Is 5’10 Good Height for Bodybuilding? [ Truth Revealed]

Bodybuilding is an art. And while doing this art, many enthusiasts start to question themselves if they can do it or not.

A major insecurity that most people face is height. They think that bodybuilding requires a certain height for better results.

So, it brings us to the question, Is 5’10 good height for bodybuilding?

Yes. 5’10 is a good height for bodybuilding. In fact, height has no relation to whether you can build a good body or not. It’s all about proper diet, exercise and rest. There are a lot of bodybuilders who are even shorter than 5’10. So you have nothing to worry about.  

There are a lot of important factors that you need to consider if you wanna build your body. In our article, we’ll go through these in detail.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into the article! 

Is 5’10 Good Height for Bodybuilding

5’10 is a good height for bodybuilding. You are in a much better place now, aren’t you? 

Factually, all height is good for bodybuilding. Height is a minute thing to worry about. The real game changers are your diet, exercise sessions and discipline.

You should befollowing the routines properly. Inconsistencies on calories and nutrients can occur at any time.

Altogether it is a process of gaining greater muscle mass. In order to do so you need protein, regular gym sessions and a disciplined lifestyle. 

Have you forgotten Peter Dinklage AKA Tyrion Lannister from “Game of Thrones”? Doesn’t he have a good physique? Surely, he has.

Height hasn’t had any role in bodybuilding. Determination and hard work has. There are dozens of bodybuilding examples where height was “merely” a laughing stock!

However there are several important requirements regardless of your height. Find out them in our next segment.

Is 5’10 Good Height for Bodybuilding

Requirements for Bodybuilding When You are a 5’10

5’10 is the average height for American males. And you feel bad about it. But do you have any way to increase your height? If not then stop being miserable. Look at the positive sides.

Luckily, height is not a barrier in bodybuilding. However you may find some other elements acting as a barrier. Now it’s time to take those barriers seriously. 

We have identified some of the major requirements that are essential for bodybuilding . Feeling relaxed, right? So, shall we begin!


Motivation is the most important catalyst for any activity. If you are motivated, you can  do all the impossible. Lack of motivation however means unable to hold tight with the exercises

Motivation gives you the kick. The kick that gives you a reason to wake up and challenge yourself. 

In order to prepare yourself for this dreadful yet rewarding experience you need motivation. Making a routine and turning it into a habit is the first thing you have to do. Other things you can do are-

  • Write down your reasons for taking up bodybuilding in the first place. Post it on your wall to get a daily reminder.
  • Cover your walls with posters of bodybuilders who motivate you.
  • Target smaller goals first
  • Give yourself a recovery week with no cardio and lifting.
  • If possible get a training buddy.
  • Try to reshuffle your workout routine. You can do it after every 8 weeks.

More or less this can be your starting point for motivation. Give yourself some time to adjust with the new lifestyle. One Of the new things would be a whole new set of exercises. 

Proper exercise

After getting motivated the first thing to do is working out. But you can’t just pick up any random training session.  You need to know your training goals and capacity. Only then you can get started.

If you have no past history in bodybuilding , rely on professionals. Take help from a gym trainer and discuss your goals. Once you mutually agree on a schedule you are all set to go. 

Your instructor should be mindful about your end results. So that he/she can give you the correct guidance. You also have to place your trust on your instructor.

Nutritious Diet

Exercise won’t work alone. You need to have a nutritious diet as well. Bodybuilding is all about weightlifting and a nutritious diet. It is good to setup a perfect nutrient diet supporting the bodybuilding routine.  

You can always have a good meaty steak. Add starchy vegetables like corn, green peas. Some leafy green salad with broccoli, mushrooms, and tomatoes is also a good option. 

If you are a dairy lover go for low fat milk, yogurt,cheese. Take your dairy with some oatmeal or cereal. Garnish it with some berries, apples, peaches and any other fruits. 

Lastly, snack some almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. You can roast them with olive oil or avocado oil.

Sounds Yum! Doesn’t it? 

These food habits not only help in bodybuilding but also in preventing health diseases. Obesity will be gone from your dictionary forever.


Every human with a certain weight and height has their BMI. BMI indicates whether you need to gain or lose some pounds. 

For bodybuilding you need to weigh a certain amount to carry those weights. To start off as a 5’10 your ideal weight should be around 172 Ibs. 

With this weight and height your BMI would be 24.7 which is considered as a normal weight. To maintain a certain weight you need to track your calorie intake.

These are all essential for your bodybuilding journey. Try to stay positive to improve yourself.

Keeping An Open Mind

Always welcome feedback. You pat your back when you get a compliment. Also refrain from getting into bad habits. 

Accept your flaws and work on those. Trust your peers and instructors and give the steering to them. 

Having an open mind will take you closer to your dream. I guarantee!

Avoid dwelling over myths. Let’s bust some myths right now.


Do you have any control on your genes? No, right! So it has no control over you either. 

Genes can play a bonus to some extent. However, it’s absurd to think you’re not a bodybuilder type without certain genes. 

Lee Liston is a 26 years old bodybuilder with dwarfism. His geens didn’t allow him to do so. Still he did and succeeded.

So, stop worrying! Do the real work.

Some Tips To Stay On Track

It’s more difficult to continue than to get started. You need to organize thoughts, have a positive mindset to stay on track.

There are some other pro tips you can follow-

  • Join a bodybuilder’s community. There you can share your experiences with others. Also learn from their success and failure.
  • Track your progress
  • Take feedbacks positively
  • Follow your routine

The best tip is to never give up. But we’re human. It’s natural for us to falter. Try to be as consistent as possible.

Another thing you can do is  to follow 5’10 bodybuilders on social media.

5’10 Bodybuilders You Can Follow

Social media is a blessing in disguise. We are not here only for content but for content creators as well. 

You can find millions of inspiration in the bodybuilding industry on all social media sites. They were just like you at the initial stage. But once you get going there is no looking back.

Here are our top picks of 5’10 bodybuilders that you can look upto as motivation-

Brandon Curry 

He has over 1.2M followers on Instagram. This former Mr. Olympia posts training and motivational content on his feed.

Phil Heath

Another sensational figure on instagram. He has won the Mr. Olympia title 7 times. Can you believe that? He will keep you posted on modern bodybuilding tips and tricks.

As for now we are suggesting these two legends. Find more inspirations that match your needs.

These bodybuilders are winning international titles more than once with their 5’10 height. They never allowed their height to cause a disruption in their dreams.

So, if they can do bodybuilding with a 5’10 height, why can’t you? You can do much better than them. Just take off your height concern from your head. 

Sounds much easier, right?


What is a good height for a bodybuilder?

Every height is good for bodybuilding. As long as you have  proteins and workout you are good to go. Along with height you don’t need genetics as well. You will find 6 feet 3 feet bodybuilders easily.

How tall is the average bodybuilder?

The average bodybuilder is about 5 feet 7 inches tall. It is based on the winners of Mr. Olympia. However, average height can range from5’3 to 5’9. The shortest Mr. Olympia was 5’5’’ and the tallest was 7’2’’. You can gauge the average from this.

How heavy should a 5’10 man be?

A 5’10 man should weigh between 149-183 pounds. This depends on the body type. On a simple measure it can be around 172 pounds. That gives a BMI of normal weight.

Wrapping up

Hope you are clear about your query, Is 5’10 good height for bodybuilding?

We tried to craft a detail oriented article. So that you can start with a positive mindset. Who knows after this you become the next Mr. Olympia?

Time to go.We will meet soon. Take care!

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