Is Chicken Liver Good For Diabetics?

The chicken Liver is one of the most nutritious meat parts. But for some- it is the most delicious one. It is rich in various vitamins and minerals that are needed by our organs. For what? To do the routine functions and work smoothly. 

But diabetics often wonder if they should eat this chicken part or not. They are prohibited from eating different foods, so they are always careful about what to eat. 

The question now is, is chicken liver good for diabetics?

Absolutely Yes, chicken liver is a great choice for diabetics to eat. They can get all the nourishment they need from this meat. As life is a little tough for diabetics, the chicken liver can ease it a bit. How? With its nutrition. The best part is that it does not affect sugar levels. 

Need more details? Then stay with me till the end. I am describing those details which are not commonly found or told by experts!

Why Is Chicken Liver Good For Diabetics?

Diabetics often search Is eating liver good for diabetics to get a clear-cut answer. But there is not much available online. That’s why I went ahead and spent days researching this issue to make an informative article. 

Yes, diabetics can eat chicken livers, and the reasons are pretty simple and straightforward. They do not cause any harm at all if cooked properly. Everything is ideal about this chicken part. 

Fresh chicken liver. image source

But there are different types of diabetes, and the most common one is Type 2. 

So, can you eat chicken liver with Type 2 diabetes?

The answer is Yes. Type 2 diabetic patients can also eat chicken liver. No matter what type of diabetes you are suffering from, chicken liver is definitely healthy. 

But there is one query I often get from those suffering from diabetes. The main question of diabetics is, does chicken liver raise blood sugar?

No, chicken livers do not increase sugar or glucose levels in the body. This meat part itself does not contain any sugar at all. Also, it doesn’t impact glucose levels when digested. 

But make sure you are eating in the right quantity and cook it properly. Eating it the right way will only give you benefits. 

Long story short, can diabetic patients eat chicken liver? The answer is a Big Yes!

But the chicken liver can become bad for diabetics if you don’t follow some precautions. 

How Often Should Diabetics Eat Chicken Liver?

Eating chicken livers daily is not good for your health at all. Eating anything daily can lead to bad effects, and the liver is no exception. 

I suggest you eat chicken liver once every week. In this way, you can enjoy all of the good things present in this meat part. Plus, there won’t be any side effects. 

Now, let me tell you how diabetics should cook chicken liver. 

Chicken Liver Recipe For Diabetics

Diabetics has to take extra care because of health issues. That is why it is important for them to know how to cook chicken livers

First, gather these things:

  • Non-stick pan
  • 100-gram chicken liver
  • Onions
  • Ginger
  • Peppers

Have these already? Great. 

Here’s what to do next.

  1. Put the non-stick pan on the stove and let it heat. 
  2. After that, slice the chicken livers and put the pieces in water. Leave them for about 45 to 50 minutes. This will get rid of the smell from the liver pieces. Make sure you change the water to keep everything clean. 
  3. Next, put these pieces on the pan and keep changing the sides for equal cooking. 
  4. Then, it is time to saute the onion and ginger. 
  5. After that, fry the onion slightly until it changes color.
  6. When you are done, add chicken liver, pepper, and some wine sauce (optional) to it. You can also add a little Mayo because mayo is a great source of protein too
  7. Stir everything and cook for a few more minutes. When the pieces become soft, they are ready. 

Diabetics often wonder, Are chicken liver and onions good for diabetes? Yes, they are, and I used onions in this recipe. Onions enhance glucose tolerance in diabetics. So, diabetics should include them in their diets. 

Make sure you don’t eat them with ketchup or any other sauce. These things have sugar content in them, which can increase glucose levels. 

Now, it’s time to know the reasons behind every health benefit of chicken livers. (Their Nutritional Content)! 

You may also try chicken liver recipes with other foods that are good for you. There are also movie snacks for diabetics that you can try. 

Chicken Liver Recipe For Diabetics

Chicken Liver Nutritional Info

Chicken liver is considered a great food because of its nutritional value. The nutritional content of this chicken part consists of vitamins, minerals, and good fat.


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin E


  • Copper
  • Choline
  • Selenium

A serving of chicken liver (of one tablespoon) contains the following nutrition:


Now, know what benefits they provide to diabetics and all of us. 

When Is Chicken Liver Bad For Diabetics?

Eating chicken liver is good for health. But the chicken liver can cause problems for diabetics in different ways. There can be multiple reasons which we will be discussing now.  

When You Under Cook It

If you don’t cook chicken liver properly, you can face stomach problems. Why? It is because Campylobacter is present in this meat part. When you don’t cook it right, it will stay alive. After eating such a liver, you may end up with food poisoning or indigestion. 

When You Are Not Careful With Sodium Content

A 100 gram of raw chicken liver alone contains 71 mg of sodium. This seems like not a big number, but there is more to it. It is either cooked as a side dish or the main course cooked with too much salt. 

If diabetics are not careful with sodium amounts, they will face health problems. These are hypertension, high blood pressure, and headache or migraine in some cases. 

When You Fry It

Make sure you are following the healthy recipe when cooking chicken liver. Frying it leads to many health complications. It can increase the calories to over 200 calories. 

Moreover, the saturated content also increases when you fry any meat part. This can lead to heart problems and an imbalance in glucose levels. 

When You OverEat it

You should not eat lots of chicken livers at once. The reason? 

The Vitamin A content is high in this chicken part. Eating it more can cause Vitamin A toxicity. This might lead to vision problems, seizures, and hair loss (Alopecia).  

Health Benefits Of Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is gaining importance nowadays because of its health benefits. There are many benefits of having chicken liver. Humans have realized that this inexpensive meat part has lots of potentials to make life better. 

The health benefits chicken liver can lead to are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improves Blood Health
  • Betters Heart Performance
  • Blood Clotting
  • Leads Organ Health

And many more!

But the Chicken liver is not for everyone. Yes, diabetics can eat it but what if they have some other conditions too? Then, they should stay away from this meat. What are they? Keep reading to know!

Who Should Not Eat Chicken Liver?

Even though the chicken liver is good, it may not be suitable for everyone. We have made a list of people who should not eat chicken liver.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should stay away from chicken liver. The Vitamin A content in it is too much for them and for their babies. 

This might lead to vitamin toxicity and severe health complications. 

Those With Weaker Stomach

If you are not cooking chicken liver properly, it will cause food poisoning. Those who have a weaker stomach will be the most affected ones. Otherwise, everything should be fine.

So, if you are diabetic and are pregnant or have a weaker stomach, don’t eat liver. 

But wait. There’s more. 

Side Effects Of Chicken Liver 

People also ask me about the side effects of chicken liver. Well, if you are careful, then nothing will happen. However, if you overeat the liver or don’t cook it right, then side effects are imminent. 

These are mentioned below. 

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Cramps

Also, make sure the chicken was raised on natural feed. If not, then heavy metals might be on the chicken liver. This can lead to metal toxicity in the body, and you may end up having seizures. 

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How many carbs are in chicken livers?

A serving of chicken liver contains only 7-8 grams of carbs. It is low considering other meat parts. 

Which is better- Beef liver or chicken liver?

Both are super nutritious, but the beef liver has an upper edge. It is rich in both macro and micronutrients like chicken liver. But the concentration or quantity is more. 

Are chicken livers fatty?

Chicken livers are low in fat, so no, they are not fatty. However, if you fry them, then the fat content will definitely increase. 

Final Words

So, is chicken liver good for diabetics?

Yes, chicken liver is a healthy option for diabetics. It is rich in vitamin A, B12, K, and minerals that lead to better health. 

However, make sure you are cooking chicken liver with the right ingredients. Follow the recipe I have described above and maintain your sugar levels! 

Good luck!

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