Ethos vs Rogue-[Best Fitness Brand]

No one doubts that high quality and durable fitness pieces can directly affect the gains. Because these fitness pieces are designed, based on a variety of exercise styles and the functionality of the human body. Not to mention the durability and quality.

So if you can’t rely on the equipment’s quality, then it’s no good. And the significant price tag compels you to research before making an investment into anything. In addition to that, it becomes difficult to choose with so many ads.

So if the choice is ethos vs rogue, what is the best fitness brand? 

Well, If you are wondering about budget friendly then you may want to go for ethos. But if you want top notch and loaded with featured products then rogue is the one. But if you are short on bucks and require a decent quality piece then ethos is your brand. 

For the comparison sake I will list a few of the products from both the brands. Let us go see both of them one by one.

Ethos Vs Rogue-[The Best Fitness Brand]

If you are choosing fitness gear for commercial use, then it’s best to choose the best. Because customers when they see top notch equipment in your gym, would feel the positive vibes. It’s the trust and safety that attracts more people towards your gym.

And same is the case if you are choosing fitness gear for your home-gym. Obviously you would want to have trustable piece. Also it should be worth every penny you spent on it. 

Let us first introduce both the brands.


Rogue may not be top notch, however it is still “The brand”. This american brand has the top notch gym gear and customer service. And its quality is of the kind that you feel satisfied with.

The level of quality can be observed through their high resale value. So if you plan to resell you will make good bucks. You won’t have the same benefit with other brands, reselling them at near the same price as new. 

Probably the best thing about the rogue is that they care about the customer way too much. On the other hand, from some folks the downside is its price. 

Let us now compare some top products of ethos and rogue.


Ethos brand is not as high as is rogue. But their gym equipment is a good starting point for newbie trainers and a home gym. Though not very much for a high end commercial gym. 

Also for people who haven’t started gym yet, and it’s never too late to start bodybuilding

They are providing these fine quality fitness equipment in relatively cheap bucks. So it becomes the first choice for the person who is short on bucks but also wants quality and safety.

Ethos Vs Rogue-[Bumper Plates]

Bumper plates are not something you buy every day. They are lifelong gym gear and last for years. So you won’t run to buy a new one if the one you got is not good enough.

So the choice should always be the best one if not the top notch. If you are spending your precious bucks, the least you deserve is durability and quality. 

Below are the two top bumper plates, one from ethos and the other from rogue. Check them out and choose for yourself the best. 

ETHOS 205-pound Rubber Bumper Plate Set with Olympic Bar

If you want to save some serious money this is it then. Ethos rubber bumper plates are the real deal and budget friendly starter set option. 

Included six plates are as follows.

  • Two 45’s
  • Two 25’s
  • Two 10’s

You might notice the rubber smell which is because they are manufactured from solid black recycled rubber. To get rid of the smell just leave them in.the open for a few days. And then there comes a bit of bounce as most rubber plates would have. 

However for a starter set and such a price a little bounce can be tolerated. Furthermore the 45 pound bar of it meets IWF weight and standard for an oly bar. But some customers have complained about its knurling being too soft. 

Ethos made them rust resistant but its partial truth. Because when you scratch it, it rusts. However, it can be upgraded if needed. 


  • Complete Set with Olympic Bar
  • Good starter set
  • Best suited for newbie gym goers
  • Meets Oly Standard
  • Low odor plates
  • Fine Quality
  • Fair and affordable price


  • Unhooked hubs
  • Rusts if scratched
  • Flimsy clamps
  • Bounce a little bit
  • Soft knurlings

Rogue Fitness Black LB Training Bumper Plates

These are super quality and precise engineering, top notch plates for serious gym enthusiasts. Afterall rogue is popular for its quality and class in terms of gym gear. 

Rouge black LB bumper plates come in following weight pairs.

  • Two 55’s
  • Two 45’s
  • Two 35’s
  • Two 25’s

Also there are sets available as follows.

  • 320 pound set
  • 300 pound set
  • 210 pound set

Rogue manufactures these plates from virgin rubber instead of recycled. This rubber is costly and expensive to produce due to its qualities. Virgin rubbers are so durable that they literally last a lifetime. 

Rogue Fitness Black LB Training Bumper Plates

Unlike recycled rubber plates, virgin rubber doesn’t bounce or they have the least bounce. No one wants 300 pound sleeves full of loads dropping on your toes. This is why compared to the ethos recycled plates, rogue virgin rubber plates are the safest option. 


  • Extremely durable
  • Lasts for lifetime
  • Made of virgin rubber
  • No bouncing back on your toes
  • Ease of use due to design
  • Bold coloring


  • Pricey

Ethos Vs Rogue-[Power Rack]

Power racks are made of strongest materials and often cost way too much bucks. Here I am going to list cheap but decent, durable and budget friendly power racks. They are equipped with pull up bars up top too.

Let us see one from each brand.

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Even the cheapest gym gear with the brand Rogue on its back is fine quality and top notch. Rogues R-3 belong to the Rogue infinity R series and near the top of every one’s list. In terms of both quality and overall value Rogue R-3 squat rack is by far the best that there is. 

Have a glance at Rogue’s R-3 power rack specs.

  • Black powder coat finish
  • 2×3″ 11 steel gauge
  • 5/8” Bolts and Fasteners
  • Inside Rack Depth: 24”
  • Weight: 200LB
  • FootPrint: 53″×34″
  • Pull up bar: Fat/Skinny pull up bar
  • J-cups: Set of 2 (with protective plastic)
  • Band pegs: Set of 4
  • Plate storage: optional

Let us see its pros and cons now.


  • Heavy duty hardware
  • Compatible with Rogue Infinity Series attachments and accessories
  • Have small footprints so fits easily even into a tight corner
  • Finishing is just perfect
  • No need to run to store to get started
  • Can be bolted down to concrete or a wooden platform
  • Comes in multiple heights


  • Unstable if not bolted down
  • Uses stickers instead of lasers cut logos
  • Only 24 inch of space between uprights
  • Expensive comparing to its competitors

Ethos 1.0 Power Rack

Ethos 1.0 power rack is a step up in quality from fitness equipment. This is a commercial level rack best suited for intermediate trainers. Not to mention the exceptional stability of the rack making it the best option for high performance activities.

Ethos 1.0 has a 3×3″ frame which handles more than 1000lb. This 85″ high rack has no standard hole sizes so accessories need to be bought seperately. 

Let us now see its good and bad.


  • High level of stability
  • Sturdy frame
  • Multi-grip monkey bar


  • No resistance bands pegs
  • Limited add-on option
  • No standard hole size
  • Compatibility issues
  • Bit expensive for this product

Ethos Vs Rogue-[Pull Up Bar]

Pull up is a kind of exercise that can work so many muscles at such a low cost. Pull up bars should be sturdy. And strong enough to support your body weight. Other important things you look for in pull up bars are grip comfort and versatility. 

Let us see the pull up bars from Ethos and Rogue.

Rogue Fitness P4 Pull Up System

This is the best pull up bar because it allows you to do more than just normal pull ups. Maybe you want to turn your pull up bar into a ring station or wanna do toe-to-bar pull ups. If yes then you got all of this in Rogue P4.

In terms of durability, P4 is made of high quality 11 gauge steel, no worries here. Additionally, this can be placed horizontally on the wall as well as vertically on the ceiling. Which makes it the most adaptable option. 

However, what you may not like is that it doesn’t come with mounting hardware. So be prepared for a quick visit to the hardware store right after you get it. 

Check out below.


  • Top notch in terms of quality
  • Sturdy
  • Can be set up in no time
  • Goes on both ceiling and wall 
  • Super versatility 
  • Allows for more advanced workouts


  • No mounting hardware
  • Pricey

Ethos Pull Up Bar

Ethos pull up bar is just suitable for home gyms. Ethos pull up is a heavy duty solid piece of 11 gauge steel. Not to mention its knurled finish grip.

Additionally it can be adjusted from low to mid and high positions as suited best for you. Check out some of its specs.

Dimensions: 43×10×7

Diameter: 1″

Weight: 33lbs


  • Best suited for home gym
  • Grips are knurled so it has the best grip you got there
  • Comes along having mounting screws and washers
  • Sturdy piece 


  • Not for an advance workout
  • No versatility
  • Pricey for its features

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Final Verdict

I hope you get the idea by now which brand is top notch and which to choose. Rogue is a brand of quality, class and excellence. But excellence is definitely gonna cost a lot, so pass it if you are not ready for that much cost. 

And instead go for Ethos, which is a decent quality brand and a bit cheaper as well. Furthermore, if you are a newbie or an intermediate trainer then I think Ethos would do for you. However, if you want quality and don’t care about price then the best brand is Rogue. 


How much should a fine quality barbell cost?

If you are going for a top notch quality barbell then it can go as high as you want. More money gives you more excellence. You can get these Fine quality barbells even for 7000$. And the median price of a decent barbell would start from 1200$. 

What is the suitable power rack for home use?

The most suitable power rack for home would be the safest, versatile and sturdy. And don’t forget sizing and weight capacity. And if you’re short on bucks then a reasonable price is another factor to look for. Considering all this Rogue R 3 and Titan T-3 series are reasonable options for home use power rack. 


It is clear that if the choice is ethos vs rogue then rogue is top notch and ethos is just fine. Rogue is a high end brand for commercial and home use But pricey.
On the other hand ethos is cheaper but is not a top notch brand. But they have decent quality and their gym gear is just fine for newbies.

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