Indigo 3G Alternative – [Top 3 Alternatives]

Indigo-3G Alternative

Nowadays gaining muscles, especially for new gym-goers has become troublesome and confusing. Because it’s not just about the exercise. One of the major variables for muscle bulk is the kind of diet you consume.

In other words, you should be aware of the food you put in your stomach. Otherwise, the specific bulk goal that you want to achieve might not be achieved at all. Because every product has different effects on your body and health. 

Biotests creation Indigo 3G is consumed to absorb nutrients effectively. And it also makes sure that you do not suffer from a lack of nutrients. Simply, it has a mechanism that prevents food from turning into fat.

However, Indigo 3G is thought to be an expensive product. 

So what is the best Indigo 3G alternative? 

Well, the main ingredient that indigo 3G contains is cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G). This ingredient helps turn food into muscles instead of fat. There are other similar products that contain cyanidin 3-glucoside. These include C3G Pro Anthocyanin, Vision Alive Max, Black Bean Extract C3G, and many more.

So first we will see a little bit about Indigo 3G and then its replacement products. 

Indigo 3G

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The major claim about the Indigo 3G is that it is a selective nutrient repartitioning agent. This simply means that whatever you eat will be turned into muscle instead of turning into fats. Because it helps your body absorb nutrients effectively. 

Indigo 3G’s main ingredient is Cyanidin 3 Glucoside powder. This ingredient helps achieve maximum results in muscle enhancement, strength, and performance. Additionally, let us see what benefits you can get from consuming Indigo-3G.

  • Nutrients go towards muscle cells instead of fat.
  • It decreases the size of fat cells.
  • Greatly improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Fix fat cells.
  • Shrink and prevent fat cells.
  • Prevent fat storage.
  • Control the way your body uses carbs.
  • Allows you to eat more while on diet.
  • Eliminate the need for an obsessive diet for fat burning.
  • Increase strength and workout capacity.

Mechanism of Action-[Indigo-3G]

Low body fat and rock-hard muscles are the goals of every gym-goer. But even with hard work it sometimes is difficult to get. And here is why.

So, basically, a lot of food consumption is required to gain noticeable muscle bulk. But all of this food doesn’t automatically turn into muscles unless you are a genetically gifted person. A Lot of this food becomes body fat.

As a result, we tend to adopt a diet to lose excess fat. It directly means lowering your carb intake. And lowering carbs results in flat muscles decreases performance and slows down muscle gains. 

Furthermore, lowering carbs intake teaches your body that it can’t handle high carbs intake. So your body starts saving excess carbs into fats instead of using them to fuel your muscle gains.

How Indigo-3G Helps Food Turn To Muscle?

How Indigo-3G Helps Food Turn To Muscle

Indigo-3G is equipped with the strategy to selectively partition nutrients. It contains Cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) that prevents carbs from turning into fat instead of muscles. C3G basically maximizes carbs uptake in muscles, burns fat, and prevents fat storage. 

C3G is known to up-regulate gene expression for fat burning and down-regulate for fat storage. The release of adiponectin further increases the oxidation of fat cells. As a result, the fat cell starts to shrink. So, c3g fat loss process is effective for weight loss. 

Besides repairing dysfunctional fat cells, indigo 3G side effects increase the insulin sensitivity of muscle cells. This in turn results in the enhancement of insulin signaling and nutrient uptake along with glycogen synthesis. Resulting in automatically driving nutrients to muscle mass instead of fat.

Let us now see what are the top indigo 3G alternatives do similar.

Indigo-3G Alternative – [3 Top Picks]

Besides indigo 3G, there are a lot of other C3G supplements just like the alternatives of avocare catalyst. Obviously, their quality and effects would be different from each other. That is why I am gonna tell you about the best Cyanidin 3 Glucoside supplement besides indigo-3G.

Below are the 3 top picks for C3G supplementation. That might be even better than indigo C3G. Let us see them one by one. 

1. High Performance Nutrition Metabolism Booster, HPN M(6) Fat Burner

Indigo-3G Alternative

This dietary supplement is specifically designed to prevent fat absorption. Additionally, it supplements nutrients to the body for it to work effectively. Not to mention the benefits of a satisfactory physique, healthy skin, and acne prevention during weight loss. 


HPN M(6) fat burner contains the following.

  • Bilberry fruit extract
  • Vitamin B12
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Caffeine 
  • Anhydrous 
  • Methylliberine
  • Pyrroloquinoline quinone

Bilberry fruit extract contains enough C3G to metabolize carbs and burn excess fat. Two of its ingredients namely methylliberine and Pyrroloquinoline quinone work as a team. Together they prevent cell oxidation and accumulation of excess fat. 

M(6) comes in capsules and 2 capsules a day would prove to be great. 


  • Gives you a lot of strength and energy.
  • Boost weight loss while keeping you energized.
  • Prevent accumulation of excess fat.
  • Prevent turning carbs into fat.
  • Enhance metabolism.
  • Easy to swallow capsule size.


  • Contains too much caffeine. 
  • Contains other stimulants.

2. Black Bean Extract [C-3G]

 Black Bean Extract [C-3G]

Black bean extract is another C3G supplement known for reducing fat and fueling metabolism. This product also contains black bean C3G extract. Simply put, this product turns off genes for fat absorption and turns them on for fat metabolism.

C3G in this product not only helps prevent excess fat, and boost metabolism but does a lot more. It also keeps bad cholesterol away from the blood. We make cholesterol bad by consuming food that is high in sugar, fat, and carbs. Having protein shakes like premier or GNC can be a better choice. 

Also, Cyanidin 3 Glucoside extracts uses also prevent oxidation as well as make bones stronger. Black bean extract C3G is also a lifesaver for obese people after losing weight. Because its mechanism of action prevents weight gain. 


Black bean extract C3G contains the following.

  • Black Bean Extract C3G
  • Gelatin
  • Rice Powder


  • C3G contents are found in large amounts.
  • Manages metabolism.
  • Made from natural plant ingredients.
  • Does not contain additives.
  • Prevents bad cholesterol caused by fat and carbs.
  • Prevent fat excess.
  • Keep you energized throughout the workout.


  • Expensive.
  • The newly introduced brand is not so popular yet.

3. Fat Fader Black Bean Extract – Powerful Weight Loss Formula

 Fat Fader Black Bean Extract

Fat Fader Black Bean Extract is added to the list due to its high consumption rate. Its main ingredient is black bean extract which means that it contains C3G in high amounts. So, this product has practical effects on weight loss while allowing you to have a healthy diet.

Besides being effective in fat-burning it doesn’t contain any sugar, colorants, or preservatives. In addition to that, an ideal body is possible if combined with a scientific exercise regime. 


  • Burn fat.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Without any side effects.
  • Give you an ideal body when combined with proper diet and exercise.
  • Affordable price.


  • Works only if combined with proper exercise.

And if your aim is solely to lose weight. Check out our top 3 bonus products listed below.

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FLAT BELLY SHAKEThis supplement supports healthy weight loss and maintains healthy digestion and energy levels.
BURN BOOSTThis supplement speeds up weight loss and fat loss. It also increases your energy while curbing cravings and hunger.
LUMINAEThis supplement is a weight loss catalyst that contains a patented ingredient. It is clinically proven to increase fat-burning by 3 times.


Final Verdict

The workout requires a healthy diet but also avoidance of excess fat. That is what indigo 3g gives you, however, it’s expensive. There are of course cheaper alternatives available that contain C3G in large amounts.

We have listed the top 3 indigo alternatives above. Black bean extract C3G is probably the best pick but quite pricey. So among the top 3, the most effective products are HPN M(6) Fat Burner. 

Fat fader is also a suitable and right choice but it would require you to work hard. Otherwise, you won’t notice any noticeable change.


  • Does Indigo 3-G really work or is it a marketing scam?

Indigo-3G claims to turn food into muscles instead of fat. The main sources of its ingredient cyanidins are blackberries and bilberries. And consumers have varying opinions, some say it worked some say it’s no good. Also, people are complaining about its price as well.

  • How is cyanidin helpful in reducing fat?

The scientific studies on cyanidin 3-glucoside prove that it reduces fat tissues. C3G has gained popularity due to its potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. It has been known to increase the activity of proteins in fat tissue related to fat burning. 


The major reason for people searching for the indigo 3g alternative is its price. The product is effective but a bit pricey. 

Of the top 3 picks that we have listed, among them two are the most suitable. But we recommend HPN M(6), Fat Burner, because among the other two, one contains stimulants and the other is less effective. 

See you soon!

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