How To Get Rid Of Artificial Sweetener Aftertaste? – 8 Tips!

Have you left out the sugar and replaced it with artificial sweeteners? If yes, then the aftertaste will be the biggest problem you must now be facing. 

Unfortunately, when you take artificial sweeteners to reduce sugar intake, you may deal with aftertaste effects. It causes frustrations and also dulls the mood. 

But the great news is that there are multiple ways to get rid of this aftertaste. So, wondering how to get rid of Artificial Sweetener Aftertaste?

Luckily, you can do some tricks to get free of sweetener aftertaste. These are rinsing the mouth, eating gum, and brushing. That’s not it. You can also consume some supplements and drink some beverages to get rid of the Aftertaste. 

Continue reading to learn everything about it!

Why Do Artificial Sweeteners Leave An Aftertaste?

On your tongue, certain proteins determine the specific tastes. You may also know them as taste buds. These are receptors on the surface of your tongue that send signals to your brain. 

When you eat an artificial sweetener, it scrubs these receptors for bitterness. This mechanism leaves an aftertaste. Some people get an aftertaste instantly, while others feel it after some time. It depends upon how active receptors are!

How to Get Rid of Artificial Sweetener Aftertaste? Complete Details!

You can do plenty of things to get rid of the aftertastes of artificial sweeteners. You may also switch to other alternatives to evaluate whether it works or not! 

Here are some exceptional recommendations to avoid detested tastes.

Tip 1: Rinse Your Mouth Thoroughly With Water  

The best and simplest way is to rinse your mouth with fresh water. It will get rid of the bad taste and also remove the residues of the substance. Therefore, drinking a cup of fresh water after eating is recommended. But one suggestion I like the most is drinking such a liquid that contains sucralose compounds. 

Tip 2: Chew A Gum 

Chewing gum directly stimulates saliva in your mouth. You might feel grossed to read this, but Saliva in the mouth is a good thing. It will assist you in getting rid of any bitter taste or remnants of artificial sweeteners. 

So, if you like chewing gum, then give them a try to deal with the aftertaste.  

Tip 3: Brush Your Teeth

Brushing the teeth is another helpful trick to reduce the lagging bitter flavor of these sweeteners. You must do it in the morning and when you are about to sleep. But brushing in the middle of the day to get rid of aftertaste is recommended too. 

Your brush will completely remove the residues that have been embedded in your teeth.

Tip 4: Consume A Vitamin Supplement

You can take supplements that contain vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Such supplements are delicious and can get you out of aftertaste effects on the tongue. Moreover, Vitamin supplements help you to restore the nutrients that have been lost from your diet. 

Tip 5: Drink Green Tea

Green tea will neutralize the bitterness of artificial substances. I recommend it the most because It also contains antioxidants that will reduce oxidative stress. This can stop the spreading of the free radicals (which cause cancer).

So, do try drinking green tea when you get artificial sweeteners aftertaste.

Tip 6: Take A Mineral Supplement. 

Mineral supplements will also help you deal with the bitter taste of artificial sweeteners. Take a supplement that contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, or iron for this purpose.

Tip 7: Utilize Natural Sweeteners 

Almost every nutritionist recommends using natural sweeteners instead of artificial ones. They don’t have any aftertaste effect to gross you out. 

You can use maple syrup, honey, stevia, and molasses as natural sweeteners. But you may need to add some extra quantity due to their low potencies.  

Tip 8: Blend Two Artificial Sweeteners

Blending the two artificial sweeteners will give you exceptional findings. But aren’t they the root cause? Well, not if you use two at the same time. 

The mixture of saccharin and cyclamate lessens the aftertaste of these substances. It also gives you a twofold top. 

Now, onto one of the most important questions about this issue. 

How To Get Rid Of Artificial Sweetener Aftertaste

What Sweetener Does Not Have An Aftertaste?

Allulose is an artificial sweetener without an aftertaste. It has the same texture and taste as that raw sugar. It is approximately 70 percent as sweet as raw sugar. Allulose is a monosaccharide carbohydrate that is an almost calorie-free artificial sweetener. 

Moreover, it has been an approved sweetener by the FDA. People on keto diets are now turning to use Allulose as a sweetener in their diet. The biggest plus point of Allulose is that it would not affect your blood sugar levels.

Is It Safe To Add Artificial Sweeteners To My Diet? 

Artificial sweeteners are a great choice, even during pregnancy. These are the better alternatives as sugar is worse for you in the products you consume. People use Artificial sweeteners to get slim. Sugar is one of the leading obesity causes, so leaving it out is understandable. But you have to add the artificial sweeteners in the right dose. 

The FDA has recommended the dosage of artificial sweeteners as 50 mg/ kg of your body weight per day. The limited intake of artificial sweeteners is considered safe to consume daily.

Also, it is recommended to eat a nutrient-rich meal if you want to add artificial sweeteners. Try avoiding processed foods to get perfect health. 

The short-term use of artificial sweeteners does not cause weight gain in any way. However, you may lose weight by adding these supplements to your diet. Use them to make tropical energizer smoothies with other ingredients or in any dessert you like. 

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The three famous artificial sweeteners are Stevia, Aspartame, and Monk. Let’s discuss them.

How To Get Rid Of Stevia Aftertaste?

How To Get Rid Of Stevia Aftertaste

People use Stevie in place of sugar as it gives a fine sugary taste. However, you don’t get the same results as those of sugar. Stevia gives an aftertaste when used in recipes. So, How to mask the bitter taste of stevia? 

Stevia contains the compound Rebaudioside. It is also known as Reb A sweetener. It is a glycosidic molecule that gives a bitter aftertaste to stevia products. You can mask the bitter taste of stevia by adding some berry flavors to it. 

Moreover, a creamy vanilla flavor can balance out the bitter aftertaste of stevia. 

Citrus flavors also provide exceptional results to mask stevia’s bitter taste in any of your formulas. That’s pretty easy to get rid of its aftertaste. 

You should add some supportive flavors like salt, almond, vanilla, citrus, or coconut to the recipe. It will help you to avoid Stevie aftertaste by maintaining its spiked taste.

Does Aspartame Have An Aftertaste?

Aspartame has been found to be a flavor enhancer compound. It exceptionally reacts with citrus flavors to enhance the sweetness of your recipes. The reason behind its popularity is that it does not show any aftertaste. 

Therefore, consumers eagerly tend to use aspartame as a sweetener in their diets. 

Low calories are another feature of aspartame that attracts consumers. However, the high quantity usage of this sweetener may lead to a metallic or bitter taste.

How To Mask Monk Fruit Aftertaste?

Monk fruit aftertaste feels just like the taste of licorice. But for many, the aftertaste of Monk fruit is not bitter at all. So, if you are fond of licorice, you can consume monk fruit sweetener without any worries

Contrarily, if you don’t like its licorice aftertaste, you can buy some other supplements. The mixed monk fruit with dextrose or erythritol supplements sweeteners are also available in the market.


Do all artificial sweeteners have an aftertaste?

Yes, almost all artificial sweeteners have an aftertaste. Some give this effect quickly when you consume them, while some take time. The one that does not have the aftertaste is Allulose. 

What sweetener tastes the most like sugar?

 Xylitol is a sweetener that is close to sugar in texture, taste, effects, and working mechanism. So, you can use xylitol artificial sweetener in your diet in place of sugar. And you would not notice any difference from sugar.

How to get rid of erythritol aftertaste?

Erythritol gives a cooling aftertaste effect, which is not liked by people. So, you should take erythritol combined with some other sweeteners.  The most famous sweeteners are stevia and monk fruit. 

Wrapping Up

So, How to get rid of Artificial Sweetener Aftertaste?

You can deal with the Aftertaste effects by doing some specific things. These are: rinsing your mouth with water, chewing gum, and brushing your teeth. Furthermore, taking vitamins and mineral supplements and drinking green tea are also super effective. 

So, if the aftertaste effect grosses you out, take these steps to get rid of it. 

Have a great day!

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