Is 400MG of Test a Week Enough? (Things You Must Know!)

Is 400mg Of Test A Week Enough

Strong body, insane energy, and unlimited sex drive. That’s what you’re looking for, eh?

And you’re heading towards testosterone intakes.


When it comes to boosting energy, test injections come to our minds. Especially, if you’re passionate about your health and lifestyle. But deciding the amount of tests gets confusing at times. 

So, you start wondering – is 400mg of test a week enough?

Yes, 400 mg of test a week is enough. But it depends on the type of your body. Well, I suggest breaking 400mg per work into two phases. Take 200 mg per 2-3 days. It will work more effectively. Again, for some people 400 mg per 5 days work the best. Besides, you should be aware of the side effects.

Wait. There are some more things you should know about testosterone intake. If you have some time in hand, keep reading the article. 

You’ll get to know some interesting stuff. So, let’s get started!    

What Does Testosterone Intake Do To The Human Body?

What Does Testosterone Intake Do To The Human Body?

First of all, it’s awesome that you’re concerned about your testosterone level. Taking testosterone boost will definitely give you some results. 

But here’s the thing. You must understand what exactly this hormonal boost does to your body. Let’s start with the basics.

So, testosterone is actually a sex hormone in your body that is responsible for a lot of things. By the way, I’m talking about the male body here. 

What testosterone does is make you get that sex energy, improve bone and muscle mass. It also increases red blood cells and sperm in your body. Basically, it’s the hormone that makes you FEEL like a man! 

Now, as you age, this hormonal level starts to decrease. You’ll feel less energetic. The reason you’re reading this article right now!

So, when you take test supplements, it brings a lot of changes in your body. Your bones get denser. You’ll feel the strength in your muscles. The boost in your sex drive just gets insane!

But this doesn’t mean you should take unlimited test doses. There’s a certain limit your body can take.

So, what is the normal dosage of testosterone injection? You’ll get to know about this in the next segment.    

How Many Milligrams Of Testosterone Should A Man Take?

How Many Milligrams Of Testosterone Should A Man Take

After multiple research and calculations, the USA FDA set an optimum testosterone dosage for men. The safe testosterone dosage is 50-400 mg IM for male hypogonadism. 

It’s the amount that you can start with safely for every 2-4 weeks. 

However, the Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines suggested an alternative intake amount. According to them, taking 75-100 mg IM weekly is safer to take. Or else, you can go for 150-200 mg IM per 2 weeks. 

You might also need to take arimidex while on testosterone therapy. The amount may vary from the amount of arimidex for the 500mg test.

So, now you know what’s the safest amount of tests you can take. It’s time you get to know your answer – “Is 400 mg of test a week enough?” 

Is 400mg Of Test A Week Enough?

Is 400mg Of Test A Week Enough

You already know what is the safest trt dosage per week. Now, I’ll tell you facts about a 400mg test cruise. 

Well, 400mg test a week isn’t a bad amount to start with. It’s definitely enough. But as an expert, I’d suggest you break it depending on the metabolite you’re taking. 

If you’re taking testosterone cypionate or enanthate every week, stick to 400 mg. I would suggest injecting it every 5 days. 

But if it’s propionate per week, take 200 mg per 3-4 days. This will be more effective.

Note that there’s a difference between test phenylpropionate and prop.  

Now, here’s a small tip. You should take less amount of testosterone if you haven’t been training for 4+ years. In this phase, less testosterone means greater results.

But if you’re a bodybuilder like me, you should stick for a good few years juicing. 

So, yeah, 400mg test a week is enough but try to consider the other factors involved. 

400 Mg Testosterone Per Week Results

400 Mg Testosterone Per Week Results

If you draw a timeline, you’ll see multiple changes around the weeks. Let’s walk you through how injecting 400 mg can create differences in your body.

After injecting testosterone, you’ll see a slight boost in your sexual interest. But it’s not too dominant. This happens within 3-6 weeks of testosterone injection. 

For a good change in erections or ejaculations, you may have to wait till 6 months. It actually depends on the type of body. 

However, you’ll start to see quality of life manifest within 3-4 weeks. But you’ll see longer effects in future.

On the other hand, you’ll see changes in your mood. This becomes dominant after 18-30 weeks. 

So, can you guess what happens in months after injecting testosterone? Here’s what happens.

400 Mg Of Testosterone A Month (Change In A Year)

400 Mg Of Testosterone A Month (Change In A Year)

Well, you already got the idea what happens in a month. Now, you’ll get to know what happens in several months of testosterone boost.

First of all, the red blood cells will increase in abundance. Generally, there’s a peak seen in 9-12 months. Your prostate-specific antigens will rise in volume at the same time.

Remember we talked about the lipid growth in the previous segment? Yes, you’ll see it maximizing in 6-12 months. 

Another crucial element gets boosted after taking testosterone – insulin. Your insulin insensitivity might improve in a few days. And you’ll be able to see massive changes after 3-12 months. 

Speaking of bone improvement, it gets noticeable after six months. If you keep continuing, you’ll see a good result within at least 3 years.

So, you got to know how testosterone can give you a boost. But do you think it’s sustainable for life? I’ll share my opinion with you in the next section. Stay tuned! 

Is Testosterone Intake Sustainable For Life?

It’s true that taking testosterone improves your health and appearance. But it has some downsided too. 

Let me give you an overview what side effects you might face while taking this drug:

High Cholesterol Levels

Sometimes testosterone becomes the reason for heart problems. Your cholesterol level might reach a risky level. This will initiate blood vessel issues.

So, it’s best if you could check up with a doctor at this stage. 

By the way, are you concerned about maintaining a decent blood pressure? I’ve two good supplements suggestions for you that’ll help you in this case. 

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BLOOD PRESSURE 911This supplement is extraordinary in balancing blood pressure. It’s also proven to be effective in strengthening the cardiovascular system. 
TRIPLE BLOOD BALANCEThis formula will stabilize the blood glucose levels of your body. As a result, you can have your cholesterol level and blood sugar at a healthy level.


Both of these products are helpful for maintaining a balanced cholesterol level. So, you can choose any of these if you prefer. 

Risky Prostate Health

Taking testosterone might have effects on the senior citizens. Especially, it becomes a risk after the age of 50. 

You might be at risk of having an enlarged prostate. This eventually leads to prostate cancer. 

So, it’s important to get your prostate antigen levels checked. Take the help of a doctor to endure a healthy prostate. 

High Hemoglobin And Hematocrit

You already know test intake increases red blood cells. But sometimes it might be so dominant that it creates a disease.

When you have too many red blood cells, this condition is called polycythemia. If this situation arises, you must check your hemoglobin levels with a prescribed doctor. 

Don’t forget to check the hematocrit level too!  

Well, it’s evident that taking testosterone might become detrimental for you. But it doesn’t happen to everybody. 

So, it’s wise to have health checkups every once in a while. You’ll be able to track your growth and health at the same time. 

Testosterone Injection Dosage For Females

Testosterone Injection Dosage For Females

Well, here’s an interesting thought. As mostly testosterone is related to male hormonal issues, people think it’s only a male hormone. 

Guess what. It’s not. Women also produce a significant amount of testosterone in their body naturally. It’s the 1/10th amount of what a male body produces.

So, what does it do for female bodies? You don’t see women showing male characteristics very often, right? So, what does it do then?

Just male body, female bodies also use testosterone for maintaining a balanced health. The hormone helps women in the reproductive cycle. That’s why low testosterone in women can also be boosted up with TRT.

The process is the same as the men’s injecting testosterone. But for female bodies, the intake is much smaller in size. It’s usually 10% of what men can inject.  

And of course, just like the men, women should also maintain health checkups. They should take the help of a professional and keep track. 

This is how women would receive long-term benefits. 


  • How much will 100 mg of testosterone raise levels?

For starters, 100 mg of testosterone will raise 1200 ng/dL in 24 hours. It’s the average amount of rise in testosterone levels. However, you’ll notice a decrease after one week of intake. After a week the level goes down to 600 ng/dL. Well, to be precise, it’s a little above 600 ng/dL. 

  • How long after injection does testosterone peak?

It takes two to three days for testosterone to peak in the human body. However, the injection level slowly drops. This situation persists until the next dose is given. Again, apart from injection, men can also use testosterone patches to boost test level. 

  • Is 500 a good testosterone level?

500 is a good testosterone level. But the effectiveness also depends on the person taking it. Suppose, a person injecting 500 testosterone is leading a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, it’s best for him. It’s because they don’t require it too much. But an athlete will require more than 500 mg.  

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! I hope you got your answer for the question – “Is 400 mg of test  week enough?” Well, I guess you got to know more than just the answer!

I tried to make this article as simple and as useful as possible. I hope you get the expected result you’re longing for. 


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