Good Lighting vs. Bad Lighting Bodybuilding – It Matters!

Bodybuilding workouts can make your physique look good. But you can make it even better by using good lighting to showcase your body. On the other hand, bad lighting may spoil your actual look.

So, does good lighting vs. bad lighting bodybuilding make any difference?

The answer is yes. Lighting conditions can enhance your bodybuilding looks and make it more attractive. Bodybuilders often use this trick to showcase their bodies more profoundly. But bad lighting like too much fluorescent lighting may not represent your body to its full potential.

The above portion covers very little of the total scenario. There’s more about lighting that you need to know to showcase your bodybuilding properly. So, please read the whole article to know everything in detail.

Comparing Good Lighting And Bad Lighting Conditions

Bodybuilding is hard. You need to follow a proper diet for bodybuilding and go through rigorous training. For example, consuming chicken is good for bodybuilding as it’s a protein source.

In the same way, lighting plays a big role in showcasing your bodybuilding properly. So, knowing how good physique can be shown through good lighting will be beneficial for you.

On the other hand, necessary information about bad lighting will help you to avoid those situations. So, let’s get started on this.

1. Light Type

Light type is an important factor to determine good or bad lighting conditions. And it plays a significant role.

Blue light doesn’t bring the shadows into visualization properly. So, a fluorescent lighting condition may not be ideal for bodybuilders to showcase themselves. Because it lacks the sufficient presence of red and yellow lights.

Incandescent lighting with high wattage can give better outcomes in this regard. However, it just fulfills the failings of fluorescent lighting. It doesn’t qualify as the best of the best.

Sunlight is the best lighting for clicking bodybuilding pictures properly. It has all the elements to properly present what you’re willing to show. Golden hours are ideal for the best outcomes.

Now apart from the bodybuilding lighting type, your body should have low fat as well. Having low fat makes your body cuts appear more beautiful and visible. It makes you look more muscular.

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Lower body fat will make you look more attractive whether from a nearer or farther distance.

2. Light Angle

The angle of light can determine good or bad lighting conditions very impactfully. The appropriate light angle makes the lighting ideal for clicking bodybuilding photos properly. On the contrary, bad light and camera angles can ruin the purpose of showcasing bodybuilding.

You can experiment with the various sunlight angles for outdoor shoots. You can click at different times of the day and see which angle works for you. You can also use additional LEDs for creating the perfect lighting angle.

Without an ideal angle, the lighting condition becomes bad. In that case, your body cuts may not appear as they should. Also, your bodybuilding may not appear as per your expectations.

So, compare the angles properly and determine which gives you the best result. Because angles can make a difference in lighting conditions.

3. Light Amount

Flooding with lights doesn’t always mean good lighting. It can often make the images faded or blurred or washed out.

So, the light amount should be ideal to create good lighting conditions. Instead of overly lit surroundings, make the shadows also visible to showcase your bodybuilding. 

However, lack of proper amount of light can make it a bad lighting condition for bodybuilding photos. It may make the surroundings too dark for the body cuts to be visible.

So, considering that, you should compare different lighting amounts and see which works best. Or else, you might fail to produce the desired outcome of the photos. You can also use the sunlight at specific times to get the best lighting for muscles.

4. Facing Angle Towards Light Source

The lighting condition can vary depending on how you face it. Sometimes directly facing the camera can create a bad lighting effect. Thus your body cuts may not be visible as they should be.

So, facing sideways towards the light to take a fitness photo helps in this case. Stand strong holding the chin up and facing sideways to the light. The shadow effect will make your muscle depths look perfect.

This is how you can be tricky and use the light in your favor. Get the best fitness shot by playing with these different tricks of using the light.

Good Lighting vs. Bad Lighting Bodybuilding

5. Adjusting Settings

Adjusting camera settings can make a difference between good lighting and bad lighting. Setting the artificial lights properly is also needed if you are using any.

Aligning the proper camera settings can utilize the setup of good lighting. On the other hand, unadjusted camera settings can make the lighting setup bad after clicking the photos.

In that case, your bodybuilding may not be captured well enough. That’s why having the ideal camera settings is necessary to ensure good lighting. Thus you can make your muscles look more detailed and nice.

Small changes in settings can turn an average photo into a stunning one. So, you should have the best settings for gym pictures.

6. Professional Assistance

Professional assistance can make the difference between bad lighting and good lighting conditions. That can help you to create a good lighting ambiance to click great bodybuilding photos.

Professionals know the tricks of how to turn bad lighting conditions into good ones. They know how to take fitness photos. They know what is the best lighting for muscles. So, professional assistance will help you to show your physique.

Adding to all these, professionals can use light and shadows to make your muscles look bigger. All in all, you’ll be able to showcase your bodybuilding results more profoundly.

That’s why professional assistance can have a great impact on your lighting setup.

So, this was all about comparing the light setups in terms of bodybuilding. Hope you were able to understand the difference.

Lighting And Bodybuilding Malpractices

We’ve known that good lighting is essential for showcasing bodybuilding. However, these lighting tricks should be used for showcasing bodybuilding fairly.

Often many fitness models use lighting tricks and show themselves as fitter than they are actually. This is malpractice and this should be avoided. So, make sure that you’re not one of them as well.

The efforts should be given to show the real you. You can explore what is the best lighting for bodybuilding pictures. But you shouldn’t use it to show fake footage. Also, be careful and save yourself from any pain while bodybuilding.


Which is considered the best lighting for muscles?

Direct sunlight at midday is the best lighting for muscles. During this time, the sun stays at its highest point. As a result, the light comes from a high angle. Thus it allows the muscles to look bigger and fuller. So, the photo outcome is better.

Can lighting make the muscles look better?

Yes, good lighting can make your muscles look better. Proper lighting effects separate the shadows well enough to show the body cuts appropriately. Thus, the muscles are visible attractively and they look better. This is why lighting is quite important.

What’s the reason for the muscles to look smaller in photos?

Wide lens cameras can make your muscles look smaller. Camera angles can have a big impact on how your muscle looks. So, if the camera is wide angled, it will make the muscles look smaller.

Does yellow light make the muscle look good?

Yes, yellow light makes the muscles look good. Yellow lights are close to natural lights that we are used to seeing. That’s why muscles are more visible in yellow lights. On the other hand, fluorescent lights hide the body cuts and the muscles aren’t visible properly.

How does harsh lighting look?

Harsh lighting can be direct sunlight that creates darker shadows. Artificial lights can be harsh as well depending on the brightness and angles. Sometimes too bright lights are also harsh on the subject.


We’ve had a long discussion on good lighting vs. bad lighting bodybuilding. Now it’s time to bid farewell.

We hope you enjoyed knowing the facts about lighting that affect your bodybuilding showcasing. Use the tricks to have a better output when you’re trying it out on yourself. That’s all we had to cover. Have a good time in bodybuilding.

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