I Ate 5000 Calories on My Cheat Day: Should You Worry or Not?

Going through a strict diet routine can be exhausting sometimes. Here, a cheat day is an opportunity to treat yourself properly to your favorite food. You may face difficulty intaking calories on your cheat day if you don’t have a nutritionist. 

That is your you’re wondering that I ate 5000 calories on my cheat day.

Your activity level and calorie routine would decide the number of calories you can consume on your cheat day. You should not bother much about your calories on your cheat day. But it would be great to intake around 1500-3000 calories over your daily maintenance calories.

Since you ate 5000 calories, you might get worried about the answer. But we love to tell you that we provide this whole article for your comfort. So that your whole hard-earned progress doesn’t turn out to be failed.  

Let’s get to know straight whether eating extra calories on a cheat day is ok or not. 

Is It Ok to Count Calories on Cheat Days?

A cheat day’s prime job is to provide relaxation for your body and soul. This might satisfy your cravings which you have been ignoring for a long time. A cheat day helps you to be more sincere in your dietary plans. 

Now, naturally, a question may come into your mind about calories. You can feel whether you should count calories on your cheat day or not.

Well, if you’re looking for an escape on your cheat day from dieting. Then counting calories on a cheat day will not be useful for you.

However, A cheat day is a pause in your strict dietary plan. But if you continue counting calories, you might be psychologically stressed over time. 

Also, it doesn’t seem necessary. Because you will not regain your extra weight by eating in a day. You can cut out your extra calories by adhering to your diet.

Conversely, calorie counting should be necessary for some particular diet scenarios. For instances

  • If you are foody and love eating. And it’s hard for you to resist intaking calories. Then we recommend you take a glance at calorie counting. Also, you should remain stick to your calorie range.
  • If you are a person like me who suddenly strict her diet. And one fine day, you drastically go for a change and eat heavily. Then your symptoms are known to be Binge Eating Disorder.
  • If you notice this disorder in yourself. You must seek treatment through a medical professional.
  • If you love counting your calories, then you’re not gonna lose track while controlling your diet.
  • If you want to have a look at your body’s reaction by counting cheat days. Then it’s totally admirable.

There are no certain rules regarding counting your calories on a cheat day or not.

However, you may be thinking about the portion of calories you should burn on your cheat day.

No worries here. We come with your desired solutions.

How Many Calories Can You Intake on a Cheat Day?

Your daily calorie intake signifies the number of calories you ought to take on your cheat day. It changes from individual to individual with respect to their physical capacity. Additionally, physical activity should be kept in mind while fixing the calories. 

If you engage in a high level of physical activity, then your cheat day calories are going to exceed.

Nevertheless, there is no certain measurement of calories you can have on your cheat day. But make yourself determine between 1500-3000 calories.  If you tend to take more than 3000. 

You may increase the chance of negative effects of overeating, such as lazy digestion.

Do you even worry about where your extra calories are coming from? And which sources are not harmful. So that you can keep yourself stress-free from those calories factory even on your cheat day. 

Here we go with finding out those calories resources.

Where Should These Calories Come from?

The reason for a cheat day is to donate yourself a break from eating less. But you need to concentrate on calorie intake and what you are eating.

Well, It is an open secret that your extra calories come from protein, carbohydrate, or fat.  Because you are eating your favorite food like burgers, pasta, or pizza on your cheat day. And we want to appreciate the fact of choosing your cheat meal.

However, You should not be anxious about eating rather. Your tend should be on enjoying the meal. If you keep worrying even on your cheat day. Food enjoyment will get removed from your platter.

You should concentrate more on your individual goal while consuming food. 

Don’t worry about having your favorite food on your happy day(cheat day). But watch out for consumption more than your needs or regular food. Because it might ruin your whole diet journey. 

Don’t be upset about ruining the diet plan. Here, we are explaining how you can stay away from ruining your diet.  Also, you can have an excellent cheat day with your loving snacks.

How Many Calories are Responsible for Ruining Your Diet?

Don’t be surprised to hear that a cheat day can ruin your whole weight loss journey. But sometimes, a cheat day makes you gain weight for a short-term period only. You don’t form body fat from having a heavy cheat meal.

Therefore, in this situation, you will want to be cautious enough. So, let’s go with us to have a look at how you can save your diet journey from ruining.

  • Well, 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. To achieve the mentioned fat amount, you need to exceed your regular calorie intake by that amount of calories

So, a healthy man at the age of 30 needs to intake 6200 calories to get a pound of fat. If the man needs 2700 calories to maintain his weight regularly.

It takes several days to gain excessive weight. So, even in one day, you would not gain much fat through intaking higher calories. However, you should avoid going 3500 calories over your regular maintenance calories.

How will you maintain a proper cheat day without eating too many calories? Stop thinking much.

Here we have come to your aid with a bag full of suggestions.

Some Do’s to Maintain a Proper Cheat Day

Sometimes the call of cravings is too hard to deny. But you can follow some measures so that the hefty works of your don’t go up in smoke.

  • While having your cheat meal, don’t get consumed with guilt. You deserve this, alright? You’re compromising a lot. Now take a breath and dive into the delicious foods.
  • Do watch out if your cheat day is gonna be a cheat week or a month. Please don’t do this. Once it starts, you’re gonna lose all your motivation.
  • When we’re craving food, we feel like eating the whole world in one quick gasp, right? No, you can’t go into an indulgent meal all-out, starving on your cheat day.
  • It is appreciable to crave healthier foods rather than just loving junk foods. 
  • Well, eat whatever you want. Just make it with nourishing products rather than factory-made junk.
  • Broke all the rules and spiraled into depression? Have some recommended supplements and formulas to bump up your health game.

Don’t overthink your cheat day. It is okay to be yourself sometimes.


Do cheat days boost metabolism?

Yes, research says that your body increases metabolism after having a cheat meal. Also, it causes the burn of calories faster. The increased leptin level produced by fat cells is accountable for balancing the body’s power.

Can I eat a lot during cheat day?

Well, you are allowed to eat whatever you want to eat on a cheat day. But you have to look after not intaking excessive calories. Because it may give you hard time once you start dieting again.

How to make up for a cheat day?

Don’t make your cheat day a cheating habit for weeks and months. Please remain consistent with your diet chart until you achieve your goal. Also, follow a balanced meal. And keep practicing turning into your hunger and fullness.

Final words

We hope that you’ve found out what to do if you ate 5000 calories on your cheat day.

Cheat days are essential to remain stuck to your diet for longer. They give a sense of relaxation from your hard routine. 

Hence, there is no accurate number of calories for a cheat day. It may vary from person to person.

If you feel your cheat day does not bring you overweight. Then you should not have an issue.

We hope that you got your quires from the article. Now cut off your stress and enjoy your cheat meal. And yes, don’t forget to enjoy diet days as well.

Have a great day.  

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