ECA Stack Not Working : 3 Reasons And Solutions!

After taking an ECA stack to burn those extra calories quickly, you aren’t seeing any results. Or maybe you are not getting enough boost for exercise. I know how frustrating this feeling can be. A lot of people complain about this issue. 

But, the main question remains, why ECA stack not working

For some reason, the ECA stack may not work for you. First, make sure you are not expecting a quicker result than you should. Take the right dosage and cycle of all ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. Most importantly, you must exercise and maintain a proper diet for maximum outcomes. 

Don’t worry! I am sharing what’s going wrong and how you can make the ECA stack work for you. Also, before continuing to take it, consider these side effects. Keep reading to know more.

Why Is ECA Stack Not Working?

There are only a few pre-workout supplements that help lose weight alongside boosting energy. ECA stack is one of the most effective supplements among them. 

Still, sometimes you may feel it’s not working for you. Let’s see why this is happening. 

Reason 1: Expecting Quicker Result Than You Should

With proper dosage of ECA stack, you are supposed to lose 2 to 2.2 pounds in a month. That is if you don’t change your diet and don’t perform any exercise. 

With light exercise, on average, you can lose up to 5.5-6.6 pounds in a cycle. That depends on your metabolism rate.


If you are expecting more weight loss than this, you may get disappointed. Adjust your expectation with the effectiveness of the ECA stack. 

Also, losing weight too fast isn’t good for your health anyway. Sometimes you lose your targeted weight quickly but your a1c goes up. This is also a concerning issue. 

Reason 2: Not Having Proper Dosage And Cycle

If you’re not taking the proper dosage of ECA stack, It may not work for you. Also, taking it in more than you should be dangerous. 


To get the maximum result, you must have a proper dosage. Also maintaining the cycle is important to reduce the side effects. 

ECA Stack Dosage

ECA stack is a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. Having all the ingredients in a proper ratio is very important. You have to take, 

Ephedrine25 mg (every 6 hours)Not more than two times a day
Caffeine200 mg (every 6 hours)Not more than two times a day
Aspirin81 mg (In a day)
  • Remember to take the last stack of the day 6 hours before sleeping. So that, you can avoid insomnia. 
  • If you are taking the stack for the first time, start with one dose in a day. Try to take it in the morning. 
ECA Stack Cycle

If you divide the ECA stack intake into cycles, the risk of side effects will decrease. Also, the performance of the stack will be better. Follow this cycling method. 

  • The first cycle should be of 8-12 weeks depending on your tolerance level. 
  • Give a break for 2-3 weeks.
  • Start the second cycle and again continue for 8-12 weeks. 

Having ECA stack in the right dosage and cycle should give you a better benefit. 

Reason 3: Not Maintaining Proper Diet And Doing Workouts

For weight loss, only ephedrine should be enough. Why stack it with caffeine? The reason is to give you a boost for a heavy workout session. And that’s why it’s considered a pre-workout supplement. 

Don’t expect to lose weight just by having an ECA stack and not doing any workout. The same goes for dieting.


Discuss your weight loss target with your gym trainer. And go for a regular workout. Also, if you prefer to workout at home for weight loss you can do that too. 

Your food intake should be as per your BMR. Have a clear idea about BMR count and how to calculate it. This way you will know how many calories you should intake in a day. Also talking to your dietician is a good idea. 

In short, adjust your expectations and maintain a proper diet and exercise. Also, have the supplement in the right dosage and cycles. You will get your desired result. 

How Does An ECA Stack Work?

In the ECA stack pre-supplement, three things are taken in a medicated ratio. But why? Is there any necessary to take them together? There is. Let’s see what each ingredient does, and why they are effective together. 


Ephedrine is used to promote weight loss. When ephedrine is taken, your body increases the secretion of the norepinephrine hormone. This is a component of adrenaline. 

Increased secretion of norepinephrine raises your heart rate. It also increases blood pressure and helps the fat to break down fast. 

That’s why taking ephedrine helps you lose weight quickly. 

Also when ephedrine is taken along with caffeine, it increases the energy level of the body. 


Caffeine increases brain alertness. It stimulates the cardiovascular system and reduces fatigue. This is the main ingredient in the ECA stack which boosts your stamina while working out. 

Caffeine increases brain alertness


A major drawback of ephedrine is blood clotting. Aspirin helps to keep the blood density normal. Also when they work together, they promote better weight loss.

Also after a workout, aspirin will quickly heal your muscle soreness and headache. 

You may have heard it’s not ideal to mix two pre-workouts together. But in that case, these three do react badly to each other.  Rather, this trio works together better. That’s why the ECA stack is very popular. 

ECA Stack Side Effects

ECA stack is a very effective pre-workout supplement, but it doesn’t mean it is 100% safe. There are a lot of side effects. Such as- 

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Extensive mood swings
  • Heart palpitation 
  • Increases heart rate and blood pressure
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Insomnia

Taking it in the right dosage and cycle may decrease the risk to some degree. But the side effects cant be fully eliminated. So, if you want to avoid those side effects, try some natural substitutes. 

ECA Stack Alternative

For boosting energy for workouts and promoting weight loss, there are many safe alternatives. Such as, 

Green Tea

Green tea can be a great natural alternative to ephedrine. Green tea helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. 

It also helps keep your heart and lungs healthy. It helps to put you in a cheerful mood. So it’s a great alternative to caffeine.  Like aspirin, it helps you recover from headaches. 

Fish Oil

Fish oil helps increase good cholesterol which is HDL. On the other hand, it helps decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) which is blood fat. It also activates metabolism and lowers obesity. 

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange will give you the same benefits as ephedrine. As a natural product, it won’t be as effective as a supplement. But at least you won’t face any of the side effects.

Coffee and Dark Chocolate 

Coffee is a natural source of caffeine. It will help boost your energy. Additionally, it will help you reduce weight. Dark chocolate helps you control your appetite. It also lowers cholesterol levels. 

These are the natural substitute that will help you as an ECA stack. But naturally, they will take more time. Still, if you want to lose weight and boost energy quickly, try these products with low side effects. 

FLAT BELLY SHAKEThis supplement ensures healthy weight loss and maintains healthy digestion and energy levels.
BURN BOOSTThis supplement speeds up weight loss, and fat loss and increases your energy. 

Now it is up to you to make the decision. Whether you wanna use the ECA stack even with the risk or choose a safe option. 


Can You Take ECA Stack With Food?

You can. But it is not recommended. Like all the other pre-workout supplements you should take ECA stack on empty stomach. This way, your body will absorb it more quickly. Also, when you take it on an empty stomach, it will work better for weight loss. 

Can ECA Stack Kill You? 

ECA stack can’t kill you. Although it has many side effects. Till now, no record of it killing anyone. Also, serious adverse effects on health such as seizures, and heart attacks aren’t found yet. 

Can Patients With Hypertension Take The ECA Stack? 

Two of the three ingredients of the ECA stack are responsible for increasing blood pressure. Caffeine and ephedrine together are said to increase the BP by 4 – 7 mmHg on average. So, if you already have high blood pressure or hypertension, do not take the ECA stack. 


I believe now you know why your ECA stack not working. With the right dosage, proper diet, and workout you will see the expected results. 

Also, if you want to avoid the side effects, now you know what to take instead. I hope you will find this article helpful.

May you be safe and healthy. Good luck!

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