Is Alpha Destiny Natty: [Explained Briefly]

There is an intense debate on whether AlphaDensityy has gained his muscle naturally. Some people are simply fascinated with his muscle tone and endurance.

However, some people still ask, is Alpha Destiny natty?

Well, it’s hard to tell. Looking at its results and influencer posts on social media, it looked like the physical gain was natural. And yes, it can be called natty. However, it’s not impossible to have that gain using any artificial supplement.  

So, here we will try to reveal the actual story behind Alpha Destiny and its influence on the super molded body. And also, what are people saying about him, his workout style, and his influence on the bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Is Alpha Destiny Considered Natty?

According to the 90s research, 23.3 is steroid users’ average FFMI(fat-free mass index). If you consider that, then Alpha Destiny’s FFMI is 25. So, it is by default not natty. 

That said, many experts say FFMI is not accurate all the time. Here you must consider the strength training aspects of the programs. 

However, according to many people, it is possible to retain an FFMI of 25 without steroids. Hence, people do believe Alpha Destiny is natty. His gains are all-natural. One way we can be sure is by seeing the build of his shoulder; it’s genetic. 

Then again, it is 100% possible to gain a natty physique like Alpha destiny. But, people won’t be shocked if he takes any type of steroid dose. One thing is for sure!  He works hard for the gains; these workouts won’t make any sense if he is on steroids. 

Body Stats of Alpha Destiny

Let’s talk about the stats of alpha destiny!

His height is between 5’4’’-5’7’’, ranging from 163-165cm. Also, the bodyweight is between 176-180lbs. 

In kilograms, this is around 80-82kg. This means having the perfect attitude for a strengh training surroundings

But, the body fat of Alpha Destiny is unknown. According to his lower abs and serratus anterior, his body weight should not be more than 12-14%. 

Why Do People Say Alpha Destiny is Not Natty?

Yes, alpha destiny looks big. By that, many people assume he is not natty. Those people believe he is in juice. 

But then again-

Alpha destiny’s diet includes 4000 calories. Giving importance to carbohydrate intake. To burn up this many calories, a strict workout plan is required. 

And Alpha destiny’s plan is the same. He takes a lot of calories, and with a strict schedule, he burns the fat into muscle.

Another reason he looks bigger than usual is because of his height. Alpha destiny’s height is between 5’5’’-5’7’’, which is considered short. And when short people work out, naturally, that person looks big. 

Sometimes people say he is not natty because of his bench press. They say he has to be on the juice to give bench press on an elite level. But, alpha destiny has a natural muscular physique. His workout plan and diet are also extreme. Keeping these things in mind, alpha destiny has the ability to do an elite-level bench press without taking any juice. 

How Does Alpha Destiny Take Care of the 4000 Calories?

As alpha destiny has an unnatural lean body mass which speeds up his metabolism. Another way he gets out is by doing an extreme whole body workout. 

His workouts consist of deadlifting, squats, etc., and heavy lifting exercises. The workout schedule needs to be high intensity to burn these kinds of calories. The calories are turned into muscle throughout his whole body. 

Does Alpha Destiny Take Steroids?

After knowing about Alpha Destiny, you can say that he doesn’t take any steroids.  

When an individual takes steroids, their muscles pop out. They retain water weight; they look bloated. A variation emerges to decide upon natural or steroid uses.

They also have to think about an increase in cholesterol levels. 

Whereas Alpha Destiny looks big because of his diet and his workout plans. He also has a genetic physique, which is a plus point. Because of his genetics, he has more strength and a strong body structure. After having all these natural gifts, it does not make sense that he takes any juice. 

Alpha Destiny’s 2 Programs

Alpha destiny organized 2 workout programs. The program consists of a whole body workout schedule. That needs to be followed throughout the week. The programs are designed for starters and people who want equal muscle growth.

The Alpha Destiny Novice Program

This program was designed for the trainers in their first year. You are considered a novice lifter when you can’t bench 225*5, square 315*5, and deadlift 405*5. 

The program is designed for those who want to improve workout to workout. You have to build a strong foundation first. This program is for 6-15 months, depending on different people. 

There are 2 workout sessions in this program, Workout A and Workout B. These workout sessions are designed for the whole body, not for specific parts. The workouts are for those who are just developing their foundation. 

Alpha Destiny Novice/Intermediate Hybrid Program

In this program, alpha destiny provides 2 versions of workouts so that all body parts are well trained. After running this program, you can improve the parts where you were lacking before. While doing it, you can still make gains in your stronger part. 

Version 1

Here the importance is given to the upper body. The lower part is intermediate. This version is for those who achieved a bench of 225*5. But I can not do 315*5 squat and 405*5 deadlift. These workouts are done for 3 days. 

Version 2

Here the importance is given to the lower body. The intermediate is the upper part of the body. This version is for those who can do 315*5 squat and 405*5 deadlift. They are not able to do 225*5 bench. 

These workout programs are based on the whole body. Not just individual parts. You can also say that alpha destiny is natty by seeing these programs. And he does not need any juice for that physique and strength. These workouts are done for 3 days.


Is Alpha Destiny a Legit Site?

It is a legit site, said by many experts. Before you purchase anything, he will offer you a novice plan. So that you can start with it, and after seeing any improvement, you will ask for more from alpha destiny. 

Is Alpha Novice Program Especially for Short People?

No, it’s not only for short people. Their people ran through this program, whose height was more than 6 feet. They said they were satisfied with what they gained. Many people also gained from 20-30% in 4-6 months. 

How Long Should a Workout Take for Alpha Destiny?

In the beginning, alpha destiny took 90 minutes to work out. To manage time, he reduced volume. Take a pause after each rep. 

Is the Alpha Destiny’s Position Good for Your Back?

It will be beneficial for you if you maintain some rules; when working out in this position, you need to give rest to your mind and body. For the rest, your muscles will recover. Have to avoid collapsing on the hip after reps. Lastly, you have to keep an even balance between the front and the back of the feet.  


Hence, you can say that alpha destiny is natty and does not take any steroids. His physique and strength are natural from diet and extreme workouts. 

You can always get what you desire through a lot of hard work. Keep it up, and eventually, you will reach where you want to. 

We tried to explain it briefly. I hope this helps you. 

Lastly, thank you for choosing us as a partner for your journey. 

We will meet soon. Till then, take care!

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