High Lats vs Low Lats: Which Exercise Is Better?

High Lats vs Low Lats

It’s possible that you are just starting on your road to becoming a better bodybuilder.

If the answer is yes then you may be wondering which exercises you should do. 

Lats exercises help you do many workouts with ease. So, you could be debating between high lats vs low lats exercises.  

High lats exercises are essential for wanting a V-shaped upper back. This causes you to have a narrow waist. Focusing on high lats can help you with exercises like deadlifting and squats. On the other hand, low lats exercises focus more on bulking the whole body. It gives a more proportionate look.

You might still be interested in learning more about which workouts you should focus on. If that’s the case then you do not need to search any further.

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High Lats vs Low Lats: Quick Overview

If you haven’t been paying attention to your lats then it might obstruct your bodybuilding journey. As many of the other compound lifts you do might decline as a result.

No matter whether you are pulling, pushing, or squatting, having a strong back will be useful. As this ensures that you are capable of moving a significant amount of weight.

You have the option of concentrating on high lats workouts or low lats exercises.

Take into mind the comparison that we have outlined below to quickly evaluate.

Ground of comparisonHigh LatsLow Lats
ExercisesWider grip and V bar sternum pullup, one arm lat pulldown.Dumbbell rows, rack pulls or block pulls, underhanded bent-over rows, and seated banded rows
Good forV-shaped upper back. A larger Thoracolumbar Fascia. Helps with deadlifting, squats, and bench presses.Lower insertion of the latissimus dorsi muscle. Better deadlifting and squats.
Waist and back muscleWider upper back and shoulders. Tighter or narrow waist.Balanced upper back and shoulders. Wider waist.

High Lats vs Low Lats: Detailed Review

The training of the lats is an essential component of bodybuilding. Mainly because it can help you get the specific physique that you are going for.

Low vs high lat inserts can cause you to have different results. We have compared all the necessary details on which lats you focus on.

Below we have provided a thorough discussion on whether you focus on high or low lats.

What Are the Exercises for More Pronounced High Lats and Low Lats?

The lats are the largest and comparatively the thinnest muscle in the human body. Lats cover all but the trapezius muscles of the rear torso’s back muscles.

You can do certain exercises that can help you get the exact body type you want. Higher lats-focused exercises will have different outcomes than the low-lats exercises.

So lats high or low reps can be important to achieving your bodybuilding goals. 

Therefore, when it comes to bodybuilding you should pick your exercise based on your preferences.

High Lats

When compared to the standard close grip variation, the wide grip lat pulldown is a good choice. It places a greater emphasis on the lower and outer portions of the lats. 

Therefore, if you want high lats, you should prioritize completing this exercise.

There is less elbow flexibility with the wider grip variation. 

You can find out which squat is better leverage squat and hack squat

This is why the effort done by the biceps and forearms is reduced. The work done by the lats which are responsible for pulling the weight down is increased.

Your back and shoulders will become wider as a result of this exercise.

You can also do one-arm pulldowns. Utilizing the one-arm form of exercise is a fantastic approach. 

As this can help to assist in ensuring that your upper lats are symmetrical.

Low Lats

For better low lat inserts you can do dumbbell rows to your hips. 

The lower lats are subjected to a greater amount of muscle strain in this exercise. This is because of the greater range of motion.

When performing single-arm rows, rowing towards the hips helps eliminate a common technique fault. This involves shrugging the upper traps.

Doing dumbbell rows helps to bring a more even distribution of strength between the two sides. 

You can always do the most effective lower lats exercises for a bulkier body type.

So, you can do more diverse workouts with low lats exercises. When compared to the high lats exercises which only bulk the upper part of the body.

Who Is High Lats and Low Lats Good for?

Having strong lats can also help you achieve various advantages. It can help maintain healthy shoulders, hips, and both your lower and upper backs.

Low lats vs high lats is a comparison that you may consider before starting to work out.

High Lats

It can assist you in forming your upper back into the shape of a V. Because it helps to achieve a more expansive thoracolumbar fascia.

It has been demonstrated that developing strong lats can enhance your upper strength. It can influence the amount of weight that can be lifted during the deadlift and squat.

When you train your back to become more robust, you will see a massive difference. For instance, a considerable improvement in the amount of weight you can bench press.

Bodybuilders with high lats have a wider shoulder giving them significant upper back strength.

You can compare the differences between narrow clavicles vs wide clavicles.

So, keep this in mind before you start working on your higher lats.

Low Lats

The majority of bodybuilders have upper lats that are both thick and broad. However, the lower lats are frequently neglected and undeveloped as a result. 

The latissimus dorsi is sometimes known as the lower lats. It is the largest muscle group on your back. 

The bottom portion of your lats contributes greatly to an increase in your power output. This is evident when you perform workouts like squats and deadlifts. 

In addition to this, they make your back appear more robust. Lower lats give you an appealing lat sweep.

High lats can help you with achieving more upper strength in your bodybuilding workouts. So, you can choose to do this if that’s what you want to achieve.

Waist and Shoulder Muscles with High Lats and Low Lats

The majority of bodybuilders have upper lats that are both thick and broad. However, the lower lats are frequently neglected and undeveloped as a result. 

Depending on the contour of your ideal body, you can choose small lats vs big lats. When you start working out you might notice a difference in your waist muscles as well. 

Your shoulder muscles will also develop differently based on your lats exercises.

High Lats

When a man is shorter, high lats are more attractive. This is because they draw more attention to a person’s narrow waist.

High lats work on shoulder muscles more than the waist muscles. So it causes bulk in the upper shoulder area. 

High insertions lats display a V-taper that is far more striking.

If you are wondering “Are high lat insertions bad?” The small answer to this is no.

Some men prefer having more developed higher lats. Although you should still keep working on your low lats in moderation. 

Low Lats

Low lats muscles have their attachments on the rear of the upper arm. And they extend from the middle of your back. 

This goes all the way down to your lower back along the length of your spine.

So those who are looking to pack on more muscle can go for lower lats. 

As this would help you bulk your body more evenly. This includes your upper and lower back muscles.

If you are aiming for a more proportionate body type then go for low lats.

Depending on your bodybuilding goals you can pick high lats for that classic V shape body.

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High Lats vs Low Lats: Which One Should I Focus On?

Having high lats might assist you in developing upper back muscles that are more defined. 

Which provides you with the iconic V-shaped design along with a more defined waist. 

This look can be more appealing to those who are on the shorter side. In addition, it can make it simpler to perform workouts like bench presses, squats, and deadlifts.

On the other hand, low lats are associated with having more balanced muscles.  It creates the appearance of a wider waist.

Therefore, if you want to achieve mass bulking you can go for low lats. Executing low rep sets of lat pulldowns may be the best choice for you. 

Low lats can also help you with deadlifts and squats just like the high lats.

Now comes the moment for you to choose between choosing high or low lats.


What Is the Ideal Age to Begin Bodybuilding?

The ideal age for bodybuilding is typically somewhere around your early twenties. You can even start bodybuilding if you think you have reached the point of full development. Testosterone surges at the age of 19. They start to progressively deteriorate after age 30. So this can be the optimal age.

Which Muscle Expands the Quickest?

Muscles, where there are increased steroid receptors, grow the fastest. Along with that fast twitch muscles with strong innervation come next when it comes to growing. Some people’s muscles grow rapidly in some areas whereas other parts grow slowly. This is why some have dominant and weak body areas.

What Exercise Should I Do to Make My Back Look Wider?

If you want to build a wider back, you need to focus on working out on your lats. You must make sure that your lats can be used and activated to their full potential. So, you should do enough lats to have effective results. Doing so will help you achieve your goal of adding width to your back.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope our piece helps you decide between high lats vs low lats.

Did you know that you should always eat before and after you do a workout? This would ensure that you can build more muscle mass efficiently.

Have a fantastic day and accept our best wishes!

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