements. 

Reason 4: Dehydration

Dehydration is another major issue for making your lips bigger. Most weight loss diets and training suggest drinking less water. That causes dehydration and weakness in your body.

For dehydration and weakness, your lips appear bigger. The size remains the same. 

These are the reasons why you can observe your lips look bigger while you lose weight. In this case, if you want to keep your lips looking thin you can take some steps. By following these steps you will get an effective result.

For your convenience, we will discuss 4 effective steps to keep your lips looking the same. 

How to Prevent Lips From Appearing Big? 

If you are wondering how to keep your lips the same while you are losing weight. Follow these 4 steps properly. 

Steps 1 of 4: Keep Skin Tight

If you do not want your lips to appear big. At the same time you want to lose weight, you have to keep your skin tight. Also, you can avoid rapid transformation. It leads your skin to get loose. Rapid transformation is not good for health.

If your skin remains compact then your lips won’t appear big. It is a handy solution to your problem. 

Step 2 of 4: Facial Exercise

There are some facial exercises to keep your lips small. If you do that exercise regularly that will work like magic. 

Lips reduction exercise is stretching your lips properly. To do that hold your breath and compress your lips by keeping the teeth open. And then breathe from the nose for 30 seconds. 

Continue the process for 10 minutes. This process will help you to keep your lips small.

Step 3 of 4: Don’t Let Your Jaw Break Extremely

When you are losing weight it is common to break your jaw day by day. But extreme jaw breaks can expose your lips badly.  And that makes your lips appear bigger.

So, at the time of losing weight do not let your cheeks and jaw break extremely. A thinner face and cheek can not cover your lips.

If you are concerned about the lip’s size do not go for a jaw break.

Step 4 of 4: Maintain Hydration

Hydration is a very important thing to keep your face and lips looking better. Dehydration makes your lips dryer and that makes lips appear bigger.  

Drink enough water to remain hydrated. Lack of water in the body can cause other skin problems.   

So, when you are losing weight, go through a steady process. If you want to go at a rapid speed that can cause extreme dehydration. And that will ultimately make your lips look big. 

Remember the steady process is more effective, healthy, and long-lasting.

By following these 4 methods you can prevent your lips from appearing big. You also may want to know what other changes can happen to your face while you lose weight. 

We will provide some ideas about the changes you may face while you are losing weight.

Weight Loss Effect on Face 

Weight loss is good practice. It helps you to maintain blood pressure and keep you fit and healthy. But sometimes people tend to lose body fat so much that some bitter effects can make your facial appearance bad.

Weight loss causes skin damage, wrinkles, black spots, etc. It can destroy your satisfaction. 

We will here discuss some specific points about the weight loss effect. 

Skin Damage

Skin damage is a very common issue when you lose weight. You can see black spots and wrinkles on your face. Your skin becomes loose which makes you look older than your age.

Eye Exposure

For losing weight your eyes get exposed. And sometimes it can be very extreme. Because of that, it tempers the attractiveness of your face. 

Dark circles can damage your skin glow. And ultimately that can demoralize you from losing weight.

Shape Lose of Face Portion

Shape loss is another severe issue when you lose weight. Your facial features like the nose, eyes, jawline, lips, etc lose their shape when you lose weight. 

It ultimately damages the shape of your facial features.  

So, before going for weight loss consider these issues. And we are recommending you take a steady approach.


Can your lips get bigger naturally?

Yes, there are many effective and no-surgical ways to make your lips big. Many of us are passionate about making our lips big. Yes, you can make your lips bigger without going under the knife. It has a lengthy but effective procedure.

At what age do lips start to thin?

In the age of early 30s, your lips start to get thinner. Collagen and hyaluronic acid production start in the age of late 20s. And it starts affecting at the age of early 30s. To avoid your lips getting thinner you must make some changes in your diet. Also, you should follow some strict rules regarding your daily habits.  

Why did my lips get bigger overnight?

It’s for consuming excessive salt. Before going to sleep if you consume excessive salt then that can make your lips get bigger overnight. Salt has hydrochloric acid that forces your lips to get bigger and heavier. 

Signing Off

Well, this is the time for signing off. Throughout the discussion, we tried our best to describe whether your lips get bigger when you lose weight. 

From personal experience and a scientific point of view, we describe the matter. Hope you get all the answers related to this matter.

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