How to Get Rid of Hourglass Figure? [Explained]

When you are following your bodybuilding routine you might find yourself getting an hourglass figure. 

If this has happened then rest assured that you are not the first one. This may not be your desired outcome from bodybuilding.

So, now you are stuck wondering “How to get rid of hourglass figure?”

You can get an hourglass figure by working on particular muscles of your body excessively. To get rid of this figure, change your workout routine and avoid some exercises. Focus more on lats and shoulders. Change your diet and become more muscular. Losing weight is also a key factor to solve this. 

If you’re thinking how to get rid of your hourglass figure then we got you covered. We have tried to cater you with the effective solutions to help you get positive results. 

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Why Are You Getting An Hourglass Figure from Working Out?

You are working out consistently but still wondering how do you have an hourglass figure?

Well if you have encountered this issue with your bodybuilding routine then fear not. There are a large number of individuals in the community who have faced similar issues. 

Some people may actually prefer to have an hourglass figure. However, if you are not a fanatic of it then look no further.

We shall outline the factors concerning you of what is causing an hourglass figure. 

3 Reasons Responsible for Creating An Hourglass Figure

There are a few variables that could lead to this happening. 

These are the three leading grounds why you might have unintentionally created an hourglass shape.

Reason 1: Excessive Shoulder Exercises

An hourglass shape is caused by working out some specific muscles. 

You might be focusing on doing too much shoulder workouts. This can cause your shoulder to have a V shape causing your waist to look smaller. 

Workouts like overhead shoulder presses are what works the shoulder muscles intensely. If you are doing too many reps of these shoulder presses then your shoulder gets bigger. 

Having heavy dumbbells when doing any shoulder workout can also have an intense effect. 

Sometimes you may struggle keeping your shoulders back when benching.

Reason 2: Doing exercises for Bigger Arms and Legs Only

Some exercises in your routine may be working out your arms and legs exceedingly.

You might be doing barbell bench presses, bar dips and other exercises that include pushing weights. When you do these workouts it builds muscles around your chest and shoulder areas. 

This might even make your arms appear bulkier. 

Doing squats can bulk your legs and hip area. Which can lead to your waist appearing slimmer in proportion. 

So, you get an hourglass figure.

Reason 3: Too Much Quads and Glutes Exercises

Exercises to avoid for hourglass figure include excessive quads and glutes exercises.

If you have exercises like squats and lunges then you might be overdoing them. This is expanding your quads and glutes muscles. 

Doing excessive lunges can even cause lower abdomen pain when lunging.

When your legs get too muscular it makes your upper portion look tinnier in comparison. So, it makes your waist look smaller than usual. 

This can also create an hourglass figure.

Therefore, you are getting an hourglass figure when bodybuilding.

How to Get Rid of Your Hourglass Figure?

We anticipate that you now are informed on the reasons why you have an hourglass figure. However, you may now be wondering “How can I hide my hourglass figure?”

Well we have already explored all possible ways to help you lose your hourglass figure.

Here are 5 concrete advice to assist you to get rid of your curves.

Change Workout Routine

We hope now you’re aware of the fact that workouts play a giant role in bodybuilding. You need to refrain from doing certain workouts excessively.

We have already mentioned the types of workouts you should do less reps of. 

And for other workouts, you should have a balanced routine. Do not only focus on one precise area. 

By changing your workout pattern your muscles will get more proportionate slowly but surely.

Emphasize on Lats and Shoulder Workouts

You can do workouts that are extremely effective when it comes to lessening the hourglass effect.

You need to emphasize your workouts into doing certain lats and shoulder exercises intensely. 

Listed below are some workouts you can perform to target your shoulder and lats.

  • Seated cable rows
  • Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Shoulder presses that include weights

Become More Muscular

You need your body to become more muscular. So your hourglass figure will not be as prominent. 

You can become more muscular by following a consistent workout routine and eating clean. You also need to train religiously to an intense volume.

Make sure that you take your pre and post workout meals properly. Your body needs enough carbs and protein to build your muscle mass. 

So, keep enough carbs and proteins into your everyday meals.

Lose Weight

Being in control of your weight is a crucial step in keeping your desired muscular figure. To get rid of your curvy structure, you must reduce your weight first.

To do this, you must watch what you eat. You should follow a certain routine when having your meals. 

A bodybuilding diet can help you lose weight and also keep your muscles nourished.

Be Patient!

You must develop patience, just like with everything else in your life.

Working out everyday is something that takes a lot of dedication. You should always be sufficiently encouraged to persevere.

This is true even when you do not see the results fast enough. It takes some time for your body to adapt to your workouts and your lifestyle

The results will not come overnight. So, you must be persistent and diligent.

These strategies can help you achieve an hourglass figure disappear very effectively. 

Things to Avoid While Working Out to Lose Hourglass Figure

3 Things to Avoid While Working Out to Lose Hourglass Figure

Therefore, presumably you now have grasped how you can lose your hourglass figure. 

If you are inexperienced to bodybuilding, there are some things you should note down. You might still make some mistakes which may obstruct your results from appearing.

So, you must follow the advice we have provided to ensure a healthy bodybuilding routine. 

We have scouted 3 important things that you should be mindful of when you are bulking. 

Binge Eating

Make sure that you always steer clear of processed foods and sugary beverages. If you can not curb your cravings then occasionally should be acceptable.

But you must make it a habit to keep a healthy diet all around the year. This is the way to get rid of the hourglass figure as a male bodybuilder.

Some foods to look out for are processed sugar and fatty meat items. These food items can make all of your gains vanish if you do not have them in moderation.

Adding Weights and Additional Workouts

Your workout intensity reduces when you work out consistently. Soon you will find it to be very ineffective if you keep on adding extra weights. 

This will only wear you out quickly without getting to train as much. Worse is you might even experience an injury or strain any body parts.

This would only make you miss your workout sessions. Which is extremely destructive to your workout schedule. 

Having A Restricted Grip

Most of the bodybuilding exercises require a good grip for you to perform them well enough. 

If your grip is restricted or limited during these exercises then it is an issue. This mostly happens during back exercises. 

You might even encounter forearm pain during bodybuilding exercises without a proper grip.

Therefore, you should invest in a good wrist wrap which can aid in a better grip. These work surprisingly well to make your workouts even more fruitful.

These are some important things to avoid in the gym to get rid of your curves. 

We have already mentioned the importance of losing weight to get rid of your hourglass figure. 

We know how important it is for you to keep your bodybuilding as smooth as possible. 

So, we have looked for some amazing products that will aid in weight loss. These will guarantee that you get the greatest benefit from your workouts by controlling your metabolism.

Here are 3 great products that you should look into investing in.

LUMINAELuminae is an amazing product that increases your natural fat burning levels to about 3 times. The ingredients in Luminae work extremely well enough to boost your weight loss process.
LEPTISENSELeptisense restores the levels of all kinds of irregularities present in your system. This promotes the natural metabolism of your body too.


Which Muscles Are Responsible for Building An Hourglass Shape?

Upper and lower body muscles, waist, glutes and thighs are responsible for building an hourglass shape. For an hourglass figure target these particular areas. You should only focus on working these muscles. If you have a slender figure then first start by building muscles on the upper body.

Are There Exercises that Bodybuilders Should Refrain from Doing?

Yes, there are some exercises that bodybuilders should refrain from doing. If you are bodybuilding you must avoid any exercises that require behind the neck movements. Bench presses and barbell curls are also not recommended. You should avoid doing deadlifts and squats for optimal results.

How Many Hours Should I Workout As A Beginner Bodybuilder?

You can workout for an hour if you are working out as a beginner bodybuilder. An average bodybuilder works out for an hour to an hour and a half daily. You can follow this routine and workout for an hour. You should do this for 4 to 5 days every week. So, every week you can train for 4-5 hours.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope our piece helped you know how to get rid of hourglass figure.

Do you know that you can grow more muscular strength by controlling when you eat? You should eat every 3 hours in a day to speed up bulking. 

This includes your 3 meals in a day and pre and post workout meals.

Wishing you a delightful workout session!

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