E2 Crash Symptoms [Low Estrogen Levels in Men]

e2 crash symptoms

Most people think estrogen, a sex hormone, is a female hormone and doesn’t do much for males. However, estrogen hormones occur naturally in everybody to function properly.

In males, estrogen needs to balance out with testosterone levels. If it gets low or high you will feel or see some noticeable symptoms. So, what are the E2 crash symptoms?

E2 crash symptoms included a wide range of emotional and physical changes in males. Fatigue, bone wastage, erectile dysfunction, depression, and irritability are the most common ones. If not diagnosed and treated timely, these symptoms can turn into long-term ailments causing severe health issues.

I have rounded up a few common symptoms and causes of low estrogen. Additionally, you’ll also get an idea about the diagnosis of low estrogen in men and treatment plans.

Estrogen in Male

Estrogen in Male

Simply put, estrogen basically contributes to the overall function of both males and females. Typically estrogen is known as a female hormone and testosterone as male. But it is not entirely correct.

Males have high amounts of testosterone and females have higher estrogen content in their blood. Estrogen in males needs to be in balance to control sex drive, erection, and sperm production.

Symptoms of E2 Crash [Low Estrogen]

e2 crash symptoms

Here are some of the major symptoms of low estrogen or e2 crash in men. There are many crashed estrogen symptoms male body goes through. Some of them may overlap with another physical ailment. Thus, you may need professional assistance to diagnose them correctly.

1. Fatigue

Constant fatigue and energy drainage could be signs of an e2 crash. We said it could be because it could also be the sign of low T. Not to mention the bad weather mood.

You may experience tiredness fading in and out throughout the day. And as the day progresses the situation may become worse. In addition to fatigue, low estrogen can make you sleepy. Estrogen effects on male brain as well which makes you feel so weak. 

In addition to that, it can also lead to a lack of sleep. Lack of sleep and Low E2, both are precursors of depression and irritability. 

If you face fatigue only it may be something else. However, look for the following symptoms to be sure that the fatigue is from the crashed estrogen symptoms.

2. Bone Wastage

Low estrogen levels not just ruin your mental and emotional state but will affect you physically. Specifically, bone wastage, which will make you feel weaker.

It will become more stressful to stand, sit, or even do some low-stress physical activities. Severe pain in the bone and the joints can make things worse.

Aged people may hear bone popping or crackling noises while moving.

3. Build-Up Fat

Fat is another nasty downside of low estrogen levels. It will accumulate faster in various places on your body, specifically in the abdominal region. And it will be harder to get rid of as you won’t feel like working out. 

Water retention can also make you feel heavy and add weight. Yes, it may not be as bad as the fat build-up. But both will make you feel down and fatigued.

4. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the most common downside of e2 crashes. It’s not like there is something wrong with you. Your body is having some difficulties with balancing hormones. 

Having an ED is a clear sign of hormonal imbalance. But it is also a sign of a low T level. So whenever you experience any issues with erection, rush for professional help before ruining your sex life.

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5. Depression and Anxiety

This is probably the most irritating effect of low estrogen levels or low T levels. The hormonal imbalance will directly attack your mental health. You will feel tired, low, and exhausted for no apparent reason at all. 

6. Irritability

Have you ever seen how a woman suffers during or before her menstrual cycle? Almost everything irritates her. Well, E2 does the same for males too.

When your estrogen levels are low, the brain will be too sensitive to stress, changes, noises, and movements. This leads to severe irritability.

Mood swings and sudden anger will further drain your energy. You will feel like having an emotional roller coaster. 

In addition to the symptoms above, low estrogen symptoms in women are listed below.

  • Breast tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep issues
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Mood swings 
  • Depression
  • Night sweats
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bone loss
  • Vaginal atrophy

Diagnosing Low Estrogen

Diagnosing Low Estrogen

E2 crash symptoms are pretty similar to low testosterone symptoms. You might think you have an E2 crash but there’s a chance it’s not the reason.

The proper way to find out is to conduct a blood test to fix crashed e2. You will receive lab results in about a week. After the result, it’s your doctor who will suggest what to do next.

At different ages, the normal estrogen level in blood is different. Let’s take a look at the estrogen level at different ages. Then you can consider whether your E level is so low or not. If you take arimidex with test cycle, you may go through Arimidex crashed estrogen as well. 

Types of Estrogen

Types of Estrogen

In female bodies, it is responsible for menstruation, productive cycle, pubic hair, and puberty. Following organs produce estrogen in the human body.

  • Ovaries (In females).
  • Adrenal glands.
  • Fat tissues.

There are different types of estrogen that can be found in almost every human body.

1. Estrone

This type of estrogen is typically present in both males and females. And in female bodies, it is present specifically after menopause. It is a relatively weaker form and can be converted to other forms of estrogen when necessary.

2. Estradiol

This is the one present in both male and female bodies. And that’s the bad boy you should most worry about. Because estradiol getting low can result in low sex drive, depression, and even acne. And estradiol getting high would increase uterine and breast cancer risk.

3. Estriol

This one also concerns females more than males. Because this one rises during pregnancy to grow the uterus and prepares it for delivery. And its level shoots up right before birth.

Let us have a glance at the normal level of estrogen in the male body.

Normal Estrogen Level in Men

Men have two main types of estrogen present in their bodies, namely estrone, and estradiol. And it is measured in Picograms per millimeter.

Prepubescent Male

  • Estrone: 16 pg/ml
  • Estradiol: 13 pg/ml

Pubescent Male

  • Estrone: 60 pg/ml
  • Estradiol: 40 pg/ml

Adult Male

  • Estrone: 10-60 pg/ml
  • Estradiol: 10-40 pg/ml

Raising Estrogen Level After E2 Crash

Raising Estrogen Level After E2 Crash

In order to treat E2 crashes, your doctor may suggest HRT (hormone replacement therapy). HRT will help balance your estrogen level. Also, your doctor may suggest medications.

In addition, if you have messed up your TRT cycle somehow it’ll cause low estrogen too. Make sure to look for low e2 symptoms TRT cycle may have. You should immediately stop taking aromatase inhibitors in this case.

Lifestyle changes can certainly address low estrogen levels. Foods, exercise, water intake, and mental calmness can give you better results too.

Make sure your E2 level is maintained well when undergoing treatment. High e2 levels may lead to causing gyno like d-aspartic acid


  • How long does it take to recover from crashed E2?

Honestly, the period of e2 recovery is unpredictable. Most people may recover within a few weeks. However, for some people, it might take longer than that. You need to stop taking AI. Instead, take more T and have patience. 

  • Does low estrogen cause weight gain in males and females?

In women yes, in men not so much. Estrogen is present both in men and women but it’s particularly a women ‘s hormone. In women, the estrogen hormone estradiol regulates weight gain. Lower levels of estradiol may cause weight gain. Women may experience this gain around their hips and thighs. 

  • What will Estrogen do to a man? 

Estrogen is produced in male bodies. An increased amount of estrogen can cause the breast tissues to grow, and reduce libido, erection, and ejaculation. Too much estrogen can also cause gyno in men which makes the breasts larger. You can take sildenafil and tadalafil to ensure erectile functions. 


Low estrogen levels are either hereditary or caused by wrongly taken anabolics. Even some people deliberately crash their E2. However, it is not a thing to take lightly. An E2 crash can seriously affect your life and activities in the long run.

Well, e2 crash symptoms are pretty similar to low testosterone. So whenever you experience any of those symptoms. First of all, stop taking your AI if you are taking any. 

Then without further ado conduct a blood test and then consult the doctor. Based on your tests the doctor will properly guide you about the next step.
Be aware, and stay safe.

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