Is 405 a Good Squat? – All You Need to Know!

is 405 a good squat

A 405 squat leaves people in awe because of how impressive it is. But a small token of advice is never enough to know is 405 a good squat? 

Yes, partially a 405 squat is good. But to some extent, it’s not possible for all. This can’t be claimed to be impossible, but it’s just rare. For doing 405 squats one needs massive leg strength. Once you master normal squat, 405 squat is good. Start slowly from 275 Ib and gradually go up to 405Ib. 

All those internet videos can’t make you believe everything about the 405 squats. Because it’s not as doable as social media hypes. People are seen doing 4 plates on a squat. 

But that’s only for 1RMs or 3RMs. Shortly, two/few people attempted a 405 squat.

Now, will it be possible for everyone to do a 405 squat? The reasons discussed here are valid facts. This will hopefully help you know what squat is good for you.

So, let’s get started!

Is 405 A Good Squat?

Is 405 A Good Squat

Yes, 405 is a good squat if you master the normal squats. On an average view, a 405 squat is impressive, and rare, especially when you are natty.

You need to work on the forms and master the form with a low weight beforehand. This practice would help you adapt to the weight pressure of 405 squats. 

Doing 405 squats without mastering the basic form of squats can trigger major muscle injuries.

Is 405Ib Squat Common Among Trained Men?

Is 405Ib Squat Common Among Trained Men

Yes, 405Ib squat is a tough one that’s common among trained men. Besides, anybody with more height and weight is eligible for a 405 squat.

Bodybuilders train themselves with proper discipline and schedules. They follow strict rules for making the body stronger enough to handle the weight. Some may also take various pre-workouts like acg3 or c4 when training.

The trained men replicate the following steps for touching the pinnacle of 405Ib squat at maximum-

  • Better practice technique.
  • Tries a variety of bar positions.
  • Gains extra core strength.
  • Works on upper back and hip strength, tightening grip.
  • Change the bar.
  • Change the shoes.

These specific activities are followed strictly by the trained men. But regular gym-goers aren’t seen following these strictly as not everyone has the same goal. 

Can Any Man Squat 405?

Yes, any man can squat 405. Of course, a healthy individual has zero existing physical issues. 

Apparently, it’s obvious height and weight matter. But years of exercise, persistence and dedication build a man’s body stiff. He can easily hold 405ibs to squat. That may include front, back or box squat. 

However, that clearly depends on the person what he determines to do.   

Is It A Realistic Target For Most Average Size Men To Be Able To Achieve?

Technically, it is not a realistic target. Even though any man can achieve this milestone, average men don’t tend to focus on this.

Most likely, young men get fascinated with making bodies sometimes. But that enthusiasm takes them to the highest 315 squats which mean 142.5kg approximately. 

Even that takes strict gym and health care as massive strength is required to do squats. Let alone 405 squats. 

How Hard Is It to Squat 405?

How Hard Is It to Squat 405

It is terribly hard to squat 405. Trying 405 squats without safety plugs can be deadly.

Internet surfers are in awe seeing the impressive videos of trained men doing 405 squats. NLP promises to make a guy squat 405 within 2-3 months. All these go to a hypothetical sector as soon as a guy actually starts training for it.

Massive leg strength, instant surviving techniques, and persistence are required badly for the 405 squats. A sudden 405 squat could choke you without these. Muscle cramps can paralyze you for a lifetime. 

Not to mention other lifetime injuries due to excess blood pressure, bone cracks and teary ligaments.

If you do try for 405IBs squats and suffer from these, we have great products to recommend. 

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Now, I’m not claiming it’s impossible for mortals, but this requires an insane level of hard work. Average men with daily life don’t tend to be fascinated by the deadly 405 squats. But an average man can do 405 squats if he’s at the zenith of his desire.

How Long Does It Take to Get to 405 Squats?

Basically, you are to master normal squats. Get a good 2-3 months of solid progress on NLP (Novice Linear Progress). Though it doesn’t guarantee you a 405Ib squat in 2-3 months, it trains you well. 

To get yourself fit for doing 405 squats, NLP can help you by-

  • Training sound lifting techniques to get you through advanced programs and strength maintenance. 
  • Recovery sessions after every weightlifting session to recover your body. This helps in behavior change and brings up the stronger version of you. 
  • The habit of training makes the body parts more favorable. This increases the body muscle mass, your legs, thighs, arms, back and abs act favorably. Remarkably, everyday tasks that ask for strength and balance, will be easier.

These steps help make every single leap to make it happen to 405 squats. But, you need to have solid training without any excuses.

Is A 405 Squat Impressive? 

Is A 405 Squat Impressive 

Naturally, a 405 squat is very impressive. It’s rare among guys because it takes massive leg strength and regular exercise. Enthusiasm towards practicing could help you do the impressive 405 squats. 

Watching videos on youtube can help you see many videos of guys doing 405 squats. Filter out if you are judging based on that. Because the size, weight and height of those people are more than the average person. 

However, it depends more on height and weight than practicing hard.

How Rare Is A 405 Squat?

Apparently, a lot. That’s because of some specific reasons that include height, weight, and regularity of exercise. 

A 6’ tall guy naturally has more power and weight than a 5’3 or a 5’5 guy. If the taller guy has solid progress in NLP, he can easily weigh and do 405 squats. Which will be nearly impossible for the shorter guy to do.    

How Common Is It For Guys In Your Gym to Squat 405 lb?

Not common at all. People give more emphasis on becoming strong and squatting at an average weight, unlike squatting 405 Ibs.

However, it also depends on the existing gyms. There are gyms which are not seen giving enough training for extreme squatting. 315 squats are seen on a regular basis.

Is A 405 Front Squat Good?

No, statistically, 405 front squat is not good. A 405 squat is not possible for all to achieve firsthand. Then doing 405 front squats sets the benchmark too high. 

The bar will either choke you or roll down your arms tearing your biceps off. At that time, concentrate on pushing the chest out and elbows high. You can practice with a 45 or 55ib barbell to start your training. 

This usually helps but most men don’t know the technique or do not follow it. But as usual, patience, determination and flexibility may help do a 405 front squat.  

Is A 405 Box Squat Good?

Yes, a 405 box squat is good. But it is much harder than full squats. While doing box squats you have to sit on a box. Then start by doing  8-12 sets of 2 reps with 1-minute rest between sets.

While doing a 405 box squat, always extend your lower back of the body. To activate muscle groups across the lower body, this movement pattern is required.

Can A 405 Squat Be Deadly?

Can A 405 Squat Be Deadly

Indeed a 405 squat can be deadly. Doing 405 squats without safety plugs can choke you to death. Gym goers who aim to have an average healthy body don’t focus on 315/405 squats.

200 squats are the highest the regulars go for. The bar becomes too heavy to hold 405Ib that it often chokes people. Untrained people don’t know how to defend themselves either. That causes more accidents. 

Without massive leg strength and solid practice, the 405 squat is deadly. Besides, don’t be fascinated by the youtube videos. Those people are more powerful and trained than average people. 

Without safety plugs and a trainer beside, trying 405 squats would be foolish. 


  • How Much Does The Average Person Squat?

An average person squats up to 200 Ibs which refers to 90 pounds approximately. Well, this average is evenly divided among people of different heights and weights. Body weight and height are important issues why people’s squatting schedules may differ. 

  • How Long Does It Take To Go From 315 to 405 Squats?

Apparently 6 months. If you start from scratch, with regular solid exercise you may start squatting in 2-3months. If you go slow, you’ll need a year or two to squat 315 Ib. Then might go for 405 squats within 6 months.    

  • What’s An Impressive Squat?

If you are in proper form, 325 is unquestionably an impressive squat. Though not many gym-goers squat this much or near this. For average gym-goers, 2plates squat is impressive.


Here I wrap up the discussion regarding is 405 a good squat? Now you know that it is a pretty good squat. But a lot of enthusiasm and practice are required to achieve the milestone of 405 squats.

Hope this information was insightful. Let me know if the article answers all your queries. You can leave a comment here. 

Good luck!

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