How to Straighten a Bent Olympic Bar- Quick Repair Hack!

How to Straighten a Bent Olympic Bar

You must be thinking how can an Olympic bar even bend?  And how to straighten it? Well, it’s a more common problem for athletes and bodybuilders than you think. 

So, the important thing to know for them is how to straighten a bent Olympic bar.

To straighten the Olympic bar, place it in an arch shape on 2 blocks. Then press the center of it with your leg. This will work for minimal bends and in the middle of the bar.  But for any severe bend or if it is on a side this method won’t work. The smartest decision will be to replace it.

But wait! First, let me tell you the full method step by step. Or you may bend it even more. 

Moreover, I will share the reasons for Olympic bar bending, replacement, and maintenance details.

Quick Action For Bent Olympic Bar

Bend SpecificationAction You Should Take
Minor or major bend on either side of the bar. Replace
Major bend on the center of the bar.Replace
Minor bend on the center of the bar. Fix by yourself

Why Olympic Bar Bends?

Olympic bars are supposed to carry heavy weights. So those are supposed to be very strong. In that case, a bent Olympic bar will surely make you think – what’s wrong with it?

There are mainly two reasons why this weird thing can occur. Let’s discuss it. 

Reason 1: Dropping The Barbell

Are you a gym enthusiast, athlete, or doing a workout at home? You can’t deny  dropping weight. Can you?

Slippery hands, inattentiveness, or lifting overweight are some of the reasons behind those mishaps. 

Though gym equipment is strong enough to take frequent drops, everything has its limit. Barbells can quite easily bend after a drop.

Now the question is whether the bend will be permanent or not. It will depend on the location of the bend. Wait a bit for more details.

If plates drop first the bar has a low chance of bending. However, the bar sometimes makes the first contact with the surface instead of the plates. Then the bar will bend.

This usually happens when someone fails to do a lift like a squat or bench. And then the bar hits the pins on the squat rack.

A high-quality bar usually survives the fall with up to 1000 pounds. Whereas, a low-quality bar bends only higher than 300 pounds of weight. 

Reason 2: Lifting The Bar With Overweight

Have you ever wondered at what weight does an olympic bar bend? Well, heavyweight isn’t a very significant reason for a bar to be bent.

Surprising right? But a high-quality bar can lift up to 1500 pounds. A medium or good quality bar can also take up to 1000 pounds. 

You must have seen when heavy lifting is done, the bar tends to bend a little. It is very normal. Also, this bending isn’t permanent. 

The bar bends temporarily with heavy weight lifting. But snaps back in place when the barbell is on the floor.

Lifting The Bar With Overweight

How To Straighten A Bent Olympic Bar?

Now let’s get into the most anticipated part. Use this hack in only two situations. Which are, if the bent is minor and in the middle of the bar.

Follow these simple steps- 

  1. Firstly, Identify the severity of the bent. If it’s mendable, move to the next step.
  2. Now, remove all plates and place the bar on two blocks, one on each side. 
  3. Place the bar arch-shaped or inverted “U” shape. 
  4. Now, press exactly on the middle of the bar, using your legs. 
  5. Check if the bar is straightened or not. 

For minor bends, this trick should solve your problem. But for major bends, you should go for a replacement. Because, fixing a major bend is very difficult, time-consuming, and costly. 

You’re gonna need to heat up the bar to certain degrees. And press it with a special press. Wanna take this unnecessary botheration?  I wouldn’t recommend that. 

Can You Use A Bent Barbell?

If your bar is bent on either side, you should never use the bar. No matter how minor the bend is. It can be very dangerous as the plates will slide down and end up injuring you. 

The same goes for the major bend at the center of the bar. The weight distribution of the plates won’t be equal. You may end up hurting yourself.  

However, if the bend is minor and in the middle of the bar, the risk is lower. 

But you should still avoid using a bent bar. No matter how cautious you are, an accident might happen, also it will cause you discomfort. 

Is Olympic Bar Replacement A Good Decision?

Sometimes, the bend can be major, or on the side of the bar. In that case, the replacement of the bar will be the wisest decision. Deadlift, squatting, push press, etc. with a heavyweight itself is very risky. And working with faulty equipment is never appreciable.

Injuries can occur at any time while exercising. One of them is back popping when doing squats.  Make sure to take preventive measures when you are squatting. 

Replacement is the best option for bent Olympic bars. But it comes with a cost. Now your concern must be how much does an Olympic bar cost?

You can find Olympic bars in a wide price range. According to your budget, you will find bars from $100 – $300. The price range depends on the quality, weight limit, and height of the bar. A good quality bar will sustain a longer period of time. And it won’t bend easily. 

There are bars with even $1000. But you don’t need it unless you run a big commercial gymnasium. But even for a small gymnasium or personal use, invest smartly. I will recommend buying a good quality bar with a $150 – $300 price range.

Choosing the right Olympic bar also depends on the type of workout you do. Let me explain. 

Body-Building And Cardio

For bodybuilding and cardio, you do not need heavyweight. In that case, a bar without rolling pins will be enough. Which is less costly. 

Also, in this type of exercise, working out inside a squat rack isn’t necessary. So, even if the barbell falls, the plates will touch the surface first and the bar won’t bend. 


Powerlifting requires heavy lifting of weight. In that case, falling off the bar is also very common. In that case, High-quality bars with rolling pins are a better choice. 

Talking about powerlifting, Did you know? To avoid injuries in deadlifting, you must have strong back muscles and bones. Also, you have to be flexible. Here try this amazing product that will help you in this case. 


This product is a natural supplement for improving your back muscles, and bone health. It will give you flexibility and make you more active.

There are many exercise options that you can do only with a barbell. I am sure it will help you to choose the right barbell. 

How Can You Prevent An Olympic Bar From Bending?

I know, as a workout lover, equipment like Olympic bars is your precious possession. With some care and smart investment, you can sustain them for years. You must be thinking about how to prevent your new bar from bending again. 

Let’s see 4 tips that will prevent your Olympic bars from bending. 

Invest in a Good Quality Bar

Buy a good quality bar in the first place. That will go longer and won’t bend easily. In a sense, a more costly product will be proven cheaper in the long run. 

Always Keep the Olympic Bar Clean

Always make sure the bar, especially the gripping area is clean. If there is oil or sweat, the chance of slipping will increase. 

Lift Weight in Limit

As an athlete, you must be passionate about deadlifting. But never try to lift more weight than you can. It will maximize the chance of slipping the barbell. Additionally, it can also injure you badly. 

Unless you aren’t flexible enough while deadlifting the list of injuries will go on and on. Find out what can happen and what can you do if you aren’t flexible enough for Deadlifting

Wear Gloves

Always wear hand gloves with good grip. It will help you handle the barbell better. 

By practicing these habits you can decrease the chance of bending your Olympic bar. 


How to Store Olympic Barbell?

The best way to store the Olympic bar is horizontally on the rack. If not possible, you can keep it vertically on the stand with extra care. Never store it with the weight plates. Also do not keep it at an angle or on the ground. 

How to Clean my Olympic Bar? 

Wipe off the bar with a dry rug after every use. Once in a while take a mild cleansing solution on the rug and clean the bar. 

What Size Barbell Do I Need? 

As a woman, you need something between 5’ to 6’5” long bars. And as a man, 6’.5” to 7’2”. Longer bars bend easily and shorter bars tend to bend less. But either way, try to maintain the range from 5’ to 7’ long. 


I think now you know how to straighten a bent Olympic bar. I hope, You could straighten it out with the hack I shared. Although replacing it won’t be a bad decision either.

 A good quality bar will sustain for a long time. And it’s much more secure. 

That’s all for now. Keep up the hard work and be safe!

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