Is Chicken Schnitzel Good for Bodybuilding? Let’s Find Out

Who doesn’t love chicken? And having a golden-crumbed plate full of schnitzel placed before you. I bet you won’t resist it. But is it healthy for you? 

Or better yet, is chicken schnitzel good for bodybuilding?

So, let’s get straight to the point: no, it’s really not good for your health. Generally, it’s deep fried so it contains high fat and cholesterol. They are a big no if you are looking to get ripped. It’ll raise the cholesterol level in the blood which makes you prone to strokes and heart diseases.

Did that make you sad? Don’t worry, I’m not through yet. Keep reading for more on why it’s unhealthy, its nutritional profile, and other alternatives. 

Why Is Chicken Schnitzel Not Healthy?

Anything that is deep fried and breaded is not healthy for you, especially to gain muscles. Actually, the process of how the meat is cooked makes it harmful to your health.

So, here are two reasons why you should avoid eating chicken schnitzels if you’re actively bodybuilding:

High Cholesterol

We already know that cholesterol is bad for us. It is the root cause of heart diseases and stroke. High cholesterol in blood vessels makes them gain fatty deposits. It makes it difficult for blood to pass through. 

Over time, these deposits can form a clot. And it can become a heart attack or a stroke.

One serving of deep-fried chicken schnitzel contains about 295 mg of cholesterol. And it takes up almost all of your healthy intake of cholesterol per day. 

Have you ever felt a lack of flexibility to deadlift during an intense workout session? You know that having high cholesterol puts your health in any kind of danger.

High Fat

Not all fats are bad. In truth, some fats are necessary for bodybuilding, while others you should avoid. One serving of it contains about  4g of saturated fat with 200mg of trans fat.

Now, if you want muscles, trans fat is something you must avoid. Trans fats prevent the body from using essential omega fats properly. It also causes muscle breakdown, limit growth, and even increase abdominal fat. While saturated fat can increase the cholesterol level in your blood.

Chicken Schnitzel Nutrition Values 

But chicken schnitzel can’t be totally bad for us, right? Yes, that’s true, it is beneficial for gaining muscles in many ways. It can be a good source of protein, essential fats, and minerals.

A Good Source Of Protein

We all know that chicken is the primary and the most popular source of protein. Muscle gainer or not, everyone needs a good amount of protein in their daily meal. 

One serving (about 235g) of chicken schnitzel contains about 61g of protein.

Insufficient protein can bring a harmful impact on your daily workout like legs collapsing after squats. So, it’s important to intake your required protein throughout your daily meal. 

Essential Fats And Minerals

Chicken schnitzel contains a good amount of Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fat. These fats help to reduce bad cholesterol in your blood and provide nutrients to your body. 

It keeps your heart safe and helps you gain mass. It can be a good source of minerals. Such as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamin A. 

Side Effects Of Having Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken should always include in your meal if you’re looking for a great source of protein. Unquestionably, if you are thinking about something tasty, chicken schnitzel tastes much better. You should be aware that it has unhealthy sides, just like other dishes. 

In addition, I’ll give you recipes for schnitzel substitutes and different cooking techniques. Let’s take a quick look at the bad effects chicken schnitzel might have on your health.

  • Schnitzel can increase risks like obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and various cardiovascular conditions.
  • If you made a classic schnitzel, it would be high in calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats.
  • Chicken schnitzel will drive up your cholesterol level.

So, you should pick healthier options that won’t interfere with the outcomes of your intense exercise.

Good for Bodybuilding

Alternative Cooking Methods

Are you still in the mood for having your schnitzel meal? I will help with some alternative cooking methods. But remember it will not make much difference. These alternatives are lighter than deep-fried. 

Pan Fry

Schnitzel on pan fry can be a great option. Just you want a little bit healthy rather than deep fried. Usually, schnitzel is deep fried on a pan. But to get a healthy version, place it on a pan with some oil and butter. Fry your chicken until it gets a beautiful golden crust. 

Oven Baked

Even fried chicken schnitzel is the best for its flavor, texture, juicy, and crispiness. Healthy chicken schnitzel can also be prepared in the oven. Baked chicken schnitzel is still healthier than the deep-fried one. 

Air Fryer

Nowadays air fryers are the most popular way of cooking to have something healthy. You only need to use a little oil for air fry. Just brush a small amount of oil over the chicken piece. And place it on the air fryer. 

Making a healthy chicken schnitzel air fryer is as simple as it sounds. Cooks up extremely crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. 

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Well, these are the alternative cooking way to make it more healthy. But what’s about trying some chicken recipes that can be substituted for your chicken schnitzel? I’ll help you with some chicken recipes that you can try in your next meal. 


Chicken Schnitzel Substitute

Chicken is great for building muscle because of its high protein and lack of other nutrients. If it hasn’t been highly processed, it has relatively little unhealthy fat and carbohydrate as well. 

Here are some chicken recipes that you can make as a more nutritious alternative to schnitzel.

So here we go!

Grilled chicken

It’s a good idea to alternate your favorite schnitzel with grilled chicken. Because fat falls out during the cooking, grilled meats have lower fat content. This makes it a great dish to maintain a low-fat/high-protein diet. And it is mandatory if you are muscle building.

Perfectly Poached Chicken

Bursting with so many flavors all at once which you never thought was possible. And each slice is so tender and juicy which makes it perfectly healthy and quite enjoyable. 

For this simple recipe, a piece of chicken breast is all you require. Add different flavorings to the poaching liquid to your preference.

Baked Lemon Chicken

Oven-baked lemon chicken is always good when you want something healthy and tasty. The dish is quite simple to make. Just cook with some lemon juices over your chicken piece. Add your flavors and bake them. Bake until it is juicy, soft, and flavorful with a bit of sweetness.

You can increase the taste of your baked lamen chicken. You can simply add some fresh herbs to it. Its lemony citrusy flavor makes your meal more delicious and enjoyable. . 


What is schnitzel made of?

Schnitzel is an extremely thin, boneless meat cutlet. The meat can be pan-fried and deep-fried. It’s a popular German dish. It can be made boneless cutlet of meat like veal, pork, beef, or chicken.

Bodybuilding chicken schnitzel benefits?

For bodybuilders, it can be a great source of protein. A skinless chicken breast piece is healthy to have in your daily meal. But if it’s traditionally deep schnitzel then it can’t be healthy anymore. 

Is Chicken Schnitzel processed food?

It goes without saying that the chicken in this product has been processed and shaped. And this bothers some people. But in my opinion, they have a nice texture and don’t taste like pesticides.

Can I Eat Chicken Everyday For Bodybuilding?

Yes, you eat chicken every day for bodybuilding. Eating chicken regularly can maintain and safeguard your general muscle health. It is essential for muscle growth. Leucine can also be found in large quantities in chicken breast. It’s essential for increasing strength and endurance. 

Is Chicken Good For Bulking?

Yes, Chicken is a key protein for bulking. Lean protein can be found in abundance in chicken breast. For every 3 ounces, it provides about 26 grams of protein. Bodybuilders usually prefer to have chicken to fulfill their protein intake. Because it pocket friendly and delicious at the same time. 

Final Words

So, now it’s your turn to decide, is chicken schnitzel good for bodybuilding?

As your ultimate goal is to pull up your muscles. You really don’t want to take risks with your health. So, grab different chicken schnitzel alternatives according to your taste buds. Still, you can enjoy your protein intake and chicken pieces at the same time.

So enjoy having your favorite meal and stay healthy!

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