Does Black Seed Oil Burn Your Throat? – Know the Answer!

does black seed oil burn your throat

You have heard the many benefits of black seed oil and decided to give it a try. After consuming the oil, your throat starts to burn. You might think about where it went wrong and why is your throat burning.

So, does black seed oil burn your throat?

Yes, black seed oil can burn your throat depending on how you are consuming it. It is a very strong and acidic oil filled with minerals. When consuming, if you keep it in your throat for a while, your throat will definitely burn. But it’s a good sign. Meaning the oil that you are using is strong.

Now, that was just a glimpse of the whole article. This article is for you if you wish to discover more about black seed oil.

What Is Black Seed Oil?

What Is Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil is a natural ingredient. It is derived from the Nigella Sativa plant. This oil is mostly used medicinally. As it’s herbal, this is considered a natural remedy.

Nowadays, Black Seed oil is used for many reasons. Historically, this oil was used for headaches, toothpaste, intestinal congestion, and more. Today, this oil is used to remedy many digestional conditionals. It is also useful in terms of respiratory conditions.

Does It Burn Your Throat?

does black seed oil burn your throat

Black Seed oil can cause throat burn. It normally depends on how you consume it. 

Black Seed Oil is a very strong oil. This indicates that compared to most oils, this one contains a lot of minerals. This also means the oil is also acidic. So when we consume the oil through the throat, the black seed oil burns.

Unlike most of our body parts, our throat is very sensitive. So when a strong oil, like black seed oil, touches that place, it can burn. It wouldn’t be the case for the skin in our hands. 

How to Take Black Seed Oil?

So, what can we do to keep black seed oil from burning our throats? When we consume the oil through the mouth, we should always consume it with water. And while doing so, we have to make sure that we instantly consume it. The longer we keep it in our throat, the more chances it has to burn.

Throat burning while consuming black seed oil is a good indication. This means that the oil we are taking is strong, efficient, and filled with minerals. If we didn’t feel anything in our throat, it would indicate the consumed oil isn’t that strong.

This is not a good sign. There is no point in consuming weak oil which won’t benefit us in any way.

What Are Black Seed Oil Benefits?

What Are Black Seed Oil Benefits

There are multiple benefits to the use of Black Seed Oil. This oil is used as a supplement. So when taking as a supplement, one should always consult their physician to determine the dosage.  

Currently, research on the health advantages of black seed oil is limited.However, there is evidence that it may offer a number of possible benefits. We will go through some of the most noteworthy findings from previous research.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetic patients may benefit from black seed oil. According to new research, black seed oil lowers fasting blood glucose levels. It also helps with inflammation and lipid profile in type 2 diabetic patients.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Black Seed Oil can be highly beneficial for treating arthritis. The use of this oil is to treat arthritis symptoms in patients. It can help lower inflammatory indicators in the blood. And lastly, it heavily helps with swollen joints. A lot of arthritis patients have benefitted from this.

  • Allergies & Nasal Inflamation

Balck seed oil is helpful in dealing with allergies. This oil can reduce multiple allergies associated with nasal symptoms. These symptoms are:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing 
  • Itchy nose


Black seed oil reduces risk factors in people who are obese. Many people noticed a decrease in their weight and waist circumference due to black seed oil.

Using black seed oil with aerobic exercise is very beneficial. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and body mass index tremendously. 


There are also black seed oil benefits for skin. This chemical is well-known for its skin-healing properties. Let’s take a look at why you should use black seed oil into your skincare routine.

  • Can Heal Acne

Thymohydroquinone is a substance that is found in black seed oil. It is a chemical with considerable action against gram-positive microorganisms, particularly acne-causing bacteria. 

It also works effectively in conjunction with common antibiotics. Together they can treat pustular skin infections caused by the staphylococcus bacterium.

  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Black seed oil can be used to treat and manage inflammatory skin conditions.These disorders are psoriasis and eczema. It has the ability to alleviate skin inflammation, irritation, and redness. 

Research demonstrated that a 95% ethanolic extract of black seed has antipsoriatic properties. It can be used to treat psoriasis.

  • Reduces Signs of Aging

The use of black seed oil on the skin minimizes skin irritation and increases skin moisture. It is high in antioxidants, which can help to minimize oxidative stress. 

All of these measures can assist in keeping the skin firm and healthy. It can also reduce the indications of premature aging. Its antioxidant capabilities may also assist in the reduction of dark spots and discoloration.

You may try other supplements with black seed oil to have youthful-looking skin and reduce aging signs. 

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LONGEVITY ACTIVATORThis supplement can keep your body younger and ensure youthful skin, pain-free joints, and a sharper brain.
IMMUNITY 911This supplement can boost your immune system to protect itself from viruses, diseases and aging.


Other Uses of Black Seed Oil

Excluding the mentioned ones, there are more benefits to black seed oil. Black seed oil can help reduce headaches and blood pressure. It also strengthens the immune system by combating inflammation. It can also help decrease your cholesterol.

In people with normal kidney function, black seed oil can lower creatine levels. When this happens, you can take clumpy creatine. Just don’t go overboard.

It can also aid with hair development and dry hair. People who are facing hair fall issues can be benefitted from black seed oil. It can also help you with cancer, birth control, menstrual disorder, flu and many more conditions.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Black Seed Oil?

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Black Seed Oil

The use of a supplement such as black seed oil may have unintended consequences. These adverse effects might range from minor to severe.

There hasn’t been much study done on the long-term safety of black seed oil. Some research, however,  has discovered dangers connected with black seed oil, such as

  • Toxicity: There is a component in black seed oi called melanthin. In larger amounts, this substance can be dangerous. As a result, when taking black seed oil, use caution.
  • Allergic reaction: If black seed oil is applied directly to the skin, it may cause an allergic response. This is known as allergic contact dermatitis. This rash might be caused by a systemic response to other medicines.
  • Bleeding risk: Black seed oil has been linked to decreased blood coagulation and an increased risk of bleeding. As a result, if you suffer from a bleeding issue, you should avoid using black seed oil. Furthermore, two weeks before a scheduled operation, discontinue the use of black seed oil.

Just make sure to consult your doctor before using any type of black seed oil.

What Are The Possible Interactions?

It’s also probable that black seed oil will interact with a variety of popular medications, including:

  • Drugs treating high pressure
  • Diabetes-related drugs
  • Serotonergic drugs
  • Sedative drugs
  • Diuretic drugs
  • Anticoagulant drugs
  • It can increase the amount of iron the body absorbs

You can take Black seed oil while using steroids. There aren’t any possible interactions between them. But it’s better not to take them while you are in a long cycle of steroids.


  • What Is The Best Time to Take Black Seed Oil?

One teaspoon of black seed oil is generally advised daily (tsp). This should be consumed uncooked every morning and before going to sleep. Simply verify and follow the directions on the product label.

  • How To Apply Black Seed Oil On Face?

First, wash your skin. Then pat your skin dry using a soft towel. Then, massage your face and neck with a few drops of black seed oil. Then, leave it overnight. This oil has a powerful scent. As a result, it may be overly sensitive for your nose. You may combine it with other ingredients if you like.

  • Are There Some People Who Should Not Use Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil should not be eaten by youngsters or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.  There are certain drugs, herbs, and supplements that may have interactions. Always with your healthcare expert before beginning any supplement.


Now, you know the answer to does black seed oil burn your throat. There are many health-related benefits to this oil. But none the less, we should be careful while using this oil.

Just keep in mind that you should start with a lower dose. Before using his oil, see your doctor. I hope this article answered your questions.

Have a wonderful day!

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