Is Cailer Woolam Natural? (Hint: He Is Not!)

is cailer woolam natural

Hey, how would you feel if I told you to lift 937 pounds?

I bet you’ll either laugh at me or throw a bumper plate! And I won’t mind at all. Lifting 937 pounds is insane. More like inhumane to tell someone to do so! 

But there’s a man who did lift 950 pounds. At his own will! And he is Cailer Woolam.    

So, what do you think? Is Cailer Woolam natural?

Obviously, he’s not natural! The amount of weight he lifted is approx. 400 pounds more than a natural deadlifter. An average 22-year-old male sumo deadlifter can lift 2.7 times his bodyweight. But for Cailer Woolam, it’s 4.5 times more than his bodyweight! That’s twice as a natural lifter. 

There are also other factors that indicate exceptional characteristics in Calier Woolam. Keep reading this article to know more interesting facts about this record-breaker. 

Is Cailer Woolam Natural? 

is cailer woolam natural

I know you’re already feeling the heat to learn how you’re different from Cailer Woolam. Is Cailer Woolam really natural? Does he do anything different from a normal bodybuilder? 

Well, I got some information about him that’ll blow your mind! Or perhaps, you can train your body like him. 

So, here’s an overview about Cailer Woolam vs a natural sumo deadlifter. Through this table, I’ll give a hint of how much a bodybuilder can lift. This table shows the same features as Cailar Woolam.  

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ProfileDeadlift Weight Comparison
CharacteristicsFigureNatural Sumo DeadlifterCailer Woolam
Height 5 foot 10 inches460 – 535 lbs937 lbs
Weight 95 kg573 lbs937 lbs
Age 22 years527 lbs937 lbs
Diet 8000 calories/day574 lbs937 lbs
Program 5 exercises per week435 lbs937 lbs


Well, you can see why Cailer Woolam seems to be an exception! He can weigh 400-500 lbs more than a normal sumo deadlifter. No wonder why people call him king of all lifts! 

So, are you curious to learn about him in detail? If you are, follow the segments below. 

I’ll compare each of his characteristics with a normal sumo deadlifter. I hope you’ll get to know some insightful information.

So, let’s begin!

Cailer Woolam Height

Cailer Woolam Height

While measuring capability, the first thing we should consider is Cailer Woolam height and weight. It’s because these two factors set the ground for deadlifts. 

Let’s talk about the weight later. First, we’ll start with the most important characteristic – height. 

Well, you already know how tall Cailer Woolam is from the table above. He’s approximately 5 foot 10 inches. Not too tall for an American, right? 

But this guy lifted 937 lbs! A normal 5-foot 10-inch guy can lift at best 535 lbs. And that is possible after years of training and dieting. 

This means Cailer Woolam can lift 400 pounds greater than that of a normal sumo deadlifter.

The thing works like this. In most cases, taller lifters get an advantage in lifting. Long arms help the lifters to pull the weights easily from the ground. 

On the other hand, suppose you have small arms but a long torso. It would be difficult for you to lift. 

So, one thing is for sure. Cailer Woolam’s wingspan is far greater than that of an average deadlifter. 

Now, let’s move on to measuring weights!

Cailer Woolam Weight

Cailer Woolam Weight

Speaking of Calier Woolam’s weight, he weighs approximately 95 kg or 209 lbs. This is the weight he had when making his deadlifting world record. 

Well, you can’t measure deadlifting by only measuring the weight of the lifter. You must consider the years the person has put into training. 

For example, an untrained 95 kg adult man can lift up to 159 lbs approximately. But the weight will differ depending on the level of expertise. I’ll give an estimation of how much a trained deadlifter can lift at different stages.

There are also some people who take testosterone injections to bulk up. The amount of test (e.g., 400mg per week) varies depending on the type of body. 

Considering 95 kg weight, a novice sumo deadlifter can lift up to 298 lbs. Similarly, an intermediate, advanced, and pro deadlifter can lift 342 lbs, 463 lbs, and 573 lbs respectively. 

I think you got the idea of how much someone can deadlift naturally. And compared to this, the level of Cailer Woolam deadlift doesn’t make any sense!

So, yeah, Cailer Woolam seems to be an alien (Couldn’t compare him with a human LOL!)

But there are more factors to look at. Now, let’s talk about age.

Cailer Woolam Age

Cailer Woolam Age

Cailer Woolam made that world record when he was 22 years old. 

But an average 22-year-old male deadlifter can lift up to 527 lbs. An average person may think that their deadlift is stronger than their squats. This means Calier Woolam lifted (937 – 527) lbs or 410 lbs more than an average person. 

In case you don’t know how to estimate this limit, I’ll tell you how this works. An average 22-year-old deadlifter is capable of lifting 2.7 times more than his body weight. 

This means if you’re 53 kg, you can lift 173 kg or 381 lbs deadlift. According to this calculation, a 22-year can lift 527 lbs. 

So, by comparing the ratios, it’s evident Calier Woolam lifted 4.5 times his body weight. That’s 1.7 times more than the average! 

No doubt, he’s got to be superman.     

Cailer Woolam Diet

Now, let’s talk about Calier Woolam’s diet.  

Calier Woolam takes 8000 calories per day. However, an average deadlifter takes only 4750 – 7600 calories per day. 

Well, I think this is the first time we’re seeing some similarities with a natural deadlifter. But despite taking such a large portion, very few deadlifters can lift like Calier Woolam. 

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Now, I’m not suggesting these products because Calier Woolam has taken these. It’s just that while deadlifting, you can seriously get injured in the joint. 

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Next, we’ll look at the exercises Calier Woolam does for staying fit. Bear with me. It’s because this is the last criteria we’ll evaluate to judge if he’s normal or not. 

Cailer Woolam Program

Cailer Woolam Program

Being one of the exceptional deadlifter, Calier Woolam encourages to workout 5 types of deadlift exercises. These are Bent Over Barbell Row, Weighted Pull-Ups, Shrug, Glute-Ham Raise, and Reverse Hypertension. 

Woolam says to incorporate all of these exercises in weekly plans. One tip he always follows – balancing his workouts. When he is doing light exercises, he mixes them up with a couple of workouts. 

But when he’s motivated to do a heavy exercise, he goes full-on it! 

Well, not to mention how he nailed the lifts in the meet, 2019 Slingshot Record Breakers. Here are all the categories where he broke the records:

  • Squat – 677 lbs
  • Bench Press – 49 lbs
  • Deadlift – 953 lbs

All of these lifts mount to a total of 2,121 lbs. This broke the all-time record by 20lbs! Damn, Doctor Deadlift knows his moves!

So, it’s clear that Cailer Woolam is not from this world. Well, he is. But it’s hard for me to believe it. I tell you, he is not natural!  


  • Is deadlift the king of exercises?

Yes, deadlift is the king of exercises. There’s a reason behind it. Well, deadlifting is a kind of heavyweight exercise. It proves the highest strength in the human body. If you can deadlift an insane amount of weight, you can lift anything! This means you’re strong enough to handle any situation.  

  • Is Calier Woolam a doctor?

No, Calier Woolam isn’t a doctor. But, most people mistake him for one. It’s because of his Instagram name. Calier Woolam has an Instagram page named Doctor Deadlift. The reason behind this name is to show how prominent deadlifter Calier Woolam is. So, it’s just a tagline he uses for himself. 

  • How many calories can Calier Woolam eat in one sitting?

Surprisingly, Calier Woolam can eat 4000 calories in one sitting. But his daily calorie intake is about 8000 calories. He has designed a high-calorie intake every day because he needs extra energy for weight lifting. It’s impossible for a normal person to consume such an amount without training. 

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Is Calier Woolam natural? I don’t think so!

But if you think about it, Calier Woolam has been passionate about deadlifting since 14. He trained himself every day for years. 

I think if you show such dedication as Calier Woolam, it’s possible to break such records. And I know you can do it! 

So, train every day. Take care of your health. I’m sure you’ll break the record of Calier Woolam. Best of luck!  

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