Is 6’2 185 lbs Considered Skinny or Healthy?

Being insecure about one’s body is a common phenomenon among people. It makes one really agitated about oneself based on these features.

People in different height ranges have different concerns. 6’2 is one of them.

So, the question is, Is 6’2 185 lbs skinny? 

Logically, a 6’2 height 185 lbs weight is not skinny. A 6’2 185 pounds person has a BMI of 24, which is considered a healthy weight. However, males consider this combination to be a bit skinny. But for women, it’s not skinny. They might wanna bulk up a little.

Well, you need to consider other factors too. In our article, we’ll go over those in detail. 

185 lbs for 6’2- Skinny Or Healthy?

Although 185 lbs are considered a healthy weight for a 6’2 height, many consider otherwise. In a certain scenario, you may have lost weight but health issues surfaced. Many males consider it skinny, while females consider it overweight.

It also depends heavily on age. While height is a big indicator, age also matters. 

A pre-teen or an elderly at 6’2 height would weigh much less than 185 lbs.  


Many males consider 185 lbs to be skinny at 6’2 height. Most have shared that they’re called skinny or even anorexic for being 185 lbs. 

At 6’2 most males want to bulk up a little. Even though 185 lbs is a normal weight, males prefer to gain more to look healthier. So, it can be said that for a male of 6’2, 185 lbs is more on the skinnier side.


Most females consider 185 lbs to not be skinny. The common perception of people has convinced most females to almost always try to be skinnier. 

185 lbs are thought to be on the bulkier side for women. 

Average Weight For A 6’2 Person

The BMI chart shows what category a person falls in according to their height.

The body mass index is categorized as follows:

Below 19Underweight
30-39Significantly Overweight
40-63Extremely  Overweight

The chart below has categorized a person according to their height and weight. 

HeightWeight (lbs)
UnderweightHealthyOverweightSignificantlyOverweightDangerously Overweight
5’6114 and less115- 154155- 185186- 247248 and more
5’7117 and less118- 159160- 191192- 255256 and more
5’8121 and less122- 164165- 196197- 262263 and more
5’9124 and less125- 168169- 202203- 270271 and more
5’10128 and less129- 173174- 208209- 278279 and more
5’11132 and less133- 178179- 214215- 286287 and more
6’0136 and less137- 183184- 220221- 294295 and more
6’1193 and less140- 189190- 227228- 302303 and more
6’2143 and less144- 194195- 233234- 311312 and more

From the table we can see that 185 lbs for a 6’2 person falls under the healthy category. 

Although the BMI metrics provide a good idea, it is not accurate.

An athlete or bodybuilder will generally have more body fat than what is ideal. That does not mean they are obese because of the things to do before strength training. They are required to have more than what is perceived as normal. 

The average weight for men and women differs. Hence, we have sectioned them as follows.

The ideal weight for 6’2 men is generally known to range from 171 to 209 lbs. Here, although 185 lbs do fall on the lower side, it is not unhealthy. Due to this many consider 185 lbs to be skinny for men.

The ideal weight range of a 6’2 female is 153- 187 lbs. As we can see, 185 lbs fall on the higher side. This causes most people to believe that 185 lbs are overweight for a 6’2 female

How To Lose/Gain Weight

It seems like losing and gaining weight is a constant problem nowadays. Consistency and maintenance are the key attributes to gaining or losing weight.

We have seen how most of the 6’2 males feel a bit skinnier than their taller counterparts. On the other hand, most 6’2 females feel overweight at 185 lbs. 

Here are some ways that will help you to gain or lose weight. But remember, 185 lbs at 6’2 is always healthy. If you want to go for it, but don’t try it because someone else wants you to.

If 185 lbs Is Too Much For You

Losing weight is a battle a lot of people share. Having the right mental attitude is important for the process.

Here we look at three ways we can reduce weight if 185 lbs seem too much for you. 

Reduce Carb Intake

A well-known measure to lose weight. Reducing carb intake helps lower the general appetite of the body. 

A reduction in appetite will cause you to eat fewer calories. This will cut back on the weight without you noticing or feeling hungry.

Reducing carbs also helps reduce insulin levels. 

Increase Protein, Fat, and Vegetable Intake

Losing weight does not mean fasting. A healthy diet is very important. A higher protein intake will help preserve your health and the muscle mass you require. 

Although fat is looked down upon due to its high saturated content, healthy fat is important. Olive and avocado oil are great substitutes for replacing butter or coconut oil. 

Vegetables are always recommended. We know that no one likes it. But the benefits resulting from them are vast. 

We’re always advising children to eat more vegetables. Now it’s your time to do so.

Load up your plate with vegetables for maximum nutrition. However, be sure to avoid large portions of carb-filled vegetables such as potatoes, and corn. 


You can easily lose weight properly with exercise.

You may not need it but it’s a great way of shredding weight. It also helps maintain proper health.

Other forms of exercise include swimming, cycling, running, and many more. 

If 185 Lbs Is Too Low For You

It is said that gaining weight is much harder than losing it. When your stomach gets accustomed to a certain portion, it is harder to enlarge it. 

It is also harder to get past an already fast metabolism. Below are some ways to gain weight if 185 lbs are too low for you.

Eat More Than You Burn

Make sure to eat more calories than what your body is burning. 

Try not to overeat. Gain weight in a healthy manner. Overeating whatever you can results in obesity and other health problems.

At Least 3 Meals a Day

You need to change your eating habit if you want to eat more than burn. At least three meals per day are necessary.

Add more high-carb and fat food to your diet. Make sure each meal is rich in carbs, proteins, and fat. 


Gaining weight leaves scope for obesity. If not done healthily, you will become overweight. 

To avoid that, exercising is required. Exercises such as lifting weights will help healthily gain weight. This will make sure the extra calories go to your muscles instead of the fat cells. 

Don’t jump to a crucial weight at once. Start slow and increase later. 


What is considered overweight for a 6’2 person?

Anything above 193 lbs is considered to be overweight for an average 6’2 person. 

However, it is different for women or professional athletes. For women, more than 188 lbs are considered overweight. Athletes at 6’2 height generally weigh about 220 pounds.

What is underweight according to BMI?

A BMI below 18 is underweight. However, it also depends on age. A child having a BMI of 18 is completely normal.

Are the BMI metrics accurate?

While BMI metrics do provide a great way to measure body mass, it is not accurate. The BMI shows the results of an average person. For example, a regular person having a BMI of 26 is overweight. However, a bodybuilder having a BMI of 26 is not.  


We hope we have helped you in knowing whether is 6’2 185 lbs skinny or not. We tried to explain everything there’s needed.

Nowadays, different perceptions of different individuals promote an unrealistic body image. So stop overthinking. If you have any queries let us know.

Good luck!

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