Hbcd vs Vitargo: Which One Can Make You Feel Good?

HBCD vs Vitargo

Choosing the right supplement can be confusing. Knowing which properties function better for your body can be equally confusing.

Different properties in supplements suit different people. You are perhaps one of those who work out intensely at the gym.

For this, we have broken down two useful supplements and have compared hbcd vs vitargo.

With low osmolarity and stable sugar levels, both properties show enormous promise. However, HBCD is highly considered to be the better of the two. It allows quick absorption and faster emptying of the gastric. Despite being costly, if you want more energy when training, vitargo can help you too. 

A clean and clear description is what you need for a better understanding. You shall be able to recognize the real factors that separate the two. 

HBCD vs Vitargo – Basic Comparison

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Carbohydrates Per Serving25 to 29g35g
Energy SustenanceMoreLess
Molecular Weight641.7 g/mol500, 000 to 700,000 g/mol
Sugar LevelsStableStable
Fats1g0.01 to 0.03g


Difference between HBCD and Vitargo is minimal. They are very close to each other in terms of various aspects. We have outlined six different aspects to differentiate the two. 

HBCD vs Vitargo – In-Depth Comparison

HBCD vs Vitargo

The contents of HBCD and Vitargo supplements have many similar features. However, there are some distinct areas that we can look at to separate the two. 

We shall go in-depth to understand each of the six factors. 

1. Osmolarity

You might be wondering what Osmolarity is. It is just a medical term to determine how well the supplement contents are diluting. The more the dilution the better it is for your health. 

With a low osmolarity, both the supplements are diluted better into the mixture.

The best HBCD supplements do a better job at being more soluble than Vitargo. A good soluble supplement adds the advantage of giving you more energy.

In this scenario, taking both the supplements post-workout will help you perform better. HBCD supplements are good for gymgoers and Vitargo is good for enhanced athletic performance. 

Vitargo further helps with weight loss. As it contains caffeine, high-energy molecules provide good sugar content for healthy weight loss. However, there are debates regarding caffeine and sugar being worse or good

If you are an athlete, for better endurance vitargo supplements are recommended. 

With a low osmolarity, both the supplements are allowing your inner digestive organs to perform. This means the digestive organs are absorbing nutrients far better. This allows you to feel more energized. 

As a gym-goer, you definitely want to burn more fat and gain muscle. The HBCD contents allow your body to burn more fat. This is because your body absorbs chemicals, protein, and other minerals and balances them. 

During an intense training session, you are losing liquid in terms of sweat. Since you are giving out a lot of energy, your body needs chemicals for better stamina.

With the mineral contents of both supplements, the body would sustain more energy. This means the chemicals inside your body are ensuring you don’t reach a fatigue level early.  

2. Carbohydrates Per Serving

Carbohydrates Per Serving

For HBCD, the amount of carbohydrates intake per serving is 25 to 29 grams. On the other hand, for Vitargo the amount is a bit higher which is 35 grams. 

Vitargo supplements do a better job with athletic performance with a higher carb powder supplement serving. With more endurance, you are assuring faster speed in your performance.

Working out your body means you are running or training with weights. For that you need energy and so the function of carbohydrates comes into play. 

Carbohydrates push glucose production in the body. The glucose is converted into energy and helps the body to perform. 

It can be said that the more carbs in your system, the better. However, it is not true, you need the right amount of carbs. This is to avoid bloating and other gastric issues. 

With HBCD and Vitargo, The difference is not so much. Having the carbohydrate level from around 25 to 35g does the job. 

After a heavy workout, you need to rest your body. This is when your muscles start recovering from the stress. With the recovery, the muscles push to grow.

The HBCD supplements with their cluster dextrin contents allow the muscles to recover and grow. A detailed comparison of cluster dextrin vs cyclic dextrin would give you further insights. 

For example, cyclic dextrins do well-producing dextrose that supports muscle recovery. However, they don’t function well as pre-workout supplements which HCBD and Vitargo do. 

3. Energy Sustenance

HBCD supplements stay longer in your body, functioning effectively to support muscle growth. They are surely the best carb supplement for muscle gain. Vitargo supplements do not stay longer, they don’t assist post-workout recovery.

Looking at the energy sustenance factor, Vitargo acts as a good performance enhancer. This is why they work well as pre-workout supplements. In this case, they are the best carb supplement for endurance.

On the other, the HBCD contents are balancing your protein and mineral levels.

Right after the workout, after nutritious food intake, you are sleeping in bed. However, the chemicals inside your body are not resting. 

They are working to give your body good shape. 

Many prefer taking karbolyn for enhanced and complex carbohydrate solutions. If you are to compare karbolyn vs vitargo, karbolyn will give better answers. 

Karbolyn does a good job sustaining blood glucose levels. This is good for proper muscle recovery. Karbolyn is the best post-workout supplement.

Karbolyn and HBCD also do well when combined with amino acids. Many passionate bodybuilders take three to four types of supplements. However, it is favorable to have the right balance to avoid side effects.

A combination of Karbolyn and Vitargo is also supported. This is because inner intestinal issues can be avoided. Vitargo is known to ensure proper hydration in the body. 

HBCD shows high energy sustenance as both pre and post-workout supplements. The functions of HBCD are multiple. On the other hand, vitargo shows low sustenance by being specific with its function.

4. Molecular Weight

Molecular Weight

A comparison in the molecular weight department gives a surprising answer. The molecular weight of vitargo is far higher than that of HBCD. 

However, this does not disturb the output of the two supplements. They function relatively similarly in terms of performance. 

We shall also look at high molecular weight carbohydrates examples.

There are several benefits of having a higher molecular weight. The carbohydrates in the system work fast. Taking higher molecular carbs during your workout sessions is very useful.

In simple terms, more molecular weight allows the body to circulate liquid effectively. While performing, you are losing water in terms of sweat. With the molecular weight, the chemical components are working inside your body to keep you hydrated. 

A higher molecular weight allows the minerals to mix with protein effectively. This means your body is having enough energy to have extended physical activity. You can train longer with a higher molecular weight. 

This is the reason why Vitargo works well as a pre-workout supplement. It is allowing your body to incorporate enough stamina for heightened performance. 

If you want to increase your energy level, we have a product recommendation for you. 

UP N GO ENERGYThis supplement provides necessary vitamins, ocean source minerals, and antioxidants. They can also provide essential nutrients that keep you healthy.

5. Sugar Levels

As you are consuming supplements, they have varieties of minerals in them. With this, you are allowing your body to negotiate with its chemical circulation. 

The intense athletic performance or heavy training comes with your body reaching abnormal levels. The abnormality is determined in terms of stress that your body experiences.

The ingestion of Vitargo or HBCD raises blood sugar levels. With this, the secretion of insulin becomes evident. A spike in the insulin level would allow you to stay healthy.

The supplements are designed to carry sufficient nutrients in your body. In this way, the body generates enough chemicals to keep you healthy. However, it is important to eat well after tough training.

You need to have a good balance of protein and carbs inside your system. Proper intake of lean meat, fruits, and vegetables will give you a good balance. This will keep your sugar levels stable. 

6. Fats

Source: https://truesport.org/

HBCD and Vitargo both do not contain much fat in their mixture. It is good for those who want to lose body fat with intense training. The ingredients in the two supplements are allowing such to happen with their carb count.

The chemical contents of HBCD are more defined in its structure. In this scenario, the carb is digested very quickly into the system. This allows proper burning of fat inside your system. 

However, in order to burn fat, you need some amount of fat. A total zero fat level in the supplement is not helping your cause. 

This is the reason why trainers suggest intaking some amount of fat in your food. This will keep your body’s energy intact, having enough support to burn.

It is also suggested that you take vitamin supplements. The fat-soluble vitamins will keep you healthy with better results. In an overall sense, you shall be able to avoid abdominal pain during a workout


  • How long should I take these supplements?

It is suggested that you take these supplements for two to three months. After that, you may want to take a break. Consult professionals on which supplements to take after the break. 

  • How fast should I expect to see results after taking the supplements?

You will see clear results in a matter of two to three weeks. You will see how your body changes shape after a passionate workout routine. 

  • What is the function of carbohydrates in the body?

Carbohydrates provide your body with energy. The carbohydrates contents of the supplements are used by your body to improve energy levels. 

Wrapping Things Up!

A detailed comparison of HBCD vs Vitargo has given us plenty of insights. We sincerely hope that you choose the right supplement to reach your goal. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below!

That’s all from us! Wish you all the best with your workout results. 

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